I have seen the sun at night.

Probably the man holding Ye Caikui was a sergeant, and the special police officer in front of him immediately stood up straight and apologized to Ye Caikui.

Probably the man holding Ye Caikui was a sergeant, and the special police officer in front of him immediately stood up straight and apologized to Ye Caikui. I'm fine. It's okay. Ye Caikui said hurriedly. The SWat team continued to carry out its mission, surrounded the cordon and quickly controlled the scene. Ye Caikui turned his head and thanked the sergeant beside him. Just as the sergeant also looked at Ye Caikui, his eyes met, and both of them were stunned. This young sergeant should be a squadron leader. He exudes an awe-inspiring righteousness. It seems that ghosts and monsters are hard to get close to him. He held the gun in one hand and the other hand was still holding the arm of Ye Caikui. Although he was wearing a helmet, he could still see his handsome features. This sergeant is so young, Ye Caikui can't help sighing. The young sergeant grabbed Ye Caikui's hand and suddenly exerted himself. Ye Caikui frowned and tried to pull back his hand, but he couldn't. Officer, I'm fine. You can let me go. Ye Caikui said. Only then did the young sergeant react, immediately let go of his hand, suddenly stood at attention, stood upright, and looked straight at Ye Caikui, whose serious appearance directly amused Ye Caikui. When the landlady is inevitably looked at by male guests, Ye Caikui has long been accustomed to those unconcealed eyes, although the young sergeant's eyes are straightforward but not as malicious as others,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, so she does not hate. Thank you. Ye Caikui thanked him and quickly left through the crowd along the cordon. Captain? For the first time, the captain who was not close to women would look at a woman in a daze, and the vice-captain beside him could not help calling him out. Xu Yiyang immediately returned to his senses, immediately remembered his duties, and his expression became serious again, organizing the work of controlling the field. But he couldn't help but take another look at the back of the woman's departure,stainless steel tube 304, and his heart beat like thunder. Is that her? …… In retrospect, Ye Caikui pinched his fingers and calculated that Xu Yiyang had been looking at her secretly for at least two months before he found her. I remember that the police came to me later to investigate what happened that day, do you know? I know. But we are not the same job as them, and I don't know the police officer who is looking for you. "Then you should know my name and who I am." "Well, I'm still not 100% sure." Xu Yiyang paused and said, "If Grandfather hadn't been ill, I wouldn't have dared to come up and ask you." Ye Caikui could not help but think of that night, her restaurant was really ready to close, but a black car suddenly appeared in the snowy night, the car stopped at the door of the restaurant, a handsome young mysterious man stepped down from the car. He ordered a bowl of fried rice with leftovers in a strange way, and was moved by it. Then he said he wanted to repay her for a meal. Remembering the situation of that day, Precision Welded pipes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, Ye Caikui could not help laughing. At that time, I still felt that there was something wrong with this man. I didn't think that he had struggled for so long in his heart to find him. I didn't think that his phrase "the grace of a meal" sounded so ridiculous, but it hid so many inner dramas. Fool, why don't you usually see you so weak? Ye Caikui couldn't help laughing at Xu Yiyang. It's not a coward, it's. "What is it?" Ye Caikui interrupted him. Xu Yiyang lowered his head and thought about it: "Maybe he is a little weak." …… Ye Caikui laughed and felt that Xu Yiyang was so cute that he fouled. She stepped forward and took his face in her hands and gave him a big kiss. All right, my stalker, let's eat quickly. The food is getting cold. Xu Yiyang laughed, nodded, and went to the table. Ye Caikui gave them rice and asked casually, "How did you talk with the leader today?"? When will the matter of your captain be settled? Are we going to invite your team members to have a meal to celebrate? "I didn't say anything about the captain. Today I was talking to me about training." Xu Yiyang replied: "Several players were injured during the internal training, and the leader felt that my training method was not good, so we had an exchange." …… Ye Caikui's heart missed a beat and looked up at Xu Yiyang, but Xu Yiyang didn't take it seriously at all, and didn't seem to take it too seriously. Didn't you say anything about the captain? "No.". "Xu Yiyang wondered when Cai Cai was so concerned about his work and asked," What's wrong? Do you think there is something wrong? 、Chapter 39 Two people sit down to eat, Ye Caikui a worried look, Xu Yiyang did not take it seriously. What are you worried about? Xu Yiyang explained to Ye Caikui: "This time I have the opportunity to hold this position. I am the most qualified of all. I have made the most contributions and done the best. Moreover, I have decided to accept my fate. There will be no problem." Xu Yiyang was also hungry, and then he ate a big mouthful. This chestnut roast chicken is delicious! Xu Yiyang was full of praise while eating. Ye Caikui smiled, not knowing whether to say more or not. She felt that Xu Yiyang was young after all, so she felt that he should be the most qualified, meritorious and best position, but the fact is often not the case, many things are not enough to work hard, let alone do things well. The ability to do things is indispensable, but being a person is always more important than doing things. And everything will still be variable until the dust settles and the signature is signed. You should keep a low profile recently. Ye Caikui still couldn't help exhorting. In peacetime, she certainly will not be talkative, individuals have their own life, some things must be experienced by themselves, but after all, it is their lover, whether it is useful or not, she still has to say. What do you mean? Xu Yiyang asked. That is, don't be too radical in doing things, like today's training when the players are injured, it's better to avoid it as much as possible, with less intensity and so on. Ye Caikui seemed a little unhappy when he saw Xu Yiyang,aluminium coated steel tube, but he finished his words and said, "Your leader has already mentioned you, so don't take it seriously." Xu Yiyang really disagreed with Ye Caikui's view. cbiesautomotive.com