Dongfang Yufei Longyin

However, there is no door around, I do not know how they usually get in and out?

However, there is no door around, I do not know how they usually get in and out? Mind side move, only to hear a rolling light sound, the wall suddenly revealed two door traces, slowly left and right away, from the inside. Out came a pair of maids in blue with palace lanterns in their hands. They stopped at the door and stood on their left and right sides. Holding the lanterns high in their hands, they bowed and said, "Xin Xiang!" Lord, please come in! When Zhao Nanheng saw the three characters "East Huashan" written on their palace lanterns, he wondered why they had to write the name of the mountain. On the lamp? He remembered that the stone tablet at the mouth of the valley was also engraved with the words "East Huashan Mountain"? But you Lao Qi clearly said that this is the sky. Zhushan, is this "Donghua Mountain" their mark? This was a matter of a moment, sat down the horse, and did not stop for a moment, with a low hiss, ran to the door. Near the gate, Zhao Nanheng began to realize that inside the wall, there was only a deep and long corridor, and the terrain was gradually downward. It looks very deep. On both sides of the wall hung a row of lanterns, shining as bright as day. Zhao Nanheng all the way, the heart secretly surprised, this Zhuangyuan, built in the deep mountains and deep valleys, is quite secret, did not think. To their lair, it's still underground. If I didn't have this old horse, I wouldn't have been able to find this place if I didn't look like one of their incense owners, surnamed Xin. Fang Lai. In the twinkling of an eye, the horses had finished the corridor,321 stainless steel sheet, and there was a tall open hall with bright lights. Before the steps, there is a man standing where Ren Jun, see Zhao Nanheng, immediately forward a few steps, bow down, way: "My humble duty is to see Lord Xinxiang." Zhao Nanheng jumped off the horse and the maid took the horse. As soon as he turned his eyes, he recognized the man who had greeted him. It was a few days ago. The fortune-teller I met in Xinglongyuan. Remembering that the two men outside Fangcai Valley had said, "Lord Muxiang has not yet returned to the hall, and the steward Feng came back last night," then this The fortune-teller must be Feng's steward. Dongfang Yu's Fei Long Yin The twenty-ninth chapter a long ride into the east China Zhao Nanheng approached the stone steps,x56 line pipe, nodded proudly, raised his hand and said, "Don't be too polite." As he spoke, he felt really nervous. Because at the moment, he came as the incense owner of their surname Xin, and he had never seen a person surnamed Xin, who was usually a person. Personality, behavior, all know nothing, naturally can not imitate. Especially in their internal organization, they are also at a loss to know, in this strange environment, to deal with the slightest flaw, but also to do so. It's really difficult. But Zhao Nanheng also had the worst plan in his heart, because he was originally looking for Mrs. Luo Ji, although here is only one of the West Demon. A branch, according to his own observation, this surname Feng's steward, in terms of status, dare to be second only to the incense Lord, 316 stainless steel plate ,x60 line pipe, then he naturally knows. Where is the lair of Daoxi Demon? With their own learning, to deal with this surname Feng's steward, want to have no problem, once see the situation is not right, is to use strong, also. It's not too late. So he collected himself and walked slowly up the steps. Steward Feng followed him into the open hall and said with a smile, "Lord Xinxiang and our Lord of Incense have the deepest friendship. Please come." When they had a rest in the study, I asked them to order the kitchen to make some rose sponge cakes and lotus paste shortcakes, which were the favorite of the Lord. Zhao Nanheng thought a little. Then he shook his head slightly and said, "No, I have something to do. Let's talk about it in the study." Feng steward's face flew over a trace of surprise, and he hesitated to speak. Zhao Nanheng no longer made a sound, but raised his hand, meaning that he should go ahead. Feng steward because he is only a steward under the incense Lord, the status of disparity, which is willing to usurp the first? Get out of the way and connect in the mouth. "Xiangsheng, please go first," he said. Zhao Nanheng felt embarrassed in his heart. He knew that although he was the master of incense, he did not know what kind of attitude they should have on weekdays. Relative? Thinking that this is the lair of Lord Muxiang, I infer from common sense that I am a guest and should be modest to him in my attitude. Yes. But if you are too polite, you will arouse the suspicion of the other party. What if you are not polite? Do not know where the study is, how to go well? It suddenly occurred to him that when he first retired from the South Nine Clouds, she had a free and easy look on her face and said with displeasure: With my friendship with your Lord of Incense, why should the steward be polite? What's more, I don't like the vulgar festival, so I'll just go first. Feng steward knew that this incense master had an arrogant temper and was always trusted by his wife. He never used fake words and expressions. Tonight, he suddenly seemed to have changed. Like a man, he is also polite to himself. Can not help but flattered, which dare to say more, mouth repeatedly should be "yes", hurriedly in front of the guide. Through the screen, from the right side of a door to enter, is a spacious corridor, on both sides of the stone wall, smooth as a mirror, lit on the corridor. A row of palace lanterns. There is a round cave door at the end, and two red lacquer and silver ring doors are tightly closed. Zhao Nanheng thought as he walked: This underground stone chamber seems to have a very wide range. I don't know how much labor it took to dig it? Feng steward went to the front, reached out his hand and pressed it against the wall, and the two vermilion doors suddenly moved away automatically. As soon as Zhao Nanheng's eyes lit up, he smelled a fragrance in his nostrils that was neither blue nor musk. Inside is a study with exquisite layout, jade shaft toothpicks, a dazzling array of beautiful things, a red sandalwood carved book case, with a study. Four treasures, four walls also hang a few celebrity paintings and calligraphy, and the display of Zhong Yi antiques. At first glance, he was gorgeous but not vulgar. He had grown up in Fuhu Zen Temple. He had seen such a luxurious style before, and he was stunned. Stay! By this time, steward Feng had already stopped at the gate of the round hole and bowed down to let Zhao Nanheng go first. Zhao Nanheng immediately realized that his expression might attract the attention of Feng's steward, and with a slight cough, he stepped in first. Study. As he walked to the front, his eyes quickly swept around and found that there was a door on the right wall, with an embroidered curtain rolling obliquely. Inside, bright candles, palace lanterns, hanging tassels, brocade corner pillows, embroidered piers, arranged like everyone's boudoir, presumably it's him. It's the bedroom of the Lord Muxiang. The mind turns, the foot has slowly approached a sour branch chair, sat down. Steward Feng stood beside him and said with a smile,a333 grade 6 pipe, "Lord Xinxiang is lucky to be in the open hall tonight. I just received the Changling Guan Fang." According to the report, it is said that under a stone wall near Xiaojieling in the Dabie Mountains, a sign for help left by the Lord of Incense was found.


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