The best evil emperor

But it's just the freshmen of our one-year club.

But it's just the freshmen of our one-year club. The people of the two-year club and the three-year club can't have a holiday. They have to continue to finish the class in the afternoon. So when the class is over, we wait until Xiaohuan comes. She looks depressed. She said she would go to their back hill with Huang Weitian in the afternoon, but Xiaohuan can't go. It's very depressing. She also wants to go. In fact, she can skip class. But there was a new subject in the afternoon, and Xiaohuan was named by the old man Kong, so he couldn't run away, but since he couldn't go, anyway, there was a chance, and a few friends in the second year of the society, like madman, Jiang Tiantian, Duan Rou, Nana, these friends couldn't go to class in the afternoon, but we hadn't seen each other for a week, so we decided to go out for a meal at noon. Let's get together and talk about what we did this week. When we just left the gate of the college, Ruo Binghan, who was deliberately angry with me that morning, came with us, not only him, but also Guo Long. But they were not on the same road. Guo Long came to find a madman, and Ruo Binghan said he was looking for Jiang Tiantian. But it seems that she wants to take the initiative to go to dinner with us. So in this case I do not expose her, let her follow us together, and Guo Long, originally and we are not very familiar, but he came to the madman to eat, and crazy with us, so he had no choice but to follow the madman and we went to the college outside the Tathagata guest practice to eat, said there is the best business in the vicinity of a guest practice. Because a lot of students in our college live in it, plus the dishes taste good, and close to the college, so everyone likes to go there to eat, so decided the place, a large group of us are ready to go there to eat, and at the same time I naturally embrace Cher and Xiaoer left and right, in addition to the two of them also followed by Xiaohuan, this time everyone was very surprised. They all sighed that I was so lucky to have two new wives. Of course, I just laughed it off. If they knew how many wives I had outside, I estimated that they would spurt blood. However, Guo Long was an alien. He felt indifferent and indifferent. In fact, Inflatable water park factory , it was good to make friends with Guo Long, although he was a little cold and arrogant. Every day is a matter has nothing to do with the appearance of hanging high, however, his character is still good, proud and not annoying, and Guo Long this person is not only a heartthrob, and this person I know his ability is good, but do not like to show it, and when we appear, there are many female students calling him, he should not, but those girls seem to be afraid of him. I didn't dare to come directly, so I did it, while Guo Long followed our big team, but I thought he was a good man, so I wanted to have a good chat with him, so I was ready to call him forward, but at this time, the person who shouldn't have appeared actually appeared. Just as our team was approaching the Tathagata Inn, a few dandy boys suddenly came out from the side, led by Du Gongzi, who was holding a folding fan in the morning, and he was still followed by the thin knife-marked face, and now he saw Xiaoer and Zixue holding my arm affectionately, so angry that he clucked, and then dared to stand in front of us to block our way. And not only that, he also stretched out his fan and pointed at me. "Boy," he said ferociously, "are you tired of living?" Then the Tyrannosaurus and Huang Weitian heard that they were not good and asked me, "Who are the second brother?" As soon as I heard them ask, I looked at the group of playboys in front of me with a sneer and said with a smile, "Oh, they are the guys who wanted to molest my wife in the morning.". ” Chapter 422 nickname death. The first person to speak behind me was Ruo Binghan. It seemed that this girl had been concerned by me several times and now she was completely on my side. But it seemed that she was just a friend's help to me now. It could be seen that she was not very interested in me, but it was not very clear. She must be a cold person and could not see through what she thought, so anyway. At least she's on my side now. Besides, if she's cold, she's a female overlord in Yayi Academy. At least she has some background in the Second Year Society. Ordinary people dare not provoke her. But now the dandy named Du Gongzi in front of her is from the Third Year Society. I don't know if they will come to line her up. So reading this, I smiled and looked at the fat Du Gongzi in front of her. He turned his head and saw that Xiao'er was also red and tight, and his fists were clenched tightly. I thought if I asked her to make a move, she must have beaten Du Childe all over the ground to find his teeth. Joking, my Xiao'er thought that I had five walkers by myself in those years, and I was almost seriously injured by the walkers. This skill was not covered. It was preliminarily estimated that her strength was comparable to that of Fei Ye. It's just that the ways of martial arts are different, but the index of light internal force is obviously higher than that of the demon emperor. But at this moment, Ruo Binghan walked forward as she spoke,inflatable castle with slide, and then came to my side. She stared at Mr. Du with disdain and contempt. Then she said coldly, "Oh, I thought it was someone who dared to block our way. It turned out to be Du Zhuer from the Three-year Society. Why didn't you go back to your house to eat pig food? Why did you come to this street to fool around?" 。


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