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I just answered in a low voice: "Yes." He took another deep look at me and finally went out. I sat on the bed, biting my lower lip, and my heart was in a mess. Wandering pig 2007-06-19 23:28.

"Miss Ji, how can you be so ruthless?" Meng Heyu immediately hugged Liang Wumei with heartache and looked at her with a reproachful face. Ji Rongyu was directly speechless: "What does it matter to you?"? She can cut me with a knife, but I can't fight back? Meng He took out the golden sore medicine and applied it to Liang Wumei, but Liang Wumei's arm was injured a little, and she looked like she was dying in Meng He's arms, with tears whirling: ".." Remembering that she didn't know her name, Liang Wumei choked and said delicately, "It hurts.." Directly from the beginning of the shrewish woman, into Zhao Xuexin's daughter flower. Meng Heyu frowned. Liang Wumei's blood had stopped. He still held her in his arms with heartache, as if the woman had been disabled. He looked at Ji Rongyu reproachfully: "She is only a three-star green rank. You are a green rank. How can you bully the weak?!"! Miss Ji, I didn't expect that you, who were knowledgeable, reasonable and principled, would become what you are today! “……” Ji Rongyu finally understood in seconds, and it was completely impossible to reason with the lover. Before we slept together, we hugged each other, and our hearts went astray, which was unreasonable. She didn't want to say anything, so she shrugged her shoulders generously and shouted loudly but elegantly without losing her reserve: "There is a fool here who can't fight back under the green rank whose fighting strength is lower than his own!" Meng He's face is really blue this time, and he has never felt that Ji Rongyu is so annoying. In particular, there are always a lot of strange flowers in the mercenary regiment, and someone really heard a reply: "Where is the silly fork that doesn't fight back?"? Let me do it! It was like a slap in the face of Meng Hehe. This time, not only was Meng Heyu's face ugly, whether it was Liang Wumei, who was held in his arms, or Quan Shan, or Pei Niangzi,4 person jacuzzi, his face was a little ugly, and even the saint who had been taken care of by Quan Shan had a strange face. Do you blame me for not keeping our ten-year appointment? Meng Heyu looked at Ji Rongyu, complexion complex tunnel, do not have some inexplicable affection. Ji Rongyu was really disgusted: "You really flatter yourself!"! You haven't forgotten what I said, have you? This time, Pei Niangzi, who had the highest cultivation among several people, said, "Little girl, don't be so rigid. It's easy to suffer losses.". My sister will give you a lesson today! As soon as her voice fell, a blue star of fighting spirit rose at her feet. The light blue fighting spirit condensed. Under the influence of her fighting skills, she pounced on Ji Rongyu mercilessly: "Serpentine winding!" Everyone did not feel the wave of Ji Rongyu's fighting spirit, only felt that her body was shaking eerily, endless pool swim spa ,massage bathtub manufacturers, with some kind of special track that people could not see through, and in the blink of an eye, she dodged the powerful blue wave of fighting spirit and let the fighting skill fall empty. Ji Rongyu looked at them with a sneer: "If I don't fight with you, you really think I'm easy to bully and take my politeness as a blessing." As soon as the voice fell, countless blue fighting swords suddenly floated around, and the blue five-star fighting array rose at Ji Rongyu's feet. Her face in the blue light do not have a noble, but that insipid to the merciless voice so that all the scalp tingling: "Wan Jian Shang!" " As soon as her voice fell, the countless long swords of fighting spirit stabbed Pei Niangzi like a sieve. Boom! The huge collision made Meng's eyes wide open, and he never thought that in just three years, the orange six-star girl had grown rapidly into a green five-star fighter! And I have three stars, and I am still two stars short of her! 、750. No Chapter 750 good man "Ahem!" Pei Niangzi is a solid blue star master, in the face of Ji Rongyu's restrained attack, there is no pressure to block it, there is no injury at all, but the dust choked her a little uncomfortable, making her dusty face, this is the most important thing for her appearance, she really lost her temper: "Good, very good!"! Just a young fighter, also show off in front of my aunt! Aunt Ben changed her mind and let you taste my special skill! Ji Rongyu looked at Meng Heyu contemptuously: "Your taste is really bad!"! Besides, wasn't it the Holy Father who said just now that I was powerful enough to bully people? Now your woman is bullying me. Why don't you jump out? Meng He is really in pain. Why do you think women are so troublesome? As soon as Lady Pei heard this, her lungs exploded with anger. With a blue face, she suddenly took out a bottle from her own space equipment and opened it with a smile: "a little girl like you is really not cute. My sister wants to teach you what is called'disaster comes from the mouth '!" As soon as the bottle was opened, a faint fragrance drifted away, but no one present thought it was just an ordinary fragrance. Ji Rongyu calmly took a look at Pei Niangzi, turned over his hand, and put a low-level poison avoidance pill into his mouth. Also no longer look at Pei Niangzi's ugly face, continue to give her and Meng He to mend the knife: "This is the toxicity?" With her voice, a few of the fighters who were fighting with each other fell to the ground and fainted, and the skin on their faces began to fester, which was disgusting, but she still stood upright. Finally looked at Meng Heyu: "I heard that the enemy whose family was destroyed has not been found yet. Is it really good for you to pick up girls and make enemies so unscrupulously?" With the help of Pei Niangzi, Ji Rongyu and the dead scorpion flashed from the sea of people. Has not taken two steps, 'earthquake' hit, Ye Di Xiong came late, huge body and white level nine stars absolute oppressive strength, only Ji Rongyu this mental power abnormal safe and sound. Rong Yu, I'm late. Yedi Xiong sat on the ground scratching his head. Ji Rongyu almost knelt down directly to this fool: "If you know it's late, go quickly." "I just got here. Where am I going?" Ye Di Xiong patted his chest and said, "Whoever robs your grass, I will beat him to death." People: "… …" Ji Rongyu: "No, just now a kind aunt has poisoned them." Pei Niangzi, who was pulled by hatred: "..." Ye Di Xiong: "Then she is really a good person!" “……” Ji Rongyu raised his forehead and said, "She also wants to poison me." "Then shoot her to death!" Ye Di Xiong. ……” Pei Niangzi,garden jacuzzi tub, who is on a roller coaster in her heart. ……” Meng Heyu, Quan Shan. If some people don't have eyes, I will kill them myself. Ji Rongyu pulled Yedi Bear's big paw: "I'm hungry." Ye Di Xiong is happy: "How do you know I am hungry?!" 。 monalisa.com


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