Emperor Qianlong

Yes, there is only one gang in such a large host country, so this gang "should have" thrived and developed

"But Marshal, please think again." Li Shiyao bowed down, his face seeming sad and happy. He said leisurely, "In the middle of the night, when I was in a hurry, I suddenly covered it up and held it. I killed it, beat it, cangulated it, and deposed it. Among those who committed the crime, there were those who were used to doing wrong by obstinate officials, and there were those who occasionally offended officials. To put it bluntly, they were all romantic sins. Just now, when the war situation in Sichuan is urgent and the military book is on. But you can't! You have to allocate time and energy to sort out the disposal one by one. Is it worthwhile to soak you, a commander in chief of the army, in the administration of officials in Sichuan? He bent a finger. "This is one.". Second, as far as I can see, there are two officials of the fourth grade inside, and they are involved in the two heads of the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Rites. They are all in charge, or they ask you to behead them. The Ministry of Beijing is at odds with you, searching for faults, making rumors, and looking for a little trouble with you from time to time. You are in Sichuan now. No matter how powerful you are, you are in a hurry. Can you take care of things in Beijing one by one? Fu Heng listened, already lost in thought, but see Li Shiyao and bent down a finger, "both Beijing, must be Huguang, Shaanxi to do business, idle nothing to go to the theater, is sleeping whoring in other places are also common things,tin beneficiation plant, you humiliated in public, and cangue and fight, this is your military supply rear team, spread out, how much offense?"? How to take care of Yin yuanchang and Le Min's face? Heng Xianggong, alas. Also Nanjing that end, the melon pulls the vine, the vine connects the root, is what kind of scene? You are a special general, not the governor of the province,Carbon in Pulp, your mission is to fight, is the head of Sha Luoben, Sichuan government affairs so get, all stirred up in one place, do not ask for a decree to punish so many people all of a sudden, what does the master think? What do the other military ministers think? The weight here should be weighed carefully. Li Shiyao spoke earnestly and earnestly about these four points, and some of the implications can only be pointed out to the end. Fu Heng did not hear half, it is known that today's move before and after thinking are not well prepared, at this time every sentence sounds like a thorough and pertinent words. He did not speak for a moment, but stood up with some difficulty. He patted Li Shiyao on the shoulder and strolled to the window. He looked out as if he were going to penetrate the window paper. After a long time, he sighed and said, "Don't go on.". Xian Yu Gong and Zhang Chengyou had no reason to forgive, so Jin Hui and the Yamen of the Department of Justice examined and corrected the law. The rest of you.. There will be a centralized meeting tomorrow to admonish the demotion and release it! "Marshal, can you let the students get a word in?" Pang Fengming, sitting beside Xiao Lu, leaned back and said. Seeing Fu Heng nodding slightly with his back to his body, he pursed his lips and said, "It is more difficult to release people than to catch them.". Put it out and let them shoot at the bottom and smash the black bricks to expose the rumor? That is to say, to admit that you are wrong, that is even worse! "What is your insight?" Asked Jin Hui. "Get up!" A spark flashed in Pang Shiye's eyes. "The system was presided over by Jin Zhongcheng, and this became a provincial government affair in Sichuan.". Jin Zhongcheng took the guard of honor out to meet them for a while, gold CIP machine ,Portable gold trommel, and invited the commander in chief's emperor's sword to press the battle array. He said that Jinchuan was not destroyed, and the emperor was anxious. They were in Sichuan, and they were in the imperial court. They were stubborn and shameless, and they were really thieves of the country! Press them to write and defend, some resist not to write, tomorrow noon on the food market, no one can save them. He wrote a plea, took his handprint, first detained him under house arrest, and informed him that someone from the original Yamen had claimed him back. There was a notice from the four gates here, killing Xian Yu Gong and Zhang Chengyou, and listing their names on the notice. Marshal, don't you want to rectify the discipline of the Sichuan Army? Only by cutting down in this way can the four sides be clean and the eight sides be bright. That's Jin Zhongcheng. If you go up, the emperor must be happy, because the emperor should also have an example to rectify the administration of officials! ① Confession: a confession. Hearing this, Fu Heng turned around and pondered for a while. He slowly sat back in his original position. With a smile, he said, "Both Shi Yao and Mr. Pang are good words.". It's a good thing I didn't show up myself tonight! Listening to your words is really like an epiphany! It seems that I, Fu Heng, have experienced the world, far less than yuan Chang! Mr. Pang, are you willing to yield under my curtain? If you don't give up, I'll write to yuan Chang and ask you to come over. Pang Fengming said with a smile, "This is a high climb. Pang is eager for it.". However, Yin Gong treated me very well, and could not bear to leave for a while, and temporarily served under the account. "I've heard people say that the jue prime minister never uses a screen guest, and it's best for me to go back to Yin Gong after the job." Fu Heng said with a smile, "If he treats you well, I won't treat you badly.". There is no need for Shiye Mubin, because the official is too big, the power is too heavy, a person is not appropriate, causing a lot of trouble. Why don't I use the real talent? You are still not Shiye here. Be my Zhongjun counselor. The Ministry of Civil Affairs has drawn up a ticket. You are an open and aboveboard five-grade official. After this battle, if I recommend you again, you will be the same as him. "He pointed at Xiao Lu and laughed." It's the same. " Jin Hui smiled and patted Xiao Lu on the head. Xiao Qizi followed in silence. Xiao Lu was originally an inn clerk. Because she was involved in a lawsuit, she first sought refuge with Yang Mingshi, the governor of Yunnan Province. Yang Mingshi took him to Zhang Tingyu's side to do chores in the Military Department. He also donated his official position to serve as a county magistrate in several places, and was promoted to the same class as the magistrate. Neqin sent troops to Jinchuan for the second time. He had done a good job in transporting grain and money, and recommended Daotai. It was a surprise that he was called a masterpiece in. Although his talent is ordinary, "knowledge" only knows the absence of account books, but honesty, no deception, timidity, clumsiness, diligence and not afraid of trivial "waiter" nature, in the official sea unexpectedly can also cope with Yu Ru, do a good job, quite noticeable, occasionally small omissions, everyone can understand. The people he often dealt with were the most popular ministers in the court. They knew how not to show off their abilities, not to play tricks on them, and not to show off their abilities. Their superiors changed one after another, some died and some became corrupt, but he had been steadily pressing the tiger class to get promoted when he was absent. Everyone knows that he is a "lucky official" whose "mediocre fortune" cannot be taken away. Several adults are talking here tonight. He knows that his identity and ability are small. He doesn't say a word. His face is as blurred as a pupil's; Little Qizi sometimes couldn't take care of him inside and outside, so he helped to rinse the towel, change the tea and pour the water. With a solemn and humble face, he waited and took care of him. Then he returned to his seat and sat firmly on his knees. Hearing Fu Heng mention himself, Xiao Lu quickly said with a smile, "I'm talking to Teacher Pang in the East Study. I'm listening to the commander in chief and Li Yintai here talking about government affairs. I'm confused by such great knowledge!"! Teacher Pang, with the help of Lord Yin and General Fu, is sure to be like what people say, 'When a fly flies, it will reach a thousand miles.'. How dare you compare with your humble position? I can't. I'm just diligent and careful,gold cil machine, and I dare not be greedy for money. Knowledge is even more "looking ahead, suddenly behind", a mess is not decent.. " 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com


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