The daughter of a famous family reborn

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Hearing this, Gu Shi turned blue and looked at the girl fiercely. "Go back and clean up your dead girl." The girl was so frightened that she trembled all over. That is to say, Shen Wan, who was drunk, was left alone at that time. Minghui frowned and looked at Shen Wan. She really did not expect, Shen Wan actually put the people around him, is really drunk? Still Minghui glanced at Zhou Yijin. Is she in cahoots with Zhou Yijin? Minghui thought about it, stepped back in embarrassment, stood beside Ji Shi, and decided not to make a sound. She is not Shen Wan's parents, Shen Wan is not in their own house, without their own good intentions, but also provoked a fishy. When Gu Shi saw Minghui step back, his face darkened. He patted Shen Wan and said, "What is the dead girl doing running around when she has nothing to do? Let the girl leave her. You should say something. What kind of person is bullying you?" Shen Wan cried and did not say a word. Gu was disheartened and scolded, "You've been bullied, and you're still like a clam shell. You don't say a word, but you said that person came out. No matter who it is, my Shen family will not let you go in vain." "Miss Shen, say something, or how can we help you solve this matter?" Said the Marquis of Wu'an. Miss Shen, you say,Drive in racking system, no matter who it is, I will make decisions for you. Zhou Yijin looked at Shen Wan and said. Mother Daughter, daughter. Shen Wan howled. You should say it. Gu Shi stretched out his hand and patted Shen Wan. "You dead girl, don't you say that you are waiting to go back and be sent to the nunnery by your father as a sister-in-law?"? Hurry up Just as Gu Shi said, someone outside told him, "Imperial Concubine, Your Highness has sent someone here." Zhou Yijin looked at Minghui and said, "Let him answer at the door." "The little poplar has seen the masters." "Qingyang,Pallet rack supplier, where is your Highness Liu? Why didn't he come?" Hearing this, Gu Shi immediately turned his head and asked, even Shen Wan, who was shrinking in Gu Shi Kuai, temporarily stopped crying and slightly raised his sparkling eyes. Back to the words of my uncle's wife, today is the full moon banquet of the little childe in the house of His Highness, so I drank a few glasses of wine, but your Highness was poisoned in front of him, and his body has not yet recovered, and he is having a headache. He said that he already knew about it, so that his uncle's wife could rest assured that His Highness and the five princes and concubines are people who have a deep understanding of righteousness. Miss Wan had such a thing. The five royal Highnesses and the five imperial concubines will certainly give an explanation to their uncle's wife and Miss Wan. The royal Highness said that he would not come over if he felt a little uncomfortable. Qingyang stood in the doorway and replied. Headache? Green poplar, is your Highness important? Minghui asked anxiously. The imperial concubine, your Highness is all right, your Highness said he was waiting for the imperial concubine in the carriage, the imperial concubines have something to do first and then go back. Minghui looked anxiously at Gu and said, Cantilever Storage rack ,long span shelving, "Aunt, your Highness is not in good health. Let me go first." Then he turned around and hurriedly opened the door, complaining that Qingyang said, "Your Highness is not feeling well, how can someone come and tell me?"? Knowing that your Highness is not in good health, you still let him drink like this. Zhou Yijin Leng Leng looked at the footsteps hurriedly left Minghui, watching Minghui walked to the yard, only to come to his senses, "six younger brothers and sisters.." Minghui had already walked out of the yard. Zhou Yijin breathed in the chest, the play has just begun, she just left? Zhou Yijin turned her head and glared at Shen Wan angrily. The Shen family brought two marriageable concubines to the capital this time, and it was natural to guess what the abacus was. But Shen Wan this dead wench, now she is a person in the scene, another key person is not, she actually did not say a word, let Fan Minghui so left. I thank myself for helping her so much. Mrs. Shen, Miss Shen is so excited, I think, you go back first, wait for her mood to stabilize a bit, we ask her again how? Zhou Yijin helped the girl slowly to the bedside and said to Gu Shi, "You can rest assured that we will give you an explanation, Lord Shen there, I will let your Highness say it in person." Gu Shi hesitated for a moment, nodded, "now this is the only way, five princes and concubines, and.." Gu Shi said and looked at the girl in the room. Zhou Yijin said, "you can rest assured that this matter will not go out through half a word.". ” Gu Shi nodded his head. Wait for that wench to take new clothes to come, Gu Shi hurriedly ordered the wench beside to change for Shen Wan, then took Shen Wan three sisters to leave. Gu Shi and others left, and Princess Xin and Ji Shi also left. ++++++++ After getting into the carriage, Minghui saw the refreshed Xu Xiyuan smile, sat beside him, smelled the wine on his body, and asked, "Do you feel uncomfortable?" "It's okay." Xu Xiyuan laughed and saw that Minghui wanted to speak and then stopped. "Go back and talk about it." He went back to the mansion and took a bath. Minghui asked cardamom to soak in honey water and handed it to Xu Xiyuan. Since you are under the flag of poor health, you should drink less. Minghui gently massaged his forehead and said. I just had a few drinks. Xu Xiyuan laughed, pulled Minghui to sit on his lap, kissed her heavily on her lips, and blew air into her ear, "You know best whether I am in good health or not." "Shame on you!" Minghui laughed and scolded, "do you know about Shen Wan?" Xu Xiyuan lay on the beauty couch with Minghui in his arms. "There are so many guests today. Shen Wan is not a child. When someone digs a hole, she is eager to jump down. Who can blame for this? She can only blame herself." Minghui sighed. Knowing that you should be cautious when you are a guest in someone else's house, Shen Wan is good, and if you are spoiled, you will suffer the consequences. I was afraid they would pour this dirty water on you. Minghui said. Throw it at me, and they'll throw it at me. Xu Xiyuan gave a sneer. Minghui smiled and said, "Well,Industrial pallet rack, your uncle.." "Hum, flies don't bite seamless eggs. If they hadn't given people an opportunity to take advantage of it, would such a thing have happened?" Xu Xiyuan said lightly. Chapter 9 reaping the consequences (2).