Online Games: Raging Death

Fortunately, after sending a wave of energy, she was finally replaced by a hero she was satisfied with-Angel. Step on high-heeled shoes, keep switching weapons in hand, so out of the door of the rebirth room,Teardrop Pallet Racking, find a residual blood target, lock, shift flew past.

For example, NPC, as many people know, refers to the humanoid game data that is responsible for issuing tasks in the game. But such a thing to explain to a person who does not understand the game at all, it is not easy to start from where. Because NPC is NPC, it has become a common sense content. Liu Yunfei quickly broke his lips to let the cotton candy understand what the priest is and what the difference is between them. Thanks to his patience, he was bored to death by the personality of breaking the casserole with cotton candy and letting her go to see the game's official website and so on. I still like the wizard a little. It's up to the marshmallow. Priest is to add blood, summoner is to let the baby assist, although all very good, and heard that the baby summoned out is very cute, she still feels that the mage's help to the big cheater is the most direct, the most important thing is that she is used to playing mage, like this feeling. In that case, we can organize a protective soldier and a priest. But the priest is a little hard to find,warehouse storage racks, and it may not be so smooth. Liu Yunfei just plays games with cotton candy, and has no right to force her to do this or that to satisfy his personal interests. Since she likes to play the mage, let her play the mage, anyway, her mage operation has reached the third-rate level,heavy duty rack manufacturers, better than many mage players. Cotton candy smiled happily, so she liked to run around with Liu Yunfei, for fear that the big liar would suddenly ignore her. Soon the crossroads of the road from Mara Village to Black Rock City appeared in front of the three men. From a distance, you can see that this is a small camp, where novice players from all directions converge on this place, or go to Black Rock City alone or in groups to start a more colorful game life. Wait here. I'll go and have a look first. "Good." Qianhuan offered to help them explore the way. He just broke away from the "low-key gorgeous" and was somewhat familiar with some of the members. He can basically see at a glance whether there is a'low-key gorgeous' member guarding it. The most important thing is that almost no one knows that he has left the guild, but also has contact with the innocent little scholar, and no one will be alert to him. The big liar. Cotton candy is a little worried that she doesn't trust anyone in the game except Liu Yunfei. Trust him. Liu Yunfei comforted him in a low voice. He trusted that Qianhuan would not deliberately get familiar with them and then deceive them to frame them. Uh Cotton candy does not believe in a thousand illusions, but she believes in Liu Yunfei's vision, is also relieved a lot. After about three minutes, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, Qianhuan contacted them on the team channel: "It's all right, come here.". I checked it carefully. "Thanks." With the assurance of Qianhuan, the two men boldly approached the full intersection. Sure enough, it was very safe here, and no'low-key gorgeous' members were ambushed. But I can't guarantee that there will be random checks by members here. Brother Shinhwa ordered this place to be the focus of surveillance at that time. I suggest that we should finish things quickly and leave, and not stay here for too long. When the three met, Qianhuan expressed his concern. He has come to see him as one of his own. I know Liu Yunfei thanked Qianhuan for even taking these things into account and urging Cotton Candy to complete her novice task, which was also an agreement with her. Because three people are still a little short of experience points from level 10. After a brief supply of medicine and cooking, they did not immediately set out for Black Rock City. Turn back to look for the wild elite small BOSS upgrade, first upgrade the level to 10 again. But they, including Liu Yunfei, did not expect that their unintentional return would save them again. They left the crossroads and disappeared in the vast sea of trees in the Elf Forest. At the same time, the elder brother was a myth and the elder brother who came back after finishing his work was an epic. The elder brother was a legend who led a group of people from the direction of Black Rock City to the crossroads. The elder brother is the myth already to be mad, in the mouth swears: "Bastard!"! Can't that man and that little girl fly with wings! I can't find it anywhere! Brother Shinhwa, I think forget it. The other side is deliberately avoiding us, the game map is so big that the chance of meeting is very small. ” "I can't swallow the question!" Brother is a myth roar, mainly he can not let go of that pure little girl skin, for a long time have not seen such a pure woman, as if he had never been in contact with a man. She was frightened and began to cry, which made people want to love her. Compared with this little girl, the little girl he usually knew with heavy makeup did not deserve to lick her shoes. However, the'elder brother is low-key 'boss knew about him and began to be a little dissatisfied with him. Ask him to settle the matter within today, or the matter will be settled like this, or he will pack up and leave. Recently, a big man is going to be airborne from the top, and they mainly want to do this well. Yes. Brother is a myth, look at the current situation, know that most things can only be so, he does not want to pack up and leave. But only the last desperate order: "All the people separately to search!"! I found him personally and gave him 100 gold coins. I killed the man and gave him 1000! Volume VI National Hegemony Chapter 763 Goblin Wine Bar Qisuu. Com: 2011-11-21 9:16:03 Number of words in this chapter: 3269 When the elder brother is the myth to find them close to the crazy, Liu Yunfei and the three of them are practicing happily. With the joining of Qianhuan, their leveling speed has been improved a lot. Only Liu Yunfei needs to absorb monster damage with his high defense and high blood. Qianhuan and Cotton Candy attack comfortably, and a monster falls in almost a few seconds. Make them gradually feel that the monster refresh speed is not enough for them to kill. Suddenly,cantilever racking system, a golden hexagram magic array appeared at Liu Yunfei's feet, in which a golden light rose into the sky. Liu Yunfei was stunned and immediately laughed. It's finally level 10. Qianhuan and cotton candy are also happy for him. Liu Yunfei said: "You also refuel, I think the distance from level 10 should be fast." "Mmm." Qianhuan admitted that he was right. "We still need 15% experience. Soon." "I am 37%." 。


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