Chaos Lei Xiu

When Cui heard this, a wry smile appeared on her face.

When Cui heard this, a wry smile appeared on her face. In fact, the effect of this kill order is not very strong, not so much a kill order, but rather a restriction order, just play a role in restricting the wind old devil into the East China Sea. However, the significance of this is no small matter, by the East China Sea Alliance such a wanted, the wind old devil this face can be greatly damaged. Arrive Bah, the cultivation of the realm of ten. Afraid of losing face, and this time, wait for a thousand is the face of the East China Sea. Of course, it is obviously not enough just to slap the old devil. So after Donghai Sanren paused. "Besides," he said again, "since Song Zhong sent the order of the East China Sea Island here, this is Song Zhong's territory. He is not here now, so he is supervised by his wife Mu Zirong. One of you guys with a thousand desires counts as "get out of here right away, and if anyone dares to make trouble here afterwards, don't blame me for being rude.". When Cui heard this, she was taken aback. The heart secretly complained. You know,pietra gray marble, this Cuizhu Island is not an ordinary spiritual island, and what the naked witch told Song Zhong is actually true. There are indeed earthworms and golden vines under Cuizhu Island, and the quantity and age are sufficient. So the value of this place is simply the best in the East Sea Ling Island! Now, such a good spirit island, on the confession of cheap Xuantianbieyuan. Cui Er, the nominal person in charge, never had a chance to take advantage of it again. She said she didn't feel bad, which must be false. But the question is,Artificial Marble Slabs, the five leaders and deputy leaders of the alliance are shaking here with a cold face. What can she do with a little golden elixir monk? In addition, the matter was in the first place, and she was unable to refute it at all. So in desperation, Cui son can only promise, and then take the remaining thousand desire door disciples of Cuizhu Island to evacuate. Very soon. The disciples of Xuantianbieyuan came from all over the country and completely occupied Cuizhu Island. Mu Zirong, on the other hand, became the nominal wife of the island owner. As long as Song Zhong doesn't appear. She is the actual owner. For this result, the fire sperm and Mu Zirong naturally greatly satisfied, hurriedly to the five leaders and deputy leaders of the alliance kept thanking. People are too lazy to stay longer after dealing with this matter. Drive the flying sword to disperse one after another. Muzirong naturally stayed on Cuizhu Island, while the fire sperm returned to his Baihualou and hurriedly wrote a letter to pass the news back. On this day, he and his seventh concubine were the only ones in the inner courtyard of Xuantian Bie yuan and the inner room of the Fire Dragon Taoist. The Fire Dragon Taoist had just finished reading the letter from the Fire Sperm, and knew that Song Zhong had died, and that Muzirong had inherited the order of the Lord of the East China Sea Island and had become the Lord of Cuizhu Island. To this, he is surprised and happy, Grey Marble Slab ,Granite Slab Supplier, surprised is the death of Song Zhong, happy is the huge interests of Cuizhu Island. Of course, inevitably, there is a little regret. For Song Zhong, a talent rising like a comet. Fire dragon Taoist in the heart actually still some value, so died, his heart is also somewhat sorry. However, when the Fire Dragon Taoist wanted to sleep with his concubine with mixed feelings, he suddenly turned around with a tight face, and then found that a man wrapped in a black robe and completely invisible face appeared silently in his inner room. The Fire Dragon Taoist was startled at that time. You know, this is the hinterland of Xuantianbieyuan, not only the organs are heavy, the prohibitions are numerous, but also the protection of the big array, plus the disciples who patrol. It's like an iron bucket! But how did this man suddenly appear? And why with the strength of the Fire Dragon Taoist, have not been able to find out earlier? He didn't know anyone was here until the other party deliberately let out his breath. The sudden appearance of this unknown guy made the Fire Dragon Taoist immediately nervous. He immediately protected the concubine beside him and asked with a frightened look on his face, "Who are you? Why did you break into the Xuantianbieyuan?" "It's me!" An unusually melodious female voice came from the black robe. When the Fire Dragon Taoist heard this, he immediately relaxed and couldn't help saying with a wry smile, "So it's you?"? Why do you see me in this way at this time? Are you trying to scare me to death? I have something urgent to find you! The other side said lightly. Oh When the Fire Dragon Taoist heard this, he immediately frowned and said, "I'm afraid it's no small matter to make you so anxious." "That's nature.". The other side took his time. With that, she took a slight step sideways to avoid the door. Seeing this, the Fire Dragon Taoist immediately gave a wry smile. "Then he twisted his face and said to his concubine," Go back and rest. I don't need you to wait on me today. " Yes The concubine did not dare to say much and hurriedly turned away. After she left, the mysterious man closed the door behind him, and then set up several powerful prohibitions to prevent others from peeping and eavesdropping with Taoism. Seeing this, the Fire Dragon Taoist couldn't help smiling bitterly and said, "Elder sister, you don't have to be so careful here.". Make sure everyone steals the game! "Be careful to make a ship of ten thousand years!" The mysterious man said, sitting gently in front of the Fire Dragon Taoist, and then lifted the black hood on his head, revealing a beautiful face. If someone who knew her well was present, she would be surprised. Because this person is the sister of the Fire Dragon Taoist. The Lord of the Hungry Pavilion, Qingyun Fairy, is known as one of the three goddesses in this world! Section 250 Secret Room Conspiracy- Section 250 Secret Room Conspiracy "Sister.". Okay, why did you suddenly come to me late at night? Is it difficult for the elders of Xuanji Pavilion to rebel against you? The Fire Dragon Taoist changed his usual seriousness and teased. Obviously, he was very kind to his biological sister. However, the Fire Dragon Taoist did not expect that his words would cause Qingyun Fairy to look sad. She immediately said with a wry smile, "They haven't yet, but soon!" "Huh?" As soon as the Fire Dragon Taoist heard this, he was shocked and asked, "Sister, are you kidding?"? All right, why are they rebelling against you? "Because I'm going to be in big trouble, I have to bite the bullet and beg you!" Qingyun Fairy said with an awestruck face. Why did the elder sister say that? The Fire Dragon Taoist immediately said with emotion,Slate Wall Panel, "You and I are the same mother, and we grew up together when we were children. It can be said that we are brothers and sisters.". If you have anything to do, just tell me. I'll go through fire and water without hesitation! 。


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