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Although Zhou Tian has not become a saint at this time, he already has the strength of a quasi-saint. And the words of the world consciousness.

Although Zhou Tian has not become a saint at this time, he already has the strength of a quasi-saint. And the words of the world consciousness. Not only does the calculation of Zhou Tian have no effect, but at this time the available power of his men is almost all dead in the hands of Zhou Tian, depending on the situation at that time, if there is no accident. That world consciousness, even if how much hate Zhou Tian, it is already no way to take him. Of course, all that is only a theoretical statement, in fact, when Zhou Tian thought he was absolutely safe, when the world consciousness was determined to deal with him, Zhou Tian would know at that time, when the world consciousness was determined. How much threat it poses to itself. Finally, in such a situation, Zhou Tian just returned to the main plane here, but immediately felt at that time, the atmosphere of the main plane at that time was not good. At first, Sunday didn't care much about it. Although Zhou Tian's opponent is the world consciousness,beam impact tubes, Zhou Tian did not tell others. And in such a situation, Zhou Tian's people only know that they have met a strong enemy, but in the end what is the identity of the strong enemy, but it is simply unknown. And now that we know they have a strong enemy. At the same time also encountered several corresponding attacks, then in such a situation, Zhou Tian's troops naturally can not care about the actions of those enemies. In particular, it suddenly disappeared before Sunday. In such a situation,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, to say that Zhou Tian's men are a little nervous. That's really the right thing to do. Zhou Tian thought that the change of atmosphere was due to that reason, so naturally he would not take it to heart. After all, he's not only back at this time. At the same time, the potential threat of the main plane had been settled by him at that time. Under such circumstances, Zhou Tian believed that as long as he announced the relevant news, the special atmosphere of the main plane would dissipate in an instant. But soon Zhou Tian also found that his idea was wrong, the situation at that time was not the same thing at all, when he was just ready to go back, but immediately saw that there was a change in the vicinity. The earth shakes, the wind sweeps away the clouds. All of a sudden, originally still calm environment is suddenly also at that time there is a considerable reaction, whether it is a storm or volcanic eruption and other things are almost a moment of time to appear, in the case of Zhou Tian has not come to the urgent reaction, side impact door beams ,side impact door beams, then Zhou Tian near a small island, but is directly also at that time was destroyed by those natural disasters. According to the strength of Zhou Tian, those natural disasters are naturally impossible to have the opportunity to affect him. However, even if those natural disasters can not affect his body, but encounter that kind of thing, Zhou Tian's face is doomed to be impossible to be better. Although a small island is nothing, but now this thing is happening too suddenly, the destruction of the island in any case seems a little special, such a situation, Zhou Tian nature is impossible to remain indifferent. Thinking of the island that had been destroyed just now, Zhou Tian directly pinched his fingers and calculated at that time. Speaking of quasi-saints, although it is impossible for them to calculate everything with heaven and earth as a chess game like those saints, it is really not difficult for them to calculate something. However, because the current world is not a prehistoric world, some abilities are inevitably more limited when they are used. Just like at this time, because Zhou Tian and the consciousness of the current world can be said to be enemies, it is naturally impossible for him to connect with the consciousness of the world through his own ability, so as to know his calculations and some things inside the world. However, although the ability to calculate has been somewhat weakened, but only by their own ability, Zhou Tian is already enough at that time to calculate a lot of things he wants to know. In the end, there was no accident. Zhou Tian pinched his fingers at that time, but he knew directly what had happened to the main plane at this time and why there were so many natural disasters. However, Zhou Tian did not calculate to those things have nothing, now really calculated to the cause of those natural disasters, but instead at that time directly changed face. Zhou Tian is another wish, but now all this is just an accident, because if it is an accident, with the power of Zhou Tian, then it can be forced to suppress those natural disasters. In that case, no matter what kind of natural disaster will happen next. Zhou Tian is completely able to block it. But now, the result of Zhou Tian's calculation shows that the natural disasters he has encountered are not accidents, and everything is intentionally made by the consciousness of the world. Because Zhou Tian's strength is progressing too fast at this time. As a result, there is already a sense of insecurity in their hearts. As a result, in such a situation, the world consciousness was finally prompted to make a rather surprising decision. Zhou Tian is just thinking that he is not controlled by the consciousness of the world. But if the world consciousness thinks that there is Zhou Tian, then it will hinder its evolution. If we really can't get the traverser to come over in the future, then the speed of its evolution will definitely slow down. But in such a situation, the world consciousness actually made the decision to destroy the world in front of us and then reopen the world. No one thought of the decision of the world consciousness, even before Sunday. At that time, I would not have thought that the world consciousness would make such a decision. After all,aluminium coated tubes, if the world consciousness really does that, although there will be no good fruit to eat on Sunday, the world consciousness will also be badly weakened. cbiesautomotive.com

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