Fall in love with the sweet man [wear it quickly]

It was only later that I heard my father say that the boy turned out to be a prince. The first few nights he arrived at our cottage, he had nightmares all the time, saying, 'Ah Niang, don't leave Jingran behind.'

It was only later that I heard my father say that the boy turned out to be a prince. The first few nights he arrived at our cottage, he had nightmares all the time, saying, 'Ah Niang, don't leave Jingran behind.' The latter paragraph was made up by Shi Yan, who did mention Ah Niang in his sleep at that time, but did not mention the name of Lu Jingran. But looking at Wang Ye's reaction, she was betting on the right thing. His jaw line collapsed tightly, and his eyebrows frowned gently. After a while, he turned his head and said lightly, "I've forgotten the past." When Yan did not say anything, just say goodbye to him, this time is really left. When she got back to her room, she bent over the table and thought about it. She believed that as a woman and a man, the prince in the palace was Lu Jingran. But why is his name Lu Jingheng? Either he changed his name to Lu Jingheng, or Lu Jingran and Lu Jingheng were two people. She felt that it was unlikely that he would change his name to Lu Jingheng, because she did not know what was the point of doing so, was it for the sake of good geomancy? After Shi Yan left, Wang Ye stood alone in the Pear Flower Courtyard for a long time before his mood slowly calmed down. White Dew, the servant girl, came over and asked him, "What's the matter with you,plastic wheelie bins, Wang Ye?" Wang Ye looked at her sideways and said, "I'm going to leave the mansion later. You don't have to follow me." "Yes, Wang Ye." When it was a little late, Wang Ye went into the room to change his clothes and went out alone. Shortly after he left, White Dew sneaked out with him. Aware of the tail behind him, Wang Ye did not deliberately shake it off. According to his original plan, he rented a boat by the Liuqing River and sailed to a big boat with lanterns on the river. This is a poinsettia boat, where many guests come to have fun on weekdays. Every time Wang Ye came,plastic pallet manufacturer, he was looking for a singing girl named Cuiying. It was no secret in the Dragon City, and White Dew, who was following him, gave a sneer when she saw him go to the boat again. Wang Ye is really not a fuel-efficient lamp, living in a cousin, but also just married the princess, did not expect to get married only two days, and can not help but run to find Cuiying. Cuiying is the best singer of the poinsettia ditty. It is said that as soon as she opens her mouth, her voice will be called a man's crisp. Although she has always said that she does not sell herself, but who knows which guest she slept with in private, and this has been unclear with Wang Ye. White Dew did not dare to follow the boat, so she found a place to sit down by the river and waited for Wang Ye to come out. After Wang Ye got on the boat, he went to Cuiying's room. Cuiying was playing the piano and singing in the outer room. He was meeting people in the inner room. Shi Chengji, an old fox, we proposed marriage at that time. It was obviously his eldest daughter that we wanted to marry. Why did he suddenly come out with a youngest daughter? He Zhiguo was so angry that he pounded the table and the teacups on the table shook twice. Forget it, Grandpa. It's no use getting angry at this point. A young man with a mask next to him opened his mouth and comforted the man with half a hundred hair. "I think this is better. If he really marries his eldest daughter to the palace, plastic pallet supplier ,drum spill containment, it will be more frightening.". How to say, when Yan is also his daughter, when the time comes if the situation to our side, he will stand on our side. He Zhiguo snorted coldly: "He just doesn't want to offend both sides, but he really knows how to be a man." The masked man smiled and said, "If you don't know how to be a man, how can you climb from a minor official of seven grades to today's position?" As they spoke, Wang Ye did not make a sound. The masked man suddenly looked at him and smiled at him. He took off the mask on his face with one hand and said to him with a smile, "I haven't congratulated my brother on his wedding." When he Zhiguo saw him take off his mask, he immediately stopped him nervously: "Heng, what are you doing?!"! Put the mask back on! The man who was called Heng Er unhurriedly put the mask back on, covering the same face as Lu Jingran. Yes, now Lu Wang Ye is actually Lu Jingran, the opposite is Lu Jingheng. He's just his double, or rather, his shadow. When He Zhiguo saw that Lu Jingheng had put on his mask, he opened his mouth again and said to Lu Jingran, "How is the servant girl that the Empress Dowager placed beside you?" "Just the same.". ” He Zhiguo nodded and said to him, "Don't touch her first, so as not to frighten the snake. Put someone of your own by your side, and the queen mother will feel more at ease with you." "Mmm." After talking about the matter, He Zhiguo and Lu Jingheng left the boat first, and Lu Jingran stayed in the boat for a while before he got up and left. White Dew saw him come out and took the lead in returning to the palace. Lu Jingran came back not long after her. Jiang Xiangming, the housekeeper of the palace, was explaining things to his servants. When he saw him coming back, he let them go down first and went up to meet him. Wang Ye, you are back. He went up and held the lamp for him. Uh Lu Jingran stepped into the gate of Hou Fu and asked him, "Where is the princess?" Jiang Xiangming didn't seem to know how to answer. Lu Jingran frowned. He hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Wang Ye. The princess is all right. It's just.." It's just that I heard you went to the boat to listen to music, and she also found a girl to sing in your house, and she's still singing in the main room. Lu Jingran listened slightly stupefied, and then a rare smile: "Let's go and have a look." "Yes, Wang Ye." After two steps, Lu Jingran said, "Put out the light and don't let them find out." “…… Yes Jiang Xiangming followed Wang Ye's instructions and put out the light. He is Lu Jingran's confidant, Lu Jingran a lot of things he knows, also know that he can not help himself. When Lu Jingran arrived at the main room, he did not go in, but hid outside and watched secretly. As Jiang butler said, the yard is singing, when Yan seems to listen to happy, and the servant girl is talking with a smile. Lu Jingran stood outside looking for a while, when Yan seemed to have some kind of induction, suddenly looked back in his direction. No one could be seen in the night, only the branches were shaking restlessly. When Yan's eyes moved slightly, just now, is Wang Ye coming? She should be right. I don't know what she thought, but the smile on her face deepened a little. The Grain Buds looked in her direction and asked,plastic pallet bin, "Madam, what are you looking at?" "Nothing, go on listening to the music." Shi Yan smiled and clapped her hands for the singing girl. cnplasticpallet.com

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