The girl is not good

Tuan Tuan was so angry that he brushed dozens of messages to curse people in the world.

Tuan Tuan was so angry that he brushed dozens of messages to curse people in the world. [World] Be nice; get married on the sly! Is our girl so shameful?! [World] Murong Feiyue 00: Who dares to say that my girl is shameful?! Encirclement and suppression throughout the world! [World] Guoguo: Some men are just not authentic. When they get married, they are afraid that our group of friends and relatives will cheat him with red envelopes! No one in this generation will marry a stingy man! [World] Be good: Don't think that you can rest easy after getting married! My childhood sweetheart will not stop here! …… "It's over!"! How can I go back now? Su Su is really angry! I almost sent a message to break up. If you can't go back, you won't go back! Marry me, where I am is your home! Just as Shen Nannan was about to retort, Shao Tong made a gesture to continue the action just now, and a girl immediately obeyed. [World] The girl is not good: I, Shao Tong, marry a wife, there is no reason to sneak around! Our husband and wife warmly welcome friends who don't know each other to come to the new house! Especially my wife's sister group, my wife and I are waiting for you to get red envelopes in Yuelao! [World] Good Tuan Tuan: Want to send us away with a red envelope?! You don't have the consent of your relatives and friends! It's called elopement! Elope! [World] The girl is not good: Ben has already run, the raw rice has been cooked, it is impossible to break us up! It's up to you! [World] Guoguo: Even if you are ripe,Jumping castle with slide, you can't send us away with a red envelope! [World] The girl is not good: one red envelope can't solve the problem, but ten red envelopes and one hundred red envelopes, in short, you are satisfied, OK? [World] Good Tuan Tuan: Ok,inflatable amusement park, that's what we ask you to do?! [World] Girl is not good: I do it! [World] Guoguo: Don't worry if you say that! Say! [World] Good: Three sisters in a good family, each with 100 million DHB red envelopes! Plus, give me 100 million for emotional distress! [World] The girl is not good: Well, we are waiting for you in the old moon! There is a lot of booing in the world. This is really a rich man. Marry a wife and send a red envelope of 400 million yuan. Who knows it's not over yet. [World] Majestic: What are you going to do with my serious brother-in-law? [World] The girl is not good: # 83 What instructions does the brother-in-law have? [World] Breeze: Of course, brothers-in-law are the same as sisters-in-law. One hundred million each is not much, is it? [World] The girl is not good: then please the brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law! [World] DHB Warrior: Do 600 Million # 89 Bad Comrades Need to Buy DHB? The price is affordable, there is a need to remember M me [World] Breeze: Yiming, he asked me to take # 32 [World] Ginseng and Rooster: 700 million # 83 [World] RMB Soldier: It's not much. Marry a wife for 1400 yuan. It's not much! [World] Murong Feiyue 00: As the bride's sister-in-law, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable dry slide, is it too much to ask for a red envelope? [World] The girl is not good: Of course, sister-in-law is the same as brother-in-law. [World] Breeze: Should I get one for my wife, too? [World] Girl is not good: should … #83 Not good and sweating. Others continued to watch. [World] Shangguan Xiaolou:.. [World] Shangguan Xiaoting:.. [World] Hitomi: Brother, do you know it's not easy to marry a wife now?! Let's remember the red envelope for the time being. # 83 [World] Flying Swallow Woman: Oh, can the lamb and I be considered brothers-in-law? [World] Hitomi: Swallow, aren't you digging something for yourself? Is it difficult for him to get a red envelope of 100 million yuan when he gets married, and you can give him one or two when he gets married? The swallow also felt a crisis and hurried to remedy it. [World] Flying Swallow Big Woman: Well, brother-in-law, of course there is no brother-in-law, then each person gets 5000W, give you a round number of one billion, we will find you one or two, 999999999, lucky! "One billion!"! Why did you promise them?! Originally, there were more than 300 million on the number, plus tens of millions on Nannan's own number, which was just enough to be assigned to Zhu and Zhu. For a billion.. "Our marriage is legal, and their demands are reasonable!" "Where can I get so much money at once?!" Up to 400 million yuan can be put on a number. Nannan doesn't have much money on her own number. Even if she borrows from Pupil, she can collect 800 million yuan at most. Moreover, Pupil is not necessarily a person who can save money. Believe in your husband, there is a way! Shao Tong smiled mysteriously and pulled out the phone. Xu Kui! It's me! Give me all the DHB you can find in your class in ten minutes! "Ten minutes, that's an order!" So ten minutes later, there was a long line of red envelopes at Yuelao in Daughter Village. Well, you are so unkind! Grab money from subordinates! It's very kind of Shen Nannan to say so, robbing money, a word of unkindness is over? "It's not that serious!"! Just borrow it and pay them back when you get the money! "Then take the money and pay them back first?" "No!"! That's the dowry money your brothers and sisters gave you. How can it be used to pay me back?! Zhu Zhu took the red envelope and immediately threw it to the number 99999999, leaving only one or two for each person. [Good friend] Good girl: Girl, this is the dowry that sisters give you! I hope you can be happy every day in the future, and I wish you a long time! Shen Nannan's tears fell down. Silly girl! They all want you to be happy. Don't you let them down when you cry? Shao Tong pressed the silly girl to his chest and patted her on the shoulder to comfort her. I My feet are numb! Shao Tong black line. We're all married. Why don't we go on our honeymoon? "Shen Nannan twisted him,Inflatable outdoor park, and Shao Tong didn't hide." What kind of meat is this! It makes my hand hurt! So he changed to pinch. Shao Tong pretended to hold her finger and blow. I have a month's vacation recently. Let's go out for a walk. "You have a vacation, but I don't!" "The National Day holiday is coming soon. Where are you going? I'm going to book a ticket!" "Eleven?!"! I can't! Eleven, my brother gets married! "Your brother is married?" That's really not to go. Do you have my name on your invitation? 。


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