The first palace in the world

Yes, there is only one gang in such a large host country, so this gang "should have" thrived and developed

The cool breeze has a letter, the autumn moon is boundless, (cough, off topic) in short, under the bright moon, beside the bonfire, Su can and I, talking about the present situation, planning the next self-help measures to be taken, occasionally interspersed with Su can's yearning for food, my teasing of Su can. After teasing, as long as I look at Su can silently with tears in my pure eyes, like grievance and condemnation, he will abandon his armor and surrender completely without temper. Looking at his relaxed expression, I made a decision. "Su can," I continued when I saw Su can looking at me. "Do you know ghosts and witches?" "A ghost witch?" Su can thought about it, as if suddenly thought of something, "Ah, I remember, my master once mentioned ghosts and witches to me." "I am the 17th generation of ghosts and witches." I tried to narrate the matter in a flat voice. Su can was stupefied and wondered, "My master said that ghosts and witches are in the same realm as immortals. Aren't you as powerful as immortals?" "Just so so," I said with a cool smile. "The Four Kingdoms are the third." Then Zheng Rong said, "Actually, I haven't become a ghost yet, but I'm working hard.". If I want to be a ghost witch,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, I have to go through love first. "Love robbery?"? What's that? Instead of answering Su Chan's question, I asked ambiguously, "Now that you know my identity, aren't you afraid I'll hurt your majesty?" Su Chan immediately blushed and retorted, "What is my Majesty?" Then he said, "You won't." "Are you so sure?" "I'm so sure!" I don't know where he got this confidence. Will you tell him who I am? This'he ', of course, refers to Qing Yan. No, that won't be necessary. He said firmly, and then said with a wry smile,Glass Cosmestic Containers, "But now that I think about it, I'm afraid he already knows your identity." I nodded and agreed with him. "He should have checked me out before I entered the palace." After a while, Su Chan suddenly said: "Firefly." "Hm?" "Do you love Qing Yan, er, Your Majesty?" “……” Love Yeah ? "Is that a difficult question to answer?" Is this question not difficult to answer? After a moment of meditation, I opened my mouth and said: "I don't know." "What?" I said I don't know, I don't know if I love him or not. I thought and thought, but what is love? Then, Su can and I fell into silence together, we, all, do not understand. I looked at the dark night sky, felt the ghosts wandering around in the mountains, listened to their sad calls wandering in the mountains, and seemed to realize that the heavy inexplicable sadness reflected in my heart, a kind of sadness came out from the depths of my soul, overflowed into my throat, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,oil dropper bottle, and turned into a sad song: ".." Flowers are not flowers, fog is not fog. Come at midnight and go at dawn. Come like a spring dream for a short time. …… There is no place to go like a morning cloud. I sang over and over again, singing in Su can's surprised eyes. I gradually forget where this is, forget who I am, only the song echoes in my heart. That is the song of compassion, that is the song of sacrifice, that is the song that soothes, that is a soul song of ghosts and witches-sacrifice to the soul. The song drifted away to the deepest part of the mountain forest, covering the whole mountain with a fog of sadness. As the song gets louder and louder, more and more twists and turns, slowly, there are ghosts humming along with the song. Following the humming of the ghost, the gray, cold shadow body gradually lit up, and finally turned into a streamer of light rising to the sky, the vast mountains and forests were illuminated by this streamer, sadness was soothed, loneliness was sublimated. With all my strength, I finally helped them. Even if I die at this moment, even if I can not become a ghost witch, can comfort these souls, can let them ascend to heaven safely, my heart is enough. Finally, I only remember that I fainted in Su can's arms with a contented smile. Enjoy reading anytime, anywhere! Seven # Star # Pavilion Mobile Station: WAP. Qixinge. Com. The net friend uploads the chapter blue dragon server [palace maid training class] to promote, toward the dragon, sets out! Back to the dormitory, hesitantly put on the helmet, entered the game, still thinking about how to explain to the Qinglong Emperor, I felt bright at the moment, I was in a brilliant to dazzling sunshine, did not wait for me to come to my senses, my ears sounded a strange sharp voice. (WAP, 16K, Cn updates fastest). Yo, you are the wind girl, but let our family wait! Er, I rubbed my arms first, rubbed off the goose bumps, and then turned my head carefully. Sure enough, it was a eunuch with thin eyebrows and thin eyes. His white face was somewhat impatient. He said to me angrily, "The emperor asked me to wait here for you to come back. He said that he would take you to see you as soon as you came back. Look at yourself. How can you deserve to see the emperor with such an unkempt look?"! Hurry back to freshen up and change your clothes. If you make the emperor angry, you'll feel better! Without waiting for my reply, he grabbed my sleeve with two fingers and dragged me away from the palace. I looked at the dust all over my body. I stayed in the ruins all night and turned over the garbage. I didn't see the ghost until I was unkempt. The stinking dragon really didn't have the patience to wait for me to come out, but I didn't know what he had done to Su can. Poor Cancan, forced by this stinking back dragon for so long, would rather die than follow, this time for me to sacrifice so much, think all feel sad ah. God! It's Feifei coming back! As soon as I got back to Yeting Palace, I met an orange working in the garden outside. As soon as I saw that I was dragged back by a eunuch, I immediately shouted loudly. Her voice was really loud, and in a twinkling of an eye, everywhere was crowded with onlookers, all looking at me with a very strange look, half jealous. Half is envy,Glass Cream Jars, I am seen all over hair, but the dead eunuch is still urging me to go in and change clothes. I rolled my eyes at him. It's not so troublesome for us players to change clothes. It's just that the last lesson told me that no matter how fast the action is, it's better to kill me than to be naked in front of a eunuch.


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