Immortal Journey 2

Fortunately, after sending a wave of energy, she was finally replaced by a hero she was satisfied with-Angel. Step on high-heeled shoes, keep switching weapons in hand, so out of the door of the rebirth room,Teardrop Pallet Racking, find a residual blood target, lock, shift flew past.

When Jiang Hong saw this, he said, "Well, almost, make do with it.". There are six mountains nearby, so close the peak where the courtyard is located, which is exactly the number of seven. I have placed a boundless ban among the mountains, and set up a formation. In the future, only you can get in and out freely. Outsiders want to come in, unless he is the ancestor of one side. Ford see this environment, in the heart is not big sigh. Wu Hun Xian Di saw the heart is shocked, what happened today, let him a little reaction can not come over. First, he was detained for no reason, and then he found the supreme immortal emperor of basalt, but now he is called Sihuai. Now, not only did he not know how to elaborate on the world, but what he could not imagine was that the founder of the Xiaoyao Sect, who was so powerful and built such an environment, only needed a moment's thought. Think of the heart is also shocked, but then a burst of excitement, think of Jiang Hong let him follow around, now is still free body, now in the world is so big, simply can not say, the fairy world is not comparable. What's more, the spirit of heaven and earth is strong, and the quality of this spirit is unprecedented to him. And the disciples of the Xiaoyao Sect, already immersed in Jiang Hong's magical powers just now, were so surprised that they did not come to their senses. Ford, you will settle them, in the future this courtyard house only do the use of concentration, each arrange the hilltop, can walk down the mountain at any time, also can come and go freely, but not to provoke your ShiBo ShiShu retreat, after all,shuttle rack system, here, and your predecessors in, not careless. "Respect your teacher," said Tian Feng hurriedly. After that, he called the disciples back to his senses, divided the work with Baiyu and Geke, and settled the disciples. As for the second and third generation disciples of the Xiaoyao Sect, Jiang Hong hardly knew them at all, nor did he care about them. After they were ordered, he waved them back. Dao Jun, why did you bother to bring them all here? Yellow shirt real person strange way. Jiang Hong smiled, "Oh, since they are my disciples,industrial racking systems, they can't be careless. Just now, they passed on the practice method to Tian Feng, which is very suitable for them to practice, and their achievements in the future can't be belittled." Yellow shirt real man a listen, hurriedly back to one side, no more words. Gu Mi, Gu Tian and others listened, is also a bit of understanding of Jiang Hong, all know that Jiang Hong this is just a casual statement, in fact, Xiaoyao faction is Jiang Hong's sect, naturally can not be despised, more impossible to let people look down on, really want to move them here, for their future practice, achievement to see their own. Another point is that Jiang Hong is a person who protects his shortcomings, and now people like the real person in the yellow shirt can also appear here, not to mention Jiang Hong's sect, several of whom are Jiang Hong's own disciples. Disciples of the Xiaoyao school, indeed by the professor of Ford down, passed down from generation to generation, make the disciples of the Xiaoyao school is also very rules, under the order of Ford himself, soon arranged down, they found that they live down, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty metal racks, actually less than half a hill, it can be seen that this time Jiang Hong Shi Fa moved to the giant mountain is how big and how high. Jiang Hong saw that the arrangement was almost done and went into the palace with Jian Chi. And Ford, see suddenly appear in the new environment, immediately find fly south, and green clouds for him to introduce the situation here, green clouds and fly south, know Ford for Jiang Hong's chief disciple, since will help, then tell the situation, in detail, Ford only three days to understand the general situation, then spent half a month and the disciples of Xiaoyao said, This is also a basic understanding of the world opened up by Jiang Hong. Here, those disciples who are still in the stage of cultivation are relatively weak. Is Tian Fengshen has the immortal emperor's cultivation, the hermit's magical power, now can only be regarded as weak in the weak. As for Wu Hun Xian Di, after Jiang Hong and Jian Zhi entered the palace, they immediately found that the prohibitions on their bodies had gone and their skills had been restored. Only here, he dared to mess up. From the words of the people, he knew that this place was opened up for Jiang Hong. Every word and action he thought of was in his heart. The same is true of Sihuai. Ford also specifically told the situation of the two people Qingxia, Nanfei, and Jiang Hong's friends know. But to Tian Feng's surprise, they just laughed and didn't care. In this way, Sihuai, Wuhun Xianbin is also restored to freedom, but also let them get boundless blessings, to enjoy this beautiful land. As far as Qingxia and Nanfei are concerned, Wu Hun Xian Di and Si Huai, these two people only have the cultivation of immortals and the magical power of hermits. They don't work here at all. Any one of them can be pinched to death by stretching out his hand. They didn't care about their behavior before, as long as they didn't disturb them. And two people also understand the whole story, naturally dare not mess up, more dare not have any disrespect, just honest in the mountains, looking for a quiet practice. Be brought here by Jiang Hong, make them understand, before their repair, here is useless, if you want to let others respect, only strong strength, super high repair. As for Ford and others is different, is the yellow shirt real person, day virtual real person also dare not belittle, after all, they have Jiang Hong's shelter, is Jiang Hong's first disciple. Not to mention the present, the future must be very successful, but now the cultivation is a little lower. After Tian Feng dealt with everything basically and was thinking about how to develop in the future, Jiang Hong's voice suddenly sounded in his ear, "You come to gather in front of the palace gate of Xiaoyao Courtyard." In fact, such a voice, not only him, that is, Nanfei, Qingxia, Tianxu and others also heard Jiang Hong's voice, but the tone is different. Soon, people gathered in front of the palace, no longer like before, only a dozen people, the huge platform in front of the palace, pitifully deserted. Nowadays, there are only more than a thousand disciples of the Xiaoyao Sect in the realm of cultivation, not to mention the disciples in the realm of immortals. In this way, it seems lively. After all the people appeared, Jiang Hong also appeared in front of the palace. Strangely, Jian Chi did not appear, and they did not dare to have any idea. After all, the existence of Jian Chi seemed to be at the same level as Jiang Hong, and they could not care about it. The Xiaoyao School was originally established for me, but now it has moved here, and the future development depends on you. Of course, you should also take care of me. This time, because the disciples came here, they could not hear me speak the Dharma before. Today, they will speak again, but they will start from the most basic. If you want to listen, you can listen here. If you don't want to listen, you can go back to retreat. Jiang Hong appeared in front of the palace door and said lightly,push back racking system, but there was an imperceptible smile on his lips. When they heard this, no one was willing to leave, and they all stayed.


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