I have a secret.

The old Taoist said, "You can't say that, little boy. If you believe it, you will have it. If you don't believe it, you won't have it."

The old Taoist said, "You can't say that, little boy. If you believe it, you will have it. If you don't believe it, you won't have it." Huang Dan said, "You said nonsense." The old Taoist said, "Life is full of nonsense." Huang Dan was lost in thought, "you said that, if the woman believed it, as long as the eldest brother had any misfortune, or disaster, she would blame the second brother, is it not possible to do extreme things?" The old Taoist said, "That's fate, too." Huang Dan has nothing to say. The old Taoist priest's muddy eyes flashed and he seemed to wake up. He glanced at Huang Dan. "Little baby, why are you sitting next to me?" Huang Dan said, "I want to tell my fortune." The old Taoist priest stared at Huang Dan and said half loudly, "You are doomed." Huang Dan's heart jumped. He watched the old Taoist priest leave. When he turned around, he ran into someone. It was Chen Jinhua. Chapter 16 country love. In a short time, Huang Dan's expression changed again and again. He patted the grass clippings on his trousers as if nothing had happened. "Mom, why are you here?" "I'll go to the upper river yard and get some screws back." As if passing by, Chen Jinhua,plastic pallet manufacturer, carrying a basket, looked at the old Taoist priest crossing the hillside. "Who is that in winter?" Huang Dan continued to pat the grass clippings. "It seems to be a fortune-teller." Chen Jinhua said, "fortune-teller?"? Is it the one he Wei's family found? Huang Dan said, "It's possible." Chen Jinhua sighed, "It's funny. How can life be counted?" She remembered something. "In winter, Mom saw you sitting with the old Taoist priest from a distance. Didn't you tell your fortune?" Huang Dan shook his head. "I'm not superstitious." It seems that Chen Jinhua didn't hear anything. It's better to do so. That's good. Chen Jinhua walked in the direction of the village. "Life is an evil thing. It can't be calculated casually. Some people calculate it, but they destroy their lives and harm others and themselves." Huang Dan asked curiously, "Really?" Chen Jinhua said yes,plastic pallet containers, "the older generation always said that fools are blessed to know more, which is not necessarily a good thing." Huang Dan has a feeling and sends, "also be oh." Chen Jinhua turned his head, "Last time Li Gen helped us harvest rice, this time his family transplanted rice seedlings, you go to help, don't let everyone think we are not things." The corners of Huang Dan's mouth twitched. The rice on his side was scattered in the field a little later, and he had to wait a little longer to transplant rice seedlings, so he had time to walk. Li Gen was already busy. But he didn't want to go to the fields. There were leeches. "Go again tomorrow. It's almost dark." Chen Jinhua said yes. When she got home, Chen Jinhua sat in the yard, removed the tails of the screws one by one, soaked them in a basin, dropped a few drops of sesame oil into them, and cleaned them after a while. At dinner, Huang Dan ate fried leek with screw meat, which was the most satisfying dish he had ever eaten here. He wants a housekeeper. Chen Jinhua's body has the characteristics of a traditional mother, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic bulk containers, eating, wearing and using, all thinking of their children, as usual, she only picked vegetable leaves to eat, did not touch a piece of screw meat on the plate. Huang Dan gave Chen Jinhua a clip several times, and she began to nag, saying that she didn't like that thing and didn't want to give it to her. After dinner, Chen Jinhua cleared the table and wiped his oily hands on his jacket at will. "In winter, you stay at home, and Mom goes to your Aunt Wang's house to chat for a while!" The voice of Huang Dan came from the back door of the courtyard. "Good." The latrines in the village were probably built by a master. They were all the same. They were all simple mud huts. A big pit was dug in the ground and a jar was buried in it to hold excrement. There was no door or curtain. At this time, Huang Dan squatted on the edge of the vat, the muscles on his legs tightened, and his buttocks pouted back. The most painful thing for him was to go to the toilet, for fear of feces splashing on his buttocks. This squat is very unsafe. No wonder the original owner fell into it when he was a child. Huang Dan shook the cattail leaf fan and fanned the stink away with the mosquitoes. As he worked hard, he stroked all the clues he had so far, in chronological order. Li Dagui and Wu Cuiling were children of the older generation. In the second year after their marriage, they had a child. They did not live to be one year old. The cause of death was unknown. Two years ago, Li Dagui was hit on the back of the head and fell into the river and died. Wang Yuemei was paralyzed in the lower part of her body. Li Gen quit his job and returned to the village to take care of her. Now the biggest suspect is Wang Yuemei. When she was young, she lived a decent life and enjoyed the favor of many members of the opposite sex. Even if she was paralyzed, she was very arrogant. She pursued perfection and did not allow defective products to appear. She loved the excellent and promising eldest son and hated the good-for-nothing youngest son. Her partiality was very obvious. She did not seem to hide her disgust and disappointment for her youngest son. In other words, Wang Yuemei is showing that only outstanding people deserve her attention and praise. The fortune-teller said that the beautiful woman surnamed Wang had two sons, probably Wang Yuemei. Huang Dan frowned and thought, and when he came to his senses, his buttocks were surrounded by mosquitoes. At the other end, Chen Jinhua arrived at the Li family. Wang Yuemei also just had a meal, let Wu Cuiling fetch water for her, wipe her hands carefully, her hands are different from the hands of women in the village, fingers are good-looking, long, not short. When Wang Yuemei wiped her hands, Wu Cuiling went out with the basin and closed the door. Wang Yuemei sat at the head of the bed, "Jinhua, haven't you already accepted two pairs of soles for winter?"? How do you return it? Chen Jinhua put the big needle in her hair twice, pressed the soleplate of the shoe quickly, and threaded it one by one. "In winter, I'll make a few more pairs of shoes for him." Wang Yuemei said, "You are really idle." Chen Jinhua said, "I would like to do something else, but I am not allowed to go to the fields in winter." Wang Yuemei said, "filial piety in winter, a good child, will be promising in the future." Chen Jinhua said, "What promise can he have? He can't read a single word, and he can't mix well outside. He can't compare with Li Gen in your family. That's really promising and responsible. In order to take care of you, he won't even stay in the big city and come back to support the family." "Everyone says that Li Gen is a big filial son, and you, Wang Yuemei,plastic pallet crates, have given birth to a good son." Wang Yuemei's face softened, and she was proud and regretful. "If it weren't for my body, the child would have a good life outside. He was dragged down by me." 。 binpallet.com


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