Nianhua Erxiao of Rebirth

Sundial Temple is located on Sundial Mountain, adjacent to Sundial University. The abbot is a famous master who does not ask.

Sundial Temple is located on Sundial Mountain, adjacent to Sundial University. The abbot is a famous master who does not ask. With the spirit of saving the world and the poor, he can live in the temple for a long time without offering any incense money. Much better value than a modern nursing home! Why did you think of a nursing home? Xiaoxiao pounded his head and ordered himself to stop such a shameful and absurd idea. If Grandma really lived in the temple, what would the neighbors say and think? The adults rushed to persuade Grandma to stay. The little uncle swore to God that he would treat her well and no longer have a bad mind. Xiaoxiao couldn't figure out the situation and didn't dare to say much. He just sat aside and felt that something was wrong and began to look around. Suddenly I found a small book falling at the foot of the bed. I picked it up and saw that it was Grandma's medical insurance card. The dragon-like Latin on the last page.. These little tadpoles are very familiar. Xiaoxiao seems to know. Back in the year before the rebirth, the same characters appeared on the same medical record card. This is Early Parkinson's! Grandma got the disease 8 years too early! Xiaoxiao's stomach is hot and cold. Parkinson's disease is an old man's disease. Grandma will gradually slow down, stiff muscles, pain, and dysphagia in the late stage. This disease is now impossible to cure, in addition to functional exercise and slow recovery, there is no good way. If Xiaoxiao remembers correctly, the "cell knife" for Parkinson's disease was not invented until five years later. If she hadn't been reborn, nothing would have happened to Grandma. This is all caused by her! What she feared most happened, because she made a small change in the "past" of time, which led to an unpredictable upheaval in the "future" of time, which turned into a huge wave attacking this life. Grandma's early illness is like the first domino, and the next thing will be worse and worse! "Grandma!" She thought it was just a cry from the bottom of her heart. But when all her relatives, including her grandmother, stopped and stared at her, she realized that she had shouted. Grandma's feet were floating,plastic cosmetic tubes, and she felt that the castle, which had been carefully built with building blocks, was suddenly pushed and fell to the ground, and everything collapsed in an instant. All the things you try to hide are completely exposed, and there is no buffer time. The weak body shook, suddenly unable to support the weight of the whole body, collapsed on the edge of the bed. Now, "Grandma raised her head,aluminium laminated tube, her eyes were bloodshot, and she said in a daze," I won't hide it. I have Parkinson's disease, and I don't have a few years to live. So don't try to persuade me. I'm going to the temple! Xiaoxiao patted Grandma on the back and said, "Grandma, what are you talking about?". This disease is not scary. There are many old people who still live to eighty or ninety years old after getting this disease. "Gone, gone." Grandma seemed to be living in her own world, talking about things that people didn't understand. Because of Grandma's insistence, the two sides were deadlocked. Xiaoxiao thought in the opposite direction, in fact, to live in the temple, is it not a good idea? Eating too much artane (a drug for Parkinson's disease) can have many sequelae. The air in the countryside is fresh, and the vegetable oil is good for inhibiting the disease. As long as the family visits the elderly every three or five times, tube lip gloss ,plastic laminated tube, without the invention of the cell knife, this method has more advantages than disadvantages. Xiaoxiao persuaded the family to let Grandma try to stay for a few days before drawing a conclusion, which is better than staying here now and affecting Grandma's spirit. So, choosing a day, the Xiaoxiao family sent Grandma up the mountain. The Sundial Temple is located on the hillside of the Sundial, about one third of the way east of Xiajiang City. Behind the main hall with yellow walls and brown tiles, there is a row of bungalows and farmhouses built by monks themselves, called "Shantang", where pilgrims and lay people from all over the world are arranged to live and rest. Under the steps of the charity hall, there is a small bridge across a small ditch, which often dries up unless it rains. To the east of the temple, there is a tall willow tree, which was planted by Master Buwen. To the east, there is a small well with a cold spring in it, which is quite clear and used by the whole temple. To the east, there are rice fields, wheat fields, a mulberry forest and vegetable garden, a long piece of land, and a large orchard. Seeing this, Xiaoxiao knew why the Sundial Temple could take in a large number of pilgrims without receiving anything. At the back of the temple is the viewing pavilion, which is located on a small hill with a panoramic view of the countryside below. To the west is the giant Bamboo Garden of Sundial University. The plaque on the door of the bamboo garden reads: "It is better to eat without meat than to live without bamboo.". Bamboo stems in the garden are about six inches in circumference, with dense branches and leaves, and people walk among them without seeing the sun. In summer, the householders spend the long summer in the thick shade. Xiaoxiao sighed with emotion: "It's really a place where immortals live.". Not to mention clapping your hands for the original decision. Mother helped Grandma lay the bedding and chatted with the householders who lived nearby. Seeing that dusk had arrived, she told them a few words and said goodbye to them. Walking to the door, he was stopped by a 12-year-old monk and nun, saying that he wanted to see Xiaoxiao without asking the master. This is very novel, this does not ask the master has never seen people in the world, once a lady donated 200,000 to the temple, the only request is to see him, but the result has never been met, but today she was summoned by name? In addition to curiosity, Xiaoxiao also felt that he should thank the master for taking care of his grandmother, so he could not help following the young monk to the front of the meditation room. The little novice monk bowed his head and reported respectfully, "Abbot, the benefactor Xiaoxiao has come." From the room came the old man's low, heavy voice: "Ask her to come in." Xiaoxiao thanked the novice monk and crept in. The meditation room was unusually frugal, and on the wall opposite the door hung a picture of a cold forest in the snow and a fisherman on the water. On the corner of the wall, there is a jar of incense burner, in which there is only a stick of incense, curling clouds and smoke floating in the air. There were only two futons on the ground, and on one of them sat a very thin old monk. He is a very ordinary old man,custom cosmetic packing, not like the wise man on TV. Xiaoxiao thought that if she met him on the road without a cassock, she would not look at him twice. Then the novice monk put a wooden go board in front of the master, and there was nothing on it. The abbot smiled and made a gesture of "please". This is Shall she play chess.