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Fortunately, after sending a wave of energy, she was finally replaced by a hero she was satisfied with-Angel. Step on high-heeled shoes, keep switching weapons in hand, so out of the door of the rebirth room,Teardrop Pallet Racking, find a residual blood target, lock, shift flew past.

Two months later, my physical condition was getting worse and worse, and I went to the hospital. Little A accompanied me. Later, the results of the examination came out that I was pregnant. A little confused, and so is Little A.] Little A is really a very good person. When he realized it, he proposed to me on the spot. He said that if I wanted to, I could have the wedding now. I could take a year off from school and have the baby. His parents would not have any opinions. Uh. What's your choice? [I wavered then. Those days were really hard, those days in the hospital. It's like there's a tendon bent in my mind, and I can't break it straight. When I get upset, I watch his videos.] A week later, I had an abortion and broke up with Little A. Uh. Then what? [Depressed for a while. For more than half a year, I finally sorted out the train of thought. Like I still want him. Kind of funny. The rhythm of life is back to normal, busy with school work, watching his live broadcast, and playing games and practicing skills. If only he could see it one day. I heard that he had plans to play professionally, and I imagined that one day I would be able to play alongside him. In this way, I have motivation again, and I feel a little closer to him. Uh. I envy you because you are good at playing games. But it seems to be a pity, a lot of things,mobile racking systems, like later, I sent more gifts in his live studio, it is useless, only you are the unique housekeeper, he will call you "little guy". Every time I see you give me a gift, I will temporarily mute the voice in the live broadcast room, because I am afraid to hear him call you so intimately. I know he is not a person who will love online. But you.. Really lucky.] Uh. Yes. He's all yours now. Uh. I got it. I will be with him well. [Blooming,asrs warehouse, making mistakes.. It's really painful to make mistakes. But that seems to be the only way to discover who I really am. Now I finally know who I am, who I am, what I should pursue, what I should cherish and hold on to. After all these years, from the moment the confession was rejected by him, until now, when I say these things to you here, it seems that I have just found a new heart. He's all yours now. At this moment, the blooming hand holds the rope tightly. For the first time, so hard. The author has something to say: Chapter 61 the final is justice. In mid-April, Shengkai was busy preparing for the half-term exam, while Qiao Yue was busy training for the team. From the group stage to the elimination stage, from the elimination stage to the quarter-finals, drive in racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, and then to the semi-finals, he once fell into the loser group and faced the danger of going out. He also used the excellent performance of letting two chase three and Jedi rebound to tell the audience and the audience in the live broadcast room that RCG's ability to survive was MAX. Finally At the end of the last professional course examination, leaving the examination room early and turning on the mobile phone, they received the good news that RCG had entered the final of the Lijiang Tower Cup domestic competition area, and the opponent they will face next week is their "old friend"-Halo Team. This final is also called "Halo's revenge battle" by the vast number of netizens. No one will forget that in the winner's group match of Group D, it was this newly established host team that gave Halo, a first-line strong team, a blow. This final against RCG is a great opportunity for Halo to avenge its shame. At this time, during the off-season of Overwatch Pioneer, there was no ladder to play. When Qiao Yue was broadcasting live, the bullet screen proposed to broadcast other single-player games, such as: [Quaver!!!] "Refuse, this mentally retarded game is not played." [H1Z1 Deliver Express!!! Face hugging cat thighs!!!] "Don't play. He's addicted to H1Z1 and doesn't train well. It's good not to teach him a lesson." [Orange Light Game Bar?? Wait for a marriage:)] “…… You're all poisonous. [Resident Evil 7!!! Wait for a Resident Evil 7!!!] "Don't play.". ” Blooming eating fruit to watch the live broadcast, watching the bullet screen, the one who said he wanted to watch Biochemical Crisis was still too young, Qiao Yue, as one of the three cowards of the sea fish, never broadcast horror games. See the bullet screen Amway game, were rejected by Qiao Yue, blooming is also to give their own advice. [Little Bloom: Do you want to have a water friend competition?] "Then let's have a water friend competition." [_ Tracheitis] [# Girlfriend is right # Series] [How are the water friends!!!] "Everyone enters the group, and I randomly draw water friends." With that, he sent a private message to Sheng. Do you want to reserve a family seat for you? When I saw it, I couldn't help drawing the corners of my mouth and replying. [Don't, get out:)] She didn't want to participate in the water friend competition. She just went into the audience to watch, and she was too lazy to play by herself. [Come and play, grandpa ~] Blooming: … … … … [I'm really.. Believed in your evil!!!] Then he saw himself pulled into the team, and his ID lay straight under Qiao Yue's ID. [Whoa! This anchor operates in a black box!!!] [Reported:)] [] Ten water friends were randomly selected, two teams were formed, the custom competition settings were changed, and the final mode was random hero, because this mode was the most popular in the bullet screen. The competition of water friends is just for fun. Random map comes to the temple of Anubis. Blooming opening choice of death, for no other reason, this is the last hero she wants to play, it is said that the opening choice, and so on, the possibility of random system will be a little smaller. However. The system really disappointed her, and when she saw that she was still death, her heart was filled with despair. This picture of Anubis can not choose to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff, so he can only operate the God of death. Fortunately, after sending a wave of energy, she was finally replaced by a hero she was satisfied with-Angel. Step on high-heeled shoes, keep switching weapons in hand, so out of the door of the rebirth room,Teardrop Pallet Racking, find a residual blood target, lock, shift flew past.


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