Live a Healthy Life with Fezibo Standing Desk

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Standing vs. Sitting at work?

Is standing better than sitting? But you need to monitor how much you stand throughout the day. Using a standing desk at work could help relieve muscular pain and reduce spikes in blood sugar, and improve blood circulation.

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Let's find out the top 4 reasons for standing benefits:

Weight Control

Live a Healthy Life with Standing Desks

Your body will burn more calories when you standing, once you spend most of your time sitting, which invariably leads to weight gain and obesity; Some articles reveal that standing for at least 6 hours throughout the day significantly decreases the possibility of obesity for both men and women. And the data shows that the men who stood up for at least 6 hours per day had a 59% reduced likelihood of obesity. And for women, who stand for at least 6 hours a day was linked to a 35% reduced chance of obesity.

Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

Researchers found that standing helps increase your "good" HDL cholesterol and decrease your "bad" LDL cholesterol levels. And every 2 hours that is spent sitting each day was associated with increased weight and waist size and increased levels of blood sugar and bad cholesterol. In fact, simply submitting 2 hours of standing in front of the height adjustable desk is improved blood sugar and cholesterol level.

Help Ease Chronic Back Pain

According to the study that workers who used electric standing desk instead of regular desks for working were more likely to have a less back pain situation.

If the above changes aren't enough to help you improve your lifestyle, if your doctor recommends using a stand up desk, take it as prescribed when your work.

Help Improve Mood Energy Levels

People who use standing desks are reportedly less stressed and fatigued than those who sit all day, so it seems like standing indeed has a positive influence on overall wellbeing.

Call to Action, Boost Your Productivity at Work by Standing up

Per the people who use it, standing desks could positively impact life expectancy. And it has the potential to make a very significant and sustainable positive impact on reducing workplace sitting time. And here we are going to elaborate on how standing desks boost employees' productivity.

On the upside, corner standing desk also tended to benefit workplace performance outcomes, such as memory and exclusive functioning. Correct desk height and computer screen position are essential for improving comfort and minimizing injury risk in the office. 

As a beginner, you could set your standing desk at about elbow height. This means your elbow should be in a 90-degree position from the floor. As a guide, the averaged 5'11'' (180cm) person would have their desk about 44 inches (111cm) high. 

Recommendations for screen position are not black and white, but the general consensus is to have it 20-28 inches (51-71cm) from your face. So as a quick reference, the distance should be no less than from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow. The top of your screen should be eye level, with a small upwards tilt of between 10 and 20 degrees. And if you're using the laptop, try to align the keyboard with your elbow height, but this forces you to tilt the screen back and your neck downwards, which is not ideal for long-term use. The idea is that you should never tilt your neck up or down, which could cause the pain.

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Some Benefits Tips 

Gives More Urgency 

Think about it, sitting flips a switch that tells you it's time to have a rest. Standing, however, does the opposite. When you stand while working, the stuff only engages your brain and your hands become work that engages your entire body. Doing the simple things, like typing, reading and typing require more effort from my entire body. You have to raise your entire body up no matter how simple the task at hand. But standing is more interesting, it adds some momentum and urgency to your working day, more concentration and focus.

To Become a Better Workplace

Employers care about employees' preferences for how the work gets done with differ. Some companies provide standing desk workplaces, with big cushy chairs for working, while others maintain cordoned-off offices for employees who need to concentrate without distractions. Whatever the employee's preference, the employer can recommend ways to avoid strains at work. Thus make the workplace a pleasant space for a good choice.

Choose the Suitable Standing L Shape Desk

Talking about the best standing desk, the best choice for those who are interested in a standing desk is the leading provider Fezibo. Fezibo makes a wide range of standing desk solutions and accessories. Most other brands' solutions are meant to rest on top of or simply increase the height of your working space and make it "standing". While the key direction will include the overall size, whether it has room to fit one monitor or two. 

High-quality models will have an adjustable height mechanism so the customer could move the standing desk configuration up and down. And for instance, you can work standing for much of the day, but bring over your chair and sit down for a while if you need a break and drop the height of your standing desk configuration back down to match.

Why Fezibo?

Fezibo standing desk strives to provide ergonomic solutions to customers for home furnishings and work-life integration problems. The professional office furniture RD team listens carefully to the needs of our customers. Free shipping, a 60-day money-back policy, and a 5-years warranty is the commitment to the customers.

So if your company is looking for a way and a product to promote health and wellness in the workplace by reducing the amount of time spent sedentary, without compromising the productivity or performance: consider a Fezibo standing desk. They are height-adjustable and health adjustable, the best way to keep productive!