Little wife

Liang Zheng blocked her mouth heavily, she could not breathe at all,

Liang Zheng blocked her mouth heavily, she could not breathe at all, and her whole face turned red because of lack of oxygen. Passed a little while, it is to be unable to resist eventually, pushed Liang Zheng. Liang Zheng felt Song Ling breathing a little fast, and finally reluctantly slightly loosened his lips. Eyes burning, staring at Song Ling was kissed red and swollen lips, can not help but cover up again, open teeth, in her lower lip not light not heavy bite. Song Ling gave a hum and subconsciously covered her lips. "It hurts." He lowered his head, buried his face in her warm neck, and smiled sullenly, "Ah Ling, I miss you very much." Gentle voice into the ears, Song Lingxin was sweetened, the corners of the mouth unconsciously up, both hands will Liang Zheng gently embrace, said: "I also miss you." After a pause, he was worried and asked, "You won't go again, will you?" Liang Zheng shook his head, "it should not be gone in a short time." Song Ling breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good. I'm worried to death when you're not here." The two lay quietly on the bed and hugged each other for a while. Quietly in the room, Song Ling's finger gently scratched Liang Zheng's waist, "Xianggong?" Liang Zheng holds her hand, the voice is a little hoarse, "good don't scratch, itch." Song Ling laughed in a muffled voice and said, "I thought you were asleep." Liang Zheng raised his eyes with a smile in his eyes. "It's a long night. It's still early." Song Ling and Liang Zheng have been husband and wife for so long, which can not understand his hint, red face, pushed down his shoulder, "get up quickly, I cooked dinner, all cold,ultrasonic cutting machine, have to heat up again." Liang Zheng bowed his head and kissed her on the lips before he lifted himself up. Song Ling sat up and tidied up her clothes. There was a knock at the door. "Princess, the bath water that Wang Ye wants is ready." "Oh, here we are." Song Ling stood up from the bedside, lifted the curtain and went to the outer room, opened the door, and two maids carried four buckets of steaming water. "Go to the back," said Song Ling. "Yes, Princess." The two servant girls moved very quickly, and soon washed the bath water, and then retreated. Song Ling walked back to the bedside and asked Liang Zheng, "Are you hungry?" Liang Zheng: "Not hungry." Why don't you take a shower first? You have traveled all the way. Take a bath first to get rid of fatigue. Liang Zheng looked at her with a smile at the corners of his mouth. "Good." Song Ling thought about it, and her voice was a little lower, "I." I'll wash it for you. Although I have been married to Liang Zheng for so long, I am still a little shy. Liang Zheng raised his eyebrows and laughed at her. "I haven't seen you for three months. Are you a little bolder?" Song Ling was laughed at, pretended to stare at him angrily, and then came forward, holding the belt around his waist, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, trying to help him undress. But before the belt was untied, Liang Zheng suddenly took her hand. Song Ling was stupefied and looked up at him. "What's wrong?" With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Liang Zheng pulled her hand up and kissed her gently on his lips. "Be good, I'll wash it myself." Song Ling was stunned when she heard this, and she was a little surprised. Before Liang Zhenglao asked her to help him take a bath, today she took the initiative to help him wash, but he refused. She looked at Liang Zheng with some puzzlement. Liang Zheng smiled and rubbed her head. "What are you thinking about? I mean, you go to heat up the food. When I come out of the bath, can't I just eat it?" When Song Ling heard Liang Zheng say this, she thought about it, as if it were true again. All right, then you wash it yourself, and I'll heat up the food. "Good." Song Ling went to the kitchen to give Liang Zheng hot food, Liang Zheng a person in the room, this will take off his clothes. He had just refused to let Song Ling help him take a bath because he was afraid that she would be frightened by the wound on his body. The wound from the shoulder to the left abdomen was very deep. Although it was healing now, it still looked a little shocking. He had nothing to do with himself, but Ah Ling, a girl's family, had never seen those before, and he was afraid to frighten her. He took off his coat and went behind the screen. The wound on his shoulder had just healed, and in fact he could not touch the water, but he was really travel-stained all the way, and he felt uncomfortable without washing. He simply ignored it, took off his clothes, and went into the tub. After more than two months of fighting, it took almost a month to go back and forth on the road, and for more than three months, I was exhausted. When he came back, he was anxious to see a Ling quickly and quickened his journey. He hardly had a rest on the way. At the moment, he was soaking in hot water, with his neck against the edge of the bathtub and his eyes closed. By this time, the whole talent was completely relaxed. He wanted to get up with his eyes closed for a while, but because he was too tired, he fell asleep with his eyes closed for a while. He did not know how long he slept until he felt as if a pair of tender little hands touched his skin and suddenly opened his eyes. This opened his eyes, but to Song Ling's eyes. Her eyes were red, tears were rolling in them, and her right hand was on the wound in his shoulder. Liang Zheng did not expect her to come back so soon, a little confused for a moment, subconsciously holding Song Ling's hand, "a Ling." "You won't let me help you take a bath because you're afraid I'll see you?" Before he could speak, the tears in Song Ling's eyes were boiling down, like broken beads, big ones falling down. When Liang Zheng saw Song Ling crying, he immediately panicked and quickly comforted her, "Ah Ling, don't cry. It's all right. It's all right." The wound has just grown well, although it is no longer as bloody as it was at the beginning, but because it is very deep and long, it still looks a little ferocious. Song Ling cried so much that she put her arms around Liang Zheng's neck from behind and buried her head on his shoulder. "Why did you hide it from me?" Liang Zheng held her arm gently and whispered, "I'm afraid I'll scare you." Chapter 59 Because he had just taken a bath and touched the water, Liang Zheng's wound opened a little again. Liang Zheng sat at the head of the bed, Song Ling sat beside him, while carefully giving him medicine while unable to hold back tears. Such a long wound, a knife went down, how painful it was at that time. When Liang Zheng saw Song Ling crying,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, he gently put his arms around her shoulder, lowered his head and kissed her on top of her head. He comforted her in a low voice: "Don't cry. It doesn't hurt." Song Ling raised her head with tears in her eyes. "It's all hurt like this, but it doesn't hurt." 。