Bite Spring Cake-Hummer

As a result, not far away, she frowned, "wrong, right." Lu Xiaoxiao's eyes drifted left and right on the sign. "

As a result, not far away, she frowned, "wrong, right." Lu Xiaoxiao's eyes drifted left and right on the sign. "Is Swanta going here?"? It's written on the card. Zhou Qiao: "The road sign is also to the right." Lu Xiaoxiao separated a few seconds, oh suddenly realized, "I was wrong." It takes at least ten more minutes to make a wrong detour. Zhou Qiao reminded more carefully, "the first two kilometers to turn around, this time do not be wrong, or on the inter-city high-speed." Lu Xiaoxiao also adjusted the seat, looking quite nervous. This made Zhou Qiao feel a little sorry, so he softened his tone, "It doesn't matter, you drive slowly." In order to highlight his "caution" and "intentions", Lu Xiaoxiao not only fulfilled Zhou Qiao's intention to drive the sports car into a cart, but also asked every few meters: "Is it this way?" "Is there a red light ahead?" "The green light is on. Can I pass here?" Zhou Qiao is also fully immersed in the role of "electronic navigation", and really has questions to answer. Yes, this way. "The lights are going to change. Slow down." "Hey!"! You can't turn left here! Then Chen Qinghe and Li Kun in the car seat looked at each other and got the same meaning in each other's expression. ***, Xiao's acting skills have been ***ing sublimated again. He came to Los Angeles a lot of times, especially this piece is simply ripe can not be more ripe, in order to be able to say a few more words with Zhou Qiao, is also enough to fight. Finally, Lu Xiaoxiao finally lived up to himself and successfully sent Zhou Qiao to his destination after eleven o'clock. Even Li Kun could see the calculators in his heart. Because of Zhou Qiao before that "guarantee to be able to get home before eleven o'clock" phone call,Nail machine supplier, so that Lu Xiaoxiao was afraid to tread on thin ice. The place where Zhou Qiao lives is a small area that looks fairly neat. There weren't many buildings inside, so she didn't let him drive in. Thank you Before getting off the bus, Zhou Qiao turned sideways, half of his face was Chen Qinghe, and only a small half was left to Lu Xiaoxiao. The target was unknown, and he said vaguely and perfunctorily, "Thank you for sending me home." No, thank you. No,iron nail machine, thank you. Heard Lu Xiaoxiao scratching his heart and lungs, very suffocating. Chen Qinghe seized the opportunity to cut the Gordian knot and said, "Sister Qiao, give me your mobile phone number and tell you the time tomorrow morning." Zhou Qiao did not affectation, reason should be, she reported the number, and said: "WeChat contact is also possible." As soon as I hear the word "Wechat", someone will be depressed again. Even Chen Qinghe, an animal, could stay in her list, but he was blacklisted. Zhou Qiao got out of the car, closed the door, stood back a few steps, and waved goodbye to Chen Qinghe. In the car. Li Kun reminded, "why don't you go?" Only then did Lu Humble Xiao reluctantly shift gears and reverse slowly. Zhou Qiao is still standing in place, the car turned around, Coil nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, Lu Xiaoxiao and she finally arrived at a face. The windows were closed and nothing could be seen from the outside. Only then did Lu Xiaoxiao dare to brazenly remove the mask of the damned stranger and stare at her in the car, his eyes like fire and stars, wishing he could spontaneously combust, and then devour Zhou Qiao before giving up. Chen Qinghe looked at his reaction, sighed and patted him on the shoulder. "Let's go. It's been a long time." Lu Xiaoxiao gathers the spirit, the corner of the mouth is tight, "boom" a foot accelerator car rushes out. In the rearview mirror, the receding street scene was blurred and narrowed, and Zhou Qiao's figure turned away. Only then did Lu take a deep breath, feeling that his throat was as tight and painful as a clockwork that could not be twisted. Chen Qinghe said, "I want the number. I'll give it to you later." Lu Xiaoxiao was absent-minded: "No, I have memorized it." Chen Qinghe was stupefied, and then sincerely stretched out his thumb, "Lu Xueba, Call for you." Here. When Zhou Qiao arrived at the apartment, he shouldered the dust. The light in the room was bright, and Zhou Qiao said apologetically to the man on the sofa, "I'm sorry, Deli, I'm late." The handsome man with yellow hair and blue eyes turned his head, pouted and protested in half-baked Chinese, "Joe, you stood me up, and the pigeon flew to the moon." Zhou Qiao smiled as he changed his shoes. "It was Chang'e who flew up to the moon." "All right then," Deli corrected with a shrug. "You let my Chang'e go. ” Zhou Qiao smiled with slightly curved eyes, took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves and went to the kitchen, "I'll make noodles for you." Deli, who had a resentful look on her face just now, jumped for joy and excitedly showed off her Beijing accent, "Eggs plus two." But his erhua sound was really not flattering, and he said that the egg was the son of the egg. Zhou Qiao corrected his pronunciation while stirring the egg mixture. Deli learned, but happily ran from the living room to the kitchen, showing off the copybook in her hand. "Joe, you see, I practiced two pages of Chinese characters tonight." When Zhou Qiao washed the tomatoes, the sound of the water was loud. She stretched out her head and exclaimed, "It's great." Deli was praised by her Chinese teacher and happily sang Peking Opera, "Black-faced Zhang Fei called Chirp ~ ~ ~". As he sang, he imitated the action of water sleeves flying, turned around, and had an envelope in his hand. "Joe, this is your salary last month." Zhou Qiao put down the tomato, dried his hand and took it again. "Thank you." Deli bent down gentlemanly. "You're welcome.". But you're late tonight. Did you go on a date? Zhou Qiao smiled and said politely, "No." "Wow, you must be on a date." Deli points to the eye. "Joe, there's light in here." Zhou Qiao was stupefied. Deli snapped her fingers, sure. "It must be. Great. I can ask him to play mahjong." Deli was a student who wanted to learn Chinese when Zhou Qiao decided to extend his six-month internship in the United States and was introduced by the project leader. The family has opened several big farms, pure yearning for the mysterious East, he plans to go to China next year for a short stay of two months, so he wants to learn some Chinese. Although Zhou Qiao came to communicate,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, his daily expenses were not small. Deli's offer is very friendly, all young people, and they get along naturally and happily.

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