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As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Fu Xiyao's enlarged face.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Fu Xiyao's enlarged face. Although his face was gentle, she was still so frightened that she covered her chest and looked at him warily, and her body began to shake again. For this man who is used to giving a whip and a mouthful of honey, all the gentleness is an illusion. Fu Xiyao touched her hair and asked with a smile, "Why are you sleeping here?"? Haven't showered yet? Are you waiting for me? He said and pulled her up and went to the bedroom. Xia Xiaoran was in a hurry, knowing that he could not compete with him. He sat on the ground, shaking his head like a rattle: "I won't go." I'm not leaving. Fu Xiyao stood still, her slender fingers still tightly wrapped around her wrist, looked down at her for a moment, did not speak, and bent down directly to carry her whole person on her shoulder. Xia Xiaoran's face with his head down was flushed with blood. He kicked his legs in disorder and patted him on the back with his hands, crying and shouting: "You let me go!" "Be quiet!" Fu Xiyao patted her little buttocks, and the soft and elastic touch made his heart move. He chuckled and said, "Don't worry, let's go to take a beautiful bath. What do you say?" Let her go? Dream! 24 Understood However, the beautiful Mandarin ducks playing in the water did not succeed, but almost flooded Jinshan. Just now, Fu Xiyao started to pick up Xia Xiaoran's clothes and she began to scream in fear. The voice was so shrill that even Fu Xiyao was shocked by her. He did not know that the apartment and the bathroom were a terrible nightmare for Xia Xiaoran, and that the unstoppable surge of tingling in her heart mercilessly pierced her black and blue, which was the end of the world for her alone. Fu Xiyao won't understand. Xia Xiaoran's eyes were red and full of tears of despair. He looked at him in fear all the time. He curled up like a poor little white rabbit and trembled while crying. This made him feel very uncomfortable. His heart was already annoying enough. She was afraid like this. He also broke his heart and said with a straight face,inflatable air dancer, "Anyway, I don't like people who smell of sweat lying beside me. You can wash yourself." I'll wait for you outside. As soon as he reached the door, Xia Xiaoran scrambled over to close the door, as if she would be safe, but he said loudly, "Don't close the door!"! And you go a little faster, or. As soon as Xia Xiaoran was drunk by him, he immediately drew back his hand on the doorknob,Inflatable water park on lake, holding his skirt tightly with five fingers, and his eyes were still staring at him tightly. Fu Xiyao glanced coldly at her and then walked outside. Suddenly, Xia Xiaoran's whole person seemed to have been drained of strength, sitting softly on the floor tiles, staring blankly at somewhere, repeatedly asking herself in her heart, like her trembling to see people's faces all the time, is it meaningful to live? Fu Xiyao had been leaning on the sofa outside until he heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. He stood up, pursed his lips and looked in the direction of the bathroom for a while, and then walked to the next room. He took a cold bath in silence, the fire went out, and he woke up a lot and thought a lot. For example, the recent business to restrain some, lest the above drastic rectification to bring disaster to themselves, Liu Yuntian that thing is the best warning, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable bounce house with slide, really want to have something I'm afraid don't have to wait for someone to take, his father directly gave him the fruit. Although he did not listen to discipline, the reputation of the Fu family must not be destroyed in his hands. For example, he was a little confused and abnormal. In fact, he didn't come back directly after he came out of the club just now. Instead, he was so angry with Zhou Yuemin that he went to the nightclub to drink. The manager always arranged for him to be a clean baby who had been specially taught. But she teased him for a long time without any reaction. Finally, he shouted and cried out. When he left, the manager looked at him implicitly with a sympathetic look, and he really wanted to shout, "***!"! *** grandma! The young master is awesome! Another example is the unappreciative woman next door. The whole stone in the latrine is smelly and hard. She doesn't appreciate her kindness. She just knows to cry! But how can I be so bitchy? When I touch her, I feel as impatient as I used to be when I just opened meat! It's not poisoned, is it? Suddenly feeling a little cold, Fu Xiyao turned off the shower, wiped himself with a big bath towel, wrapped himself in a bathrobe and walked back to the master bedroom. Xia Xiaoran had already washed and changed his clothes and stood there silently, still looking very nervous, holding the corner of his clothes and not daring to speak. Fu Xiyao asked coldly, "Have you finished washing?" Seeing her nod quickly, he went over, plucked her slightly wet bangs, and smelled them closely. Xia Xiaoran shrank his neck in disgust. The feeling of being accepted as goods was not good. But her movements angered Fu Xiyao. He raised his lips slightly and sneered. He raised her chin with one hand and looked straight into her eyes and asked, "What's wrong?"? We've slept together more than once. Isn't it a little pretentious to pretend to be aloof now? I have only a little bit of patience. It's all on you. You should get used to it quickly. Otherwise, how can you get along with me in the future? Xia Xiaoran stared and asked in a trembling voice, "What do you mean?" "That's the literal meaning. Don't you understand?" Fu Xiyao let go of her, walked slowly to the bedside table, opened the drawer and took a key to her, "You use this, you will live here in the future, can you drive?"? There's a MINI in the garage, you can drive it, it's more convenient to go to class, or if you like that style.. I don't want it! Before he had finished speaking, he was interrupted loudly by Xia Xiaoran. In addition to a few elders in the family, Fu Xiyao has never been so scolded, no one dares to do so, today, Xia Xiaoran did. All of a sudden, he became very angry. His anger, heart fire, anger, and evil fire were all burning up. With a sullen face, he said, "You're still shameless, aren't you?" Before Xia Xiaoran could react, he pressed her on the bed, like iron pliers, so tightly that she could not move, and the rough tiger's mouth pinched her neck,Inflatable mechanical bull, wishing to strangle her, "What don't you want?"? Not my house, not my car or not my people? 。 joyshineinflatables.com


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