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It is said that during the yuanhe reign of Emperor Xianzong of the Tang Dynasty, there was an assistant named Li Shiyilang, whose name was Xingxiu.

It is said that during the yuanhe reign of Emperor Xianzong of the Tang Dynasty, there was an assistant named Li Shiyilang, whose name was Xingxiu. His wife Wang's wife was the daughter of Wang Zhongshu, an honest envoy from Jiangxi. She was virtuous and respected as a guest. Lady Wang had a young sister, Duan Yan, who was very intelligent. She loved him very much and often took him with her. Even Xingxiu loved him very much, as if he had been raised by himself. One day, Xingxiu went to the wedding feast at the clansmen's place and stayed at this house. In the evening, I had a dream that I would marry my wife again. The newlyweds were recognized by the lamp. It was none other than Lady Wang's younger sister. Suddenly startled, the heart is not happy. To dawn, hurriedly home. Entering the door, Lady Wang had already got up and sat stuffy, wiping her tears with her hands, but Xingxiu did not answer. "Why is that, madam?" He asked his family. "This morning," said the whole family, "the old cook said to himself in the kitchen, 'I had a dream in the fifth watch. I dreamed that my husband would remarry the young lady of the Wang family.' Madame knew that she was afraid that she had very high mountains and low rivers, so she wept and got up early in the morning. When Xingxiu heard this, his hair shuddered and he broke out in a cold sweat. "How can it fit in with my dream?" He thought. They are a loving couple, and they are very unhappy. He could only persuade his wife reluctantly, saying, "This old slave is upside down. He is a foolish man. How can his dream be accurate?" Although the mouth said so, the heart because of the two dreams coincide, eventually some doubts. Only a few days later, his wife fell ill and died in two months. Xingxiu cried himself to death and revived, reporting to his father-in-law, the prince, and the whole family of the prince mourned. Because he could not bear to break off the practice of kinship and friendship, he replied to the letter and had the intention of remarrying his young daughter. Xing Xiu mourned for his father and could not bear to talk about it, so he firmly rejected his father-in-law. At that time, there was a secretary named Wei Sui, who was the most knowledgeable person in the world. Seeing that Li Xingxiu missed his wife so much, he suddenly said, "Shi Yu misses his wife so much. Don't you want to see him?" Xing Xiu said, "If you die and say goodbye forever,socket screw plug, how can you say goodbye?" "If you want to see the dead lady," said the secretary, "why don't you ask King Chou Sang, the old man, '?"? " "Who is Wang Lao?" Asked Xing Xiu. "Needless to say," said the secretary, "Shi Yu only keeps firmly in mind the four characters'Old King of Chou Sang. 'There must be a place for us to meet." When the practitioner sees what he says, he keeps it in mind. After two or three years, the young daughter of the prince grew up. The prince missed his dead daughter and wanted to continue his marriage with Xingxiu. He told people many times. Xingxiu couldn't bear to carry the dead lady on his back, but he didn't follow. After that, in addition to grant the imperial censor of Dongtai, he was ordered to leave the pass and go to the second thick mulberry post. There was a pardon in the post house, so he had to ask for an official room to rest. The name of the shop is Chou Sang Dian. When he got the word "thick mulberry" from his practice, he touched it and thought to himself, "Why is Old Wang here?" Just as he was about to follow him, he heard people shouting in the street. Xing Xiu went to the door of the shop and saw an old man surrounded by a group of people. You pulled me, you asked me, and I was so dizzy. Xing Xiu asked the shopkeeper, "Why are these people like this?" "The old man's surname is Wang, die casting parts ,alloy die casting," said the host. "He's a strange man. He's good at talking about fortune. People in the countryside worship him like a God! So when they saw him passing by, they pestered him to ask for his fortune or misfortune. Xing Xiu thought about Secretary Wei's words and said, "There is such a person in yuan Lai." He asked the shopkeeper to invite him to the shop to meet him. When the owner of the shop saw that Xingxiu was an imperial censor on a business trip, he dared not delay, so he pulled out the crowd and went in to grab him, saying, "There is an imperial censor in the shop, Li Shiyilang." When they saw that it was the government, they let go of the siege and let him come out, and the crowd dispersed. Meet me at the store. When Xingxiu saw that he was an old man, he didn't want him to salute, so he told him that he missed his dead wife and that Secretary Wei had come to ask him for help. "I wonder if the old man has the magic to make the souls of the dead meet," he said. "Shiyilang wants to see the dead lady," said the old man. "That's all for tonight." The old man walked forward and asked Xingxiu to send him away and led him all the way into an earthen mountain. A high slope of several feet rose again, and a jungle could be seen faintly on the slope. The old man lived by the side of the road and said to the monk, "Shiyilang can go to the forest and shout'Miaozi 'loudly, and someone will answer.". When he had answered, he said, 'Send word to the nine young ladies. I'll borrow Taeko to see my dead wife tonight.' According to the words, the practitioner went to the woods and shouted, but someone answered. Said it again according to the preface. After a while, a fifteen-year-old woman came out and said, "Lady Jiu sent me to go with Shiyilang." Say, then break bamboo two branches, since across a skill, a branch and line repair across, across as fast as the horse. Line hook thirty or forty miles, suddenly to a place, the city is magnificent. In front of a big palace, there is a door in front of the palace. "But," said the woman, "follow the west corridor to the north, and from the south to the second palace, where the virtuous lady lives." According to his words, Xingxiu went to his place and saw a girl who had died more than ten years ago. She came out to pay her respects and asked Xingxiu to sit down. Her ladyship came out to meet her in tears. Xing Xiushen complained about the hatred of separation and clung to it. But when the party was about to begin again, Lady Wang refused, saying, "Today you and I are on a different path. I don't want to cause trouble to my wife like this. If I don't forget my usual good fortune, I'll accept my younger sister as my wife and continue the marriage. My wish will be fulfilled.". All we want to see each other is to trust each other. As soon as she had finished speaking, the woman shouted in a harsh voice outside the door, "Li Shiyilang, hurry up!" The practitioner did not dare to stay and came out with tears in his eyes. The woman walked with him across the bamboo branch. Arriving at the old place, I saw the old man sleeping on a stone on his head. When he heard the footsteps, he knew that he had arrived. He got up and asked, "Are you satisfied?" "Fortunately," said the monk, "we have met." "Thank Lady Jiu for sending someone to see her off," said the old man. According to his words, Xingxiu sent Taeko to the forest and thanked him in a loud voice. He came back and asked the old man, "What kind of man is this?" "On this plain," said the old man, "is the ear of Ling Ying Jiu Zi Mu Temple." When the old man led him to the shop, he saw the lamps on the wall flickering, the horses in the trough eating as before, and the servants sleeping soundly. Practicing is suspicious of the Tao and dreaming, but there are old people who can still prove it. The old man immediately said goodbye to Xingxiu and left, and Xingxiu sighed. Because of his wife's earnest words, he wrote this story to his father-in-law in detail. From then on,car radiator cap, Wang's marriage was renewed, which coincided with the dream of the day before yesterday. Exactly: The old son-in-law is the new son-in-law, and the elder uncle is the younger uncle.

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