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Original title: Structure of down-the-hole drill | Working principle and classification of down-the-hole drill Let

Most of the recruited soldiers were from farming, and they didn't want to be loyal to the emperor and serve the country, but every one who came to recruit had five hanging money to get. This is not a small sum of money, but let a lot of people bang heart, life and death. Maybe they just think that their life is only five yuan. The soldiers were disheveled and emaciated. Cloud Dingxing secretly shook his head, armor trench is not worry, big Sui foundation is quite thick, and then tens of thousands of people is enough, but such troops go out to fight, in addition to Yang Guang table work, really not much use. Yun Dingxing heart bitter, but has been ordered to move forward, Li Shimin set out with the army, with Yun Dingxing's side. The excitement of the beginning was replaced by the dullness of the March. When Li Shimin arrived at Sparrow Valley, he already had some regrets. He regretted that he had not explained his whereabouts to his eldest brother, which was somewhat capricious. But at this time, like an arrow from the bow, there is no possibility of going back. The army after the sparrow valley, more and more people fled from famine, for the wild goose gate county opinions vary. It is said that tens of thousands of Turkic soldiers, some say there are millions, not only the wild goose gate county has been captured, even Mayi, floor trouble two county is all in the hands of Turkic soldiers. It is said that Turkic soldiers rape, kill and plunder, and commit all kinds of crimes. Now Taiyuan County is in danger,Narrow aisle rack, and it is inevitable to run slowly and die. Yun Dingxing's army was originally a patchwork, along the way without waiting for the battle, was defeated by rumors. The people who come for money have already taken off their armor and run away secretly. Yun Dingxing can't give orders. When they arrived in Taiyuan, they found that half of the recruited soldiers had run away, and they were furious. Taiyuan was not captured, or safe and sound, just as if with the empty city, countless people are early to flee for their lives, left behind are some of the old and sick waiting for death. Cloud Dingxing anger and fear,heavy duty racking system, anger beheaded after a few deserters, this just slightly stopped the deserter's decline, passing by the county, and issued a recruiting order, a few military forces from the county, such as starting from Taiyuan, set out twenty thousand soldiers was still twenty thousand, cloud Dingxing don't know whether to cry or laugh. The front of the military situation has been unknown, anyway, the people of the south said, the Turkish soldiers came, all over the mountains and plains! Three people into a tiger, all mouth gold, Yun Dingxing only feel that there is a monster in front of the big mouth, just waiting for their own death, looking at all the men is the same expression, in addition to Li Shimin that boy heartless, are panic. Yun Dingxing knew that he was likely to die, radio shuttle racking ,warehouse rack manufacturer, so he didn't have to turn over in his life. He could only continue to March, but he was already careful and ready to retreat. From Taiyuan to the floor, unexpectedly the shadow of the Turkic soldiers did not see, Yun Dingxing greatly strange, finally one day to Xinkou! Xinkou is the gateway from Yanmen to Taiyuan. If the Turkic soldiers go south from Xinkou, most of the area will be flat, and they will not encounter the second natural barrier for the Turks to go to Xijing of the Sui Dynasty until after the Sparrow Valley. Xinkou is surrounded by mountains and valleys, with Wutai Mountains on the right and Ningwu Mountains on the left. The terrain is rugged and dangerous. When Yun Dingxing reached the south of Xinkou Valley, he finally saw hundreds of Turkic cavalry plundering. The number of people was much less than expected, and Yun Dingxing was so strong that he ordered the soldiers to besiege him. There is a saying in the art of war, "ten encirclement", Yun Dingxing besieged the enemy with more than 20 times the strength, and finally defeated hundreds of Turkic soldiers, but also captured a few, under torture, finally understood that although he had been psychologically prepared, when he heard that Shibi Khan had personally led four hundred thousand troops, Yun Dingxing still felt his legs trembling. He also finally understood that the whole Yanmen County, except Guoxian County and Yanmen City, was in the hands of Shibi Khan. Although Linghsien County did not fall, Yang, the king of Qi, could not retreat, so that the Turkic soldiers basically ignored it. Turkic soldiers are currently attacking Yanmen City around the clock, with heavy casualties on both sides. The Turkic cavalry who came out to plunder were all people who attacked the city. They couldn't bear the hardship. This time, they deserted and went out to rob. Unexpectedly, they were the first to encounter Yun Dingxing. Yun Dingxing interrogated the Turkish soldiers, half an hour of kung fu, and a few white hair, first let the soldiers set up camp, with a few trusted in the camp to discuss, will be at a loss what to do. Now they can't advance or retreat. It's okay to fight hundreds of Turkic soldiers. If you really fight with four hundred thousand Turkic soldiers, I'm afraid there won't be many of the twenty thousand regular and miscellaneous teams who will go back alive. But if you retreat, there is absolutely no such reason, if you let the emperor know, I'm afraid the first person to be beheaded after the rescue is his Yun Dingxing. But we have to do something, right? Yun Dingxing looked at a group of his men and wrung his eyebrows. "We can only wait for help now," he said. "We can't die needlessly. I'm sure the sage is wise enough to know our pains.". Many a little makes a mickle, and we'll wait until reinforcements come. We will be able to defeat the Turks with the force of thunder and relieve the siege of Yanmen. All the men looked at each other and said yes, but Yun Dingxing was so angry that he almost vomited blood, thinking that these incompetent people did not know how to share their worries and would only applaud. As soon as the curtain was picked up, Li Shimin walked in slowly. Several lieutenants wanted to scold him, but Yun Dingxing waved his hand and said, "Shimin.". We are discussing the matter of rescue. I wonder if you have any good ideas. Li Shimin looked around at the crowd and said confidently, "Shimin is not talented, but he knows more or less about the current situation.". Four hundred thousand Turkic soldiers besieged Yanmen City, although we have twenty thousand soldiers here, but only a few thousand good soldiers, well-trained soldiers are more than ten thousand. If you attack rashly, I'm afraid you'll hit a stone with an egg and fly a moth to the fire. Yun Dingxing said, what you said is nonsense, don't I know? But listen to the following. Still accompanied by a smiling face, "that according to the meaning of Shimin?" Li Shimin stretched out his hand and pointed to the outside of the tent. "General Yun, the mouth is surrounded by mountains and the terrain is continuous. The Turkic soldiers are good at horse fighting and charging.". But in this kind of terrain, it can not exert its power. I suggest that General Yun lead the people to Xinkou and disperse his forces. "Nonsense, we concentrate our forces or can not resist the Turkic army, the dispersion of forces is not to let the Turkic soldiers defeat one by one?" One slanting will reprimand a way. Li Shimin did not take it seriously. "Since separation and concentration are irresistible,Pallet rack beams, what's wrong with separation?" Yun Dingxing waved his hand to stop the general's questioning and said in a deep voice, "Shimin, go on." 。 omracking.com


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