The woman is not a canary.

Yes, there is only one gang in such a large host country, so this gang "should have" thrived and developed

Because of the low head, there are a few strands of hair, falling down from her ear, slightly dangling in front of Meng Junqi's eyes, his fingers moved, trying to lift back to her, Yin Jiang, who zipped his schoolbag, noticed something and raised his head, "hmm?" Meng Junqi turned his head sideways, his hand naturally fell to the Band-Aid, loosened it and touched it back, "it hurts a little." He said And a little itchy. Yin Jiang comforted him softly, "just endure it for a while, and it will be like this at the beginning." He nodded his head. Zhou Qing, a bystander, could not bear to watch. She pulled Yin Jiang. "Go, sweet ginger. The game is over. We should go back. We have to study by ourselves at night." Meng Junqi glanced at her, Zhou Qing shook, but still bravely pulled Yin Jiang, did not let go. Can't let the evil forces succeed, without the protection of her escort, sweet ginger will definitely be eaten up by this person, as a boy, even more bitchy than a girl, is intolerable. Then let's go first. Yin Jiang,30ml Dropper Bottle, who was unaware of it, greeted him. Meng Junqi gave a hum. Yin Jiang pulled his hat, pulled the edge lower, and took Zhou Qing's hand and left. On the way back, Zhou Qing bought her ice cream with matcha flavor and reminded her vaguely: "Sweet ginger, you should be careful of Meng Junqi." "Some people, although they are quiet in front of you, don't know what they look like in private." She can even reasonably guess that Gu Xixi's departure and Su Shengmo's injury on the court can not be separated from Meng Junqi's handwriting, but these are only guesses,Serum Bottle With Dropper, there is no real evidence. What's more, she dare not say, she is still very weak Meng Junqi this person, her family is not very rich, although Meng Junqi do not know which rich and powerful illegitimate child, but she can not offend. Also, she believes that Meng Junqi will not hurt sweet ginger, the reason is to remind her not to be silly to be abducted by the other side. Yin Jiang:?? Although do not know why Zhou Qing said so, but Yin Jiang did not refute, she smiled warmly, "OK, I will pay attention to, Zhou Zhou." Zhou Qing touched her head and her heart softened into a ball. "Be good." God will give this girl preferential treatment. After all, she is so gentle and beautiful. At the end of May, the cherries on the trees had only leaves, the lotus flowers in the pond had buds, and Yin Jiang had successfully entered the tail of the Golden List in this monthly examination. Lizhong began to have the legend of Yin Xiaohua with poor grades. Because when Yin Jiang was just transferred, she said that her grades were not good, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, and everyone thought that her academic performance was not very good, very poor, and as a result, she flew from the Red List to the Golden List. This matter was also said by the teachers to each other in their own class, with the tone of hate iron does not become steel, "You look at Yin Jiang of Class 27." "When the headmaster asked her about her grades, she said it was not good. When others asked her about her grades, she said it was not good. As a result, she entered the Red List for the first time. In May, she entered the Golden List directly. What about you? You said your grades were not good, even if they were really not good, you could get more than 200 points. Talents, students." The class laughed and cried. At the same time, Meng Junqi also climbed to the top of the Red List, 599, and the people in Class 27 were shocked. Yin Jiang was surprised to see the ranking. She was able to enter the Red List because she read too many books, and the teaching in Lizhong was relatively simple, far less difficult than the original high school teaching, and she learned more easily. She is not as magical as others say. But Meng Junqi is really very powerful, only took two months, more precisely, a month or so to climb the red list. After her surprise, she curled her lips and laughed. If it goes on like this, he will be more and more excellent, always = first ~ snow ~ alone ~ home ~ whole ~ manage = one day, he will get rid of the label of waste dandy. It's nice to see him getting better and better. Yin Jiang did not suspect that Meng Junqi cheated, because she occasionally gave Meng Junqi a lecture, Meng Junqi's comprehension ability is super strong, basically speaking a question to understand all the knowledge points. It gives people a great sense of achievement to teach. But she doesn't doubt it, but some people doubt it. After the last basketball match, Meng Junqi managed to make some people feel better, but because the first place in the Red List was once again maliciously discussed. Cheating, right? Last time, it was the countdown of Class 27. Why is it the first in the red list this time? I don't believe it. ” "Cheating to get the first place in the red list is unfair to those students who are desperate to climb the list." "No." Last time in the eight-school basketball league, he really worked hard. I don't believe he would cheat. Can sports be compared with learning? He won't cheat in the eight-school basketball league, but can you say that he won't cheat in his studies? Funny All of a sudden, almost all the people in the school decided that Meng Junqi, the first in the Red List, had cheated, and asked the school to conduct a thorough investigation. Even when Yin Jiang met Su Shengmo, Su Shengmo gently told her that she had better stay away from Meng Junqi. He cheated in the monthly exam this time. If you contact him, he will get you into trouble. Ah Jiang, I know you regard him as a friend, but it's better to stay away from friends with moral problems. Su Shengmo also felt that Meng Junqi could not climb to the top of the Red List in a month, and he could not think of any other reason except cheating. Undeniably, he was selfish to say such a thing to Yin Jiang, he wanted to let Yin Jiang away from Meng Junqi, want to let Yin Jiang spit on Meng Junqi. Just as Meng Junqi disliked him and let him get hurt intentionally on the basketball court, he also disliked Meng Junqi and added insult to injury at this time. Although this idea is somewhat unfashionable, but he and Meng Junqi are rivals in love, no one will look forward to a good rival in love. "He won't cheat," said Yin Jiang earnestly. "I believe him. He's really smart. His exam results are real." "Don't worry, Brother Su." She put the sugar in Su Shengmo's hand and said confidently, "He will prove his innocence." Su Shengmo smiled bitterly, "I thought you would be angry with me, saying how I also slander people,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, let you down." In fact, he regretted it when he finished, fearing that Yin Jiang would be angry and feel that he was narrow-minded. Yin Jiang shook his head. "I believe him because I have touched him and I know what he looks like." 。


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