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But busy with some sideline, mainly to find ways to increase some income. Chapter 954 medicine cures the disease.

But busy with some sideline, mainly to find ways to increase some income. Chapter 954 medicine cures the disease. It is good for everyone to go home and get together on New Year's Day. Of course, generally at this time, the temple is still very lively, as long as there is someone on duty, no matter what the event is, we must protect the place where everyone eats. These pictures are normal, even if they earn a little more money, for the old monk, it is not a heinous crime, Zhang Yi also knows this situation. It was just an appetizer, and then dinner, but I was still a little worried, afraid that the old monk could not stand the blow, as long as he did not die. As for other myocardial infarction and angina pectoris, even if a heart disease is added, it is not a big deal. Zhang Yi has strong self-confidence. There is still a little bit of truth, if coupled with a small crystal, is absolutely foolproof, medicine to cure the disease! "The prosperity of Buddhism is just around the corner!" He saw those temples, each of which covered a very wide area, and what pleased him most was that the incense was flourishing! Perhaps this is the monk's greatest wish, but it does not include the following. A monk seemed to be off work and hurriedly changed his cassock, which was jokingly called the demon-conquering cassock, which used to be strictly controlled. Only the abbot is qualified to wear it,Self-closing Faucet, but with the progress of the times, the monk's realm is also gradually advanced, so in the 21st century, this kind of demon-conquering cassock. As long as they are not newly recruited, generally everyone has one or two, after all, they still have to change and wash. The young monk changed his cassock and put on a T-shirt at will. It seems that the whole person is in high spirits, but the bald head is still a bit of a big disappointment, everything is ready,push button toilet flush valve, Nagarjuna has no view on this. Also did not have the slightest attitude, eyes have been staring at the pavilion, eyes in addition to envy or envy, Zhang Yi did not say anything about this, continue to watch the next development. The little monk who picked up his cell phone just tapped his finger a few times, and a number was dialed out. With the beep, a female voice rang. Honey, when will you come back! I miss you so much! The old monk, who had some envy, was looking at those tall Buddha statues and was shocked by this sentence. The reason for the shock was very strange. That is, as a monk, should not talk to women, for the husband and wife of these professional terms, Nagarjuna is completely do not understand its meaning, before the young monk has not opened his mouth. Zhang Yi explained, "Only men and women who have been married there will call each other husband and wife!" Before the old monk could digest the meaning of Zhang Yi's words, he heard the young monk open his mouth. Wife! I'm off work now, Manual Flush Valve ,stainless steel squatting pan, and we'll have a good time today! Just listening to the voice, I felt that the little monk was very wretched, and if I saw each other's expression again, I would add, "It's really not generally wretched!" With this expression, coupled with Zhang Yi's explanation just now, a shocking fact was placed in front of the old monk, Zhang Yi was not far from the old monk. The same distance is not close, for the words in Nagarjuna's mouth, is not a word to understand. This is impossible! Absolutely impossible! How is that possible? The little monk couldn't have done that look! Do not know whether to affirm or deny, now Nagarjuna is very dementia, just such a sentence, let him more than ten years old, see here Zhang Yi some can not bear. It's just a stroke at random, and everything in front of you disappears. Bodhi is not a tree, and the mirror is not a platform. There is nothing. Where is the dust? "Bodhi is a tree, and the mirror is not a platform. There is no dust, so why wipe it again?" Zhang Yi saw that the old monk's expression was not right, and his normal eyes began to be dull. If he went on like this, he was afraid that something would happen. Especially for himself, the old monk in front of him was a genius. Especially that kind of attitude beyond everything, it is impossible that even this kind of blow can not bear it! So the mouth has been back and forth so a few words, trying to save a little bit of what, at the moment Zhang Yi's heart is also very heavy. Poof! When Zhang Yi kept talking, the old monk finally had a reaction, but this reaction was too intense, Zhang Yi watched helplessly, Nagarjuna a mouthful of old blood spurted out. Originally that red face expression, but now is to become white, eyes inside the focal length shortened a lot, this point Zhang Yi is still very self-reproach, to say that the old monk is now boundless Buddhism. As long as it goes on smoothly for a long time, the achievements are absolutely extraordinary, but at the moment the old monk looks somewhat disheartened. "Now it seems that the benefactor is really far-sighted!" Nagarjuna looked into the distance, eyes inside more than a teardrop, a white-haired old monk, according to reason has put down everything, on the surface Zhang Yi saw is indeed the case. It's just that it's a little worrying now, and I'm afraid that all the persistence will fall short of success. Have a world of people, in my eyes that is superior sages, not to mention still have immortal means, poor monk admire! Looking at the old monk Nagarjuna a deep ceremony, this time Zhang Yi has not moved, to say that he is unable to bear, people Nagarjuna for their own courtesy. But now is not the time to struggle with these, for just that sentence, or some at a loss. At least from all aspects to analyze, at the moment the old monk did not explain the funeral, now is one of the reasons why Zhang Yi rest assured. The master is not like this, the boy is guilty of it! Whether it is immortal means, or master style, Zhang Yi has never been complacent, for these special skills, Zhang Yi heart is very clear, it is not their own strength. If the old monk said this to the little crystal,Service Sink Faucets, it would be a very correct thing. As for Zhang Yi now, he hasn't reached that level yet. Just now it was a big event. Don't suggest it. As the saying goes, there are all kinds of birds in the big woods.

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