Her first love notes.

"Xiaohe is the bridesmaid. Who should the best man look for?

"Xiaohe is the bridesmaid. Who should the best man look for? How about Ye Xiuwen?"? I'm afraid you'll be afraid to find someone else you don't know. Zhu Jiumei said again. Casual Ye Xiuwen is also good, and others are also good. This is Zhu Jiumei's wedding, so listen to her. After that, Zhu Jiumei said a lot of details about the wedding, detailed and vivid, so that congratulations can be seen in front of the wedding, there are not many guests, but the people at the wedding are very happy. Xiaohe, don't pick up the bouquet. Zhu Jiumei's last voice was very serious to add a sentence, the next second, congratulations on the left cheek was gently pinched, congratulations to the "naughty" Zhu Jiumei, see Zhu Jiumei very seriously said: "Do not want to marry Xiaohe so early, you grow up slowly? It's better to go back in time, start from one year old, and do it again. I really want to hold your hand and accompany you to grow up. After saying the last word, Zhu Jiumei felt sad. Congratulate and drop your eyes in silence. According to Zhu Jiumei's request, classical pure music was played in the car, and the melody was melodious and gentle,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, which made people fall asleep. Zhu Jiumei had closed her eyes and slept quietly like a child who was not familiar with the world. Looking carefully at Zhu Jiumei's delicate face, he subconsciously reached out and touched his face. While meditating, Zhu Jiumei's sudden cough made his eyelids jump. He opened the mineral water bottle in a panic and handed it to Zhu Jiumei. Zhu Jiumei covered her mouth, and after a cough, her eyes were red, and she looked very uncomfortable. After drinking a mouthful of water, Zhu Jiumei seemed to have finally changed over,artificial coconut palm trees, stroking her chest and breathing smoothly. Why do you always cough? Zhu Jiumei is stupefied, answer then: "The likelihood caught a bit cold, a bit cold." Cold He sniffed and said nothing more. I slept in the car, and when I woke up in a daze, the driver said that I was almost in Nancheng. Driving in the familiar Nancheng Old Street, a year has passed, not much has changed, but the road seems to have been renovated, become much flatter, roadside green belts have also been built. All kinds of small shops on the street flew quickly out of the window. He looked at it for a moment and locked his eyes on the fruit shop that he often patronized. The owner of the fruit shop is an honest and honest man with a silly son who is often bullied. People who buy fruit often laugh at their silly son who can't settle accounts. He would always calculate a little bit with his silly son, and then put the exact amount of money into his silly son's hand. Every time she left after buying fruit, her silly son would put an orange into her arms. She said that you would lose money. The silly son would whisper in her ear and not let her father know. He smiled helplessly and gave more money every time he checked out. The car drove into the underground garage. Once again stepped into Nancheng's house, the house was very clean, outdoor palm trees ,fake ficus tree, it should have been cleaned by someone not long ago. He ran to the balcony to see the flowers planted by Zhu Jiumei. It's all daffodils. After blooming, Zhu Jiumei will throw away the new hydroponics. The daffodils on the balcony looked freshly bred and delicate. It should be that Zhu Jiumei asked someone to buy a new seed a few days ago. She went back to her room, which was spotless. She put her things away and said to Zhu Jiumei, who was changing the water for the daffodils, that she would go out to buy something. Zhu Jiumei never asked her where she was, but said that she would be careful to come back early on the way. Wipe the dusty bicycle with a wet rag and congratulate him on pushing the bicycle out of the underground garage. She hadn't ridden a bike for nearly a year. Her movements were a little stiff. The head of the bike was crooked and she couldn't control it well. The sound of the car whistle behind her frightened her hand and almost fell down. Fortunately, one foot stepped on the ground to stabilize her body and the bike. After a long struggle with the bicycle, she finally got on the road smoothly. The hot air came out, and congratulations loosened their scarves, gasping for breath, breathing into frost. After arriving at the fruit shop, congratulations picked out a few Sydney pears. To my surprise, the boss remembered her, saying that the last time we met, she was a junior three graduate and had just come back from school to take graduation photos. The boss's words brought back a vague memory of congratulations. She did not have much impression of Nancheng Junior High School, which had only been studying for a few months. This period of time was like a pool of dead water, stopping in the depths of memory. When I got home and changed my slippers at the door, I held the wall with one hand and shouted to the living room, "I'm back.". ” After her echo had gone, the room was quiet and there was no response. Congratulations opened the door of the kitchen, only to remember that Zhu Jiumei sometimes went to the studio. On the refrigerator, I found the note left by Zhu Jiumei. Xiaohe, I'm going to the studio. Open the refrigerator, throw in the pear I just bought, and find that the refrigerator is already full of fresh vegetables and fruits. In the evening, after cooking the stewed pear with rock sugar, I drank a bowl and sealed the rest into the refrigerator. I don't know when Zhu Jiumei will come back. Living room phone rings, congratulations picked up a listen, the original is Tang Zhengyang, he asked her just back to Nancheng also adapt to it. Congratulate and say "hmm". Tang Zhengyang hung up the phone after saying some old-fashioned exhortations. When I was bored, I poured all the water out of the daffodils. Early the next morning, clean water was poured in again. In this way, the winter vacation is spent in congratulating the numbers on the calendar day by day. He seldom went out, and Zhu Jiumei seldom stayed at home. But it doesn't matter. Crouching in bed, the TV program happened to be tuned to the local news station. The formally dressed female announcer said with perfect pronunciation that the number of visitors to the Nancheng Zoo had reached its peak in nearly half a year due to the birth of the baby giraffe a few days ago. My cold has not been cured, even after taking the medicine for a week, it has not worked. My head is heavy and my mouth is dry. With her eyes half open, her expression and her heart struggling for a while, she struggled to lift the heavy quilt, and her eyes were blurred. She did not find the slippers immediately. She simply abandoned herself and walked barefoot on the wooden floor with her eyebrows twisted. The coolness made her toes curl up. Kneeling down beside the tea table, she poured a glass of water and poured it down her throat. To solve the problem of thirst, she immediately got back into bed,silk ficus tree, turned off the TV, left only a bedside lamp, and fell asleep. The next day. hacartificialtree.com


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