Snake Bone 2

The ice wall is solid, and the earth and rocks outside are sometimes squeezed, sometimes turned into debris columns, and sometimes rubbed by the earth and rocks at a fast speed, but the ice wall is still not broken.

The ice wall is solid, and the earth and rocks outside are sometimes squeezed, sometimes turned into debris columns, and sometimes rubbed by the earth and rocks at a fast speed, but the ice wall is still not broken. The light of the snake bone stone was too dim. I took out my mobile phone and turned on the flashlight to shine outside. The surging earth and rocks outside seemed to be rapidly rotating concrete. They kept bumping into each other, trying to break through the igloo. Even through the thick ice, I could still hear the sound of rattling. Find a way out. The igloo made by Baishui is too small, just enough for me and him to turn around reluctantly, which will already feel suffocating, not to mention that the earth and rocks outside may break the ice wall at any time. Debris flow is much more terrible than flood, and the soil is still alive. At the moment of falling into the soil just now, the adsorption is more powerful than soul plants sucking flesh and blood. It's a little scary to think about it. I can't get out. Baishui, however, safely took out the snake bone stone and placed it around for illumination. Then he took out the candle tooth and sat on it as a stool: "We are all born from the earth. This living earth is like trapping people in a large mass of soft mud that can change at any time. No matter how we collide, it can be dissolved by force.". No matter how we change, it has a way to wrap us up, and it can't give up the food in its mouth. As he spoke, he patted the candle under his body and motioned me to sit down. Aiming at the vertical candle Yin tooth, suddenly felt suffocated for the candle Yin, the Emperor of Heaven put the chaotic gas in it,plastic pallet suppliers, and now the white water is still sitting as a stool, the face of the candle Yin family is lost. But looking at Baishui's comfortable face, I didn't know what medicine he was selling, so I had to go over and sit down. But he put his arm around me and said, "Don't worry.". When you encounter a hard nut to crack, you always try to solve it, right? This living soil is so powerful that it devours the vines you melt. Naturally, it knows that you are delicious and will not let you run away. Something else is coming soon! With a little helplessness,ibc spill containment pallet, I skimmed the white water and looked at him with my cheek in my hand. "Do you think this mountain forest is so big? Did it become alive recently, or was it alive like this?" "If this had been the case before, Wuluo would have commanded the mountain ghosts and managed the mountains, naturally he would have known.". It must have become like this recently, and this thing is slow and owned. "Earth is the most magical thing," said Bai Shuiyan, doubtfully. "Nothing can grow without the earth. Even the Emperor of Heaven has to be worshipped to survive. But the domestication of living soil has never happened before. Wu Luo has been missing, do not know where to go, otherwise this kind of thing to ask her the most reliable. I don't know if this living thing has anything to do with her disappearance, and I don't know if I can find her here. As I thought about it, I felt more and more strange and looked at the earth and rocks turning outside. "Do you think those freaks who ran into the mountains were eaten by these earth and rocks?"? Still Rattan snakes were so fast that if those freaks were really in the mountains, they could not be sensed, but in the end, Baishui and I entered the mountains, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, and all the rattan snakes were swallowed without finding freaks. Two-headed snake changes, afraid to feel this mountain to devour them, just fiercely start the rune to protect themselves, otherwise when we come down, the two-headed snake will not be so vigilant, but did not leave, I think at that time the two-headed snake also know that it can not leave. It should still be there. Baishui hesitated for a moment and then said, "The snakes I attracted are all real, and when they swallow each other, there is no earthy smell, which proves that only the things that grow out of the earth are one with the living earth.". And there are still living things outside, and those freaks may exist in this living soil. At this time, the igloo shook violently and seemed to be rotated. The white water hugged me tightly and froze the candle's teeth on the igloo. I don't know what magic was used. No matter how the igloo shook, it would only rotate and not reverse. Turned for a long time, the color of the earth and rocks more and more bright red, between the flow seems to be with blood. The handsome man once said that there was a sorcerer in the sorcery he had learned. He was a great God whose blood had not been melted by Pangu. He had a feeling with the mountains, rivers, the sun and the moon, so he sensed the sorcery. He could touch the thunder and fire of heaven and earth. This would show that the color of the living earth was closer to the flesh color. There was a feeling that it was really Pangu's flesh that had not been melted. "Do you think we look like two worms living in meat?" Baishui frowned and put his arms around me and sat down on the candle. "If this living earth is the unmelted flesh of Pangu, then it will be interesting." After Shi Yueluo was hooked by me, he once said that humans and snakes are just parasites, but Baishui suddenly mentioned this this time, there is always a bad feeling. As the igloo slowly descended, it suddenly seemed to hit something and stopped, and the surroundings became silent, as if there was nothing left. The temperature outside suddenly became higher, followed by the underground golden lava slowly pouring up, it seems that this living earth is quite smart, know how to cremate ice. With a cold hum, the white water hugged me and turned to the sitting candle. Only to hear the sound of rumbling, a heat immediately came up, but the white water holding me had already turned into the candle's teeth. When we first found this candle tooth, we didn't know how to use it. The handsome boy knew it was the treasure of the Emperor of Heaven and refused to give up. He insisted that I dig a big hole along the tooth socket with a deep knife, enough to turn around and stand. At this time, Baishui and I hugged each other and squeezed into such a big hole. He held me tightly in one hand and led the ice to freeze the lava outside. Candle Yin tooth can trap the gas of chaos, nature is also very strong, lava can not melt. But after the lava surged, it did not seem to swallow me and Baishui, there was a low roar outside, followed by the candle's teeth falling down, a golden color near the tooth socket, as if the living earth had thrown us into the lava and slowly melted. The white water threw out a few colorful scales directly, and then froze them. Is this the scale of Yunchangdao? I suddenly have a little sympathy for Yunchangdao. I was bitten off a small half of the scales by Xiaobai. Baishui and the handsome boy are completely making the best use of everything. All of his was used to seal the stone wall. This is Huaxu's. Candle Yin teeth narrow, white water hugged me almost close to my face, two people's waists almost close to one, my feet are still on his feet,collapsible pallet box, a word, breath sumo, it seems a little ambiguous.