Ao Shi Jiu Tian

Is there such a saying? I'm not drunk. You didn't entertain me?

Is there such a saying? I'm not drunk. You didn't entertain me? Well, if you're going to drink, who's afraid of who? Chu Yang was so heroic that he suddenly got up and shouted, "Good!"! Just drink! Look at my brother today, with a person's capacity for liquor, I single out the Xie family! If you can't get drunk, I didn't drink! This sentence completely ignited the contradiction. "The Hsieh family looked on in amazement one by one, and then they were furious." What did I hear? This guy alone wants to drink with our family? "Drink him to death!" "Kill him!" "Drunk to death!" "Let's go together!" "Get in line!"! When to pour him down, when the banquet is over! "Come on." ………… Since Chu Yang said this sentence, the associated Gu Duxing Dong Wusheng Ji Mo Luo Ke enemy was also suffered, a few old men who were on the throne caught these young people with a full face of alcohol: "Drink!"! No? You try?! Not long after, Ji Mo threw his head heavily on the table with a bang, then slid down like mud, and the whole person slid down the table like a snake, lying on the ground in a big font, glorious. After a while. Rock was so silly that he hummed a few ditties and roared three times in a row: "Ow!"! Whoo! Whoo! He fell to the ground with a bang and was unconscious. After a while, Dong Wushang burst out laughing, even dry three jars, fell to the sky. At the same time, Gu walked alone without saying a word and got under the table, followed by snoring. Mo Qingwu's little girl jumped left and right, and kept exclaiming: "Wow!"! Brother Ji Mo fell down. "Wow!"! Brother Wolf also fell down. "Wow!"! My harmless brother is drunk. "Wow!"! Brother who walks alone snores. "Wow.." Brother Chuyang is still drinking. ………… Seeing that Chuyang was the only one left, everyone was in sight of success, and everyone in the Xie family was in high spirits. Although because of pouring down Gu Duxing and several other people, the Mo family has sacrificed a lot of wine country masters, but there are so many people. But have a bit, everybody is very indissoluble: This Chu King of Hell resembles the crock of wine of an extra large! No matter how you drink, you won't get drunk! Not long after the banquet began, the King of Hell of Chu began to be drunk and tottering, and then drank for a while, but he was still tottering. Up to now, it's still shaky. How much did you drink? "Bring the wine!" The throne of Chu is shouting! "Bring more wine!" The throne of Chu shouted again. Damn it, bring all the wine! The people of the Xie family are shouting neatly. One by one.. Don't mess up. Chu throne to maintain order: "Come on, Xie Danqiong, starting from you, I drink you down one by one!"! Come on, all those who are drunk will move over there and lie down neatly. Clang clang clang three jars, Xie Danqiong nose and mouth at the same time out of the wine, murmured: "I drink you to death..." Fall down with a bang. Then one came up, and Chu Yang drank three jars in a row and killed another one! With the succession of coming up, the throne of Chu to all comers, wine to the cup dry! All the members of the Hsieh family felt a chill in their hearts: "Is this still a person with such a drinking method?"? Damn it, I've drunk thirty or forty pounds. Chu's capacity for liquor is not good, Marble Projects ,Agate Stone Price, this is not a secret in Tieyun's Butian Pavilion, basically a little more than two or three catties, will be angry. But the problem is.. Nine plunder space, the sword spirit made a big wine jar, helplessly watching a cup of a jar of wine, like nine days of the Milky Way, so constantly falling down, pouring into the big wine jar. It's almost full. So I made a super large one and prepared it. The sword spirit is in the wry smile: "So drink, how can get drunk?"? Bring all the wine in the world and let him drink alone, but he won't get drunk! It's a bully. The people of the Xie family are drinking with real material. Mid-night! The throne of Chu roared, "Is there anyone else?"? Is there anyone else? All around, a piece of horizontal and vertical. Not drunk, there is only one Xie Zhiqiu, the ancestor of the Xie family. Xie Zhiqiu gave a wry smile and crept away. I'm too old to go crazy with these boys! Look at this boy like this, I go up is also Bai Rao. Around the Xie family servants, one by one silent cicada, with the eyes of immortals looking at the Chu Yama, I rely on! There is no justice. Dozens of people, each of whom is up to the level of Jiuxian, were all put down by him alone, and were still clamoring. Such a pervert, never heard of through the ages! This is not an ordinary wine, mixed with immortals drunk, but the wine that can intoxicate the soul! Look at Chu Yang, this goods, really can not be common sense. Shouted a few times, Chuyang finally. Push Jinshan down Yuzhu.. He shook twice and fell down with a bang. Still murmur unexpectedly: "Bring wine..." The throne was drunk, in fact, he drank three catties and was drunk, just holding on, now the mind suddenly relaxed, the effect of the immortal drunk came up, immediately could not stand. In the space of nine plagues, the sword spirit looked at the four vats full of wine and kept smiling bitterly: "Does each vat have one hundred catties?"? This guy drank so much, the stomach did not bulge, the people of the Xie family can not see? It was really a mess at that time, who had time to see Chuyang's belly. Just drink it! With a sigh, the sword spirit made a cup and drank it curiously. Suddenly a burst of dizzy, shook twice, scolded: "I rely on..." Drunk.. "His grandmother." The sword spirit also fell. Immortal drunk, is aimed at the soul, the sword spirit is a wisp of residual soul, is the first to bear the brunt. As a result, the sword spirit gloriously became. Pour a cup! A full house snores. The second day.. Chu Yang sleepily opened his eyes, shook his head twice, feeling that he was still a little dazed, how could he be so fragrant? A small head stretched out from the side: "Brother Chuyang,Carrara Marble Slab, you are awake." It is Mo Qingwu. Wearing thin pajamas, he emerged from the bed like a kitten and looked at him with concern. Light dance? What are you doing here? Chu Yang shook his head, still at a loss: "How did you get into my bed?" 。