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I just answered in a low voice: "Yes." He took another deep look at me and finally went out. I sat on the bed, biting my lower lip, and my heart was in a mess. Wandering pig 2007-06-19 23:28.

"Maidai, let's get married." Qiao Yang frowned and said that he did not want any more changes. In C city, he stopped them once. He could not guarantee that he could stop them again. He was afraid, afraid that he would lose her forever, afraid that he would not marry her. Even if she really didn't have the slightest interest in being with him. Mei Dai did not withdraw her sight from the window for a long time, but she heard Qiao Yang's words. I won't let you cry, I won't let you suffer, I will love you forever. Qiao Yang continued, turning his face from time to time to look at her expression. He hoped, hoped that Mede would react even a little. Have you ever lied to me? That's all Maidai asked, and she's now deeply aware that she hates cheating. Qiao Yang is silent. Because he lied to him. He had been thinking about how to answer the question, but Mei Dai was not waiting for his answer at all. I don't like to be cheated, and I don't like to cheat. So I want to tell you that I really can't love you. Mei Dai's face was facing out of the car window, and she was very calm when she said this. Qiao Yang was the only one who was not calm. He pulled out a smile with great difficulty. "You are not in a good state now. I will not talk about this topic." "No, I must say today, Qiao Yang, you and I are not young, in a few years, maybe there will be no choice." Looking at Qiao Yang's expression, Mei Dai continued, "I am really a person who can't go against my will and ideas. It can be said that I am a stubborn and annoying person.". I don't want to use you, I don't want to hurt you. So, let's break up. You deserve a better woman. It is precisely because she deeply knows what kind of state of mind it is to be deceived and used and finally hurt,outdoor endless pool, so she really does not want to do to others what she does not want to do to herself. Although, she also felt that her "you deserve a better woman" was a fart. I don't care. Qiao Yang interrupted her. Anyway, that's my decision. You can do whatever you like. Mei Dai said fiercely, thinking that the long pain is better than the short pain, and my pain is not as good as his pain. Qiao Yang did not speak any more, and his expression looked like he was staring at the road ahead very carefully. However, the bottom of my heart is turbulent. He knew that she had tried hard, but she refused after all,hot tub spa manufacturers, and that such cruel words were clearly the last refusal. It means that if he doesn't put himself in the right position, he can't even be a friend in the future. Qiao Yang is not a paranoid person, he fell in love with Mei Dai is a very magical thing, magic in his unconscious has been deep into the bone marrow. A frown, a smile, an anger, all seemed to be imprinted on his heart. He has always had excellent self-control ability, so he found a girlfriend in college, and also had a girlfriend in graduate school, but he really had no way, love really can not be settled, he can not settle others, just as Mei Dai can not settle him. Although he really tried, he even violated his professional ethics, and he even did something to discredit his character. Still, he couldn't settle for second best, whirlpool hot tub ,indoor endless pool, and neither could she. Maidai, I'm so sorry. Qiao Yang's voice trembled with sadness, and he had an impulse: he wanted to force Mei Dai suddenly. But he didn't dare, so he was just sad in the end. Mei Dai was surprised to hear Qiao Yang say his own feelings for the first time. Her intuition told her that Qiao Yang still had something to say. However, Qiao Yang did not say anything, he sent Mei Dai home, watched her go upstairs, and could no longer restrain himself from lying on the steering wheel. Do not know is the heart tired to pain or pain to tired, even tears. This city, this time, but more than one person is crying. Ruan Qianzhi drove the car back to the villa alone and went to the garden he had carefully prepared for a long time to give Mei Dai as a proposal gift. It was built in imitation of the garden in the movie "Like Heaven" they had seen together. He sat on a small stone table built by himself, looked up, closed his eyes and had tears in his eyes. Jing Li has not been back to China for a long time, but he is very famous. Fame is not only a kind of "good reputation", but also a kind of "bad fame". Jingli's fame is "bad fame". After growing up in Chinatown in the United States, working on Wall Street for a few years after graduation, and working in the hot media industry in the United States for a few years, Jingli was finally rolled into a smooth and cunning professional businessman, which is Jingli's reputation in the business world. However, compared with these, gossip reporters are more willing to capture the unknown side of Jingli. Anyone familiar with him knows that his gossip is rare, on the one hand, he knows the rules of the media industry, on the other hand, the paparazzi really can not catch his private information, except that he intentionally wants to leak it. So, very few people know that he is gay. Blue Bar is a place where rich boys like to come, because people who come here to spend money must have VIP cards, so there are no messy people here. Of course, this mess is what the rich boys call the common people. When Jing Li found Ruan Qianzhi, he was surprised for a long time, and finally, with a deep smile, he walked in the direction of the bar. Ruan Qianzhi did not drink, but held the cup staring at the liquid inside, gently shaking, very serious look. This is really exciting. General Manager Ruan is in high spirits. This is the first time I've seen a man who comes to the bar to enjoy a drink. Jing Li sat down on the bar chair beside Ruan Qianzhi and did not forget to observe Ruan Qianzhi's expression when he threw out this sentence. Disappointingly, the other person seemed to have no expression and was still staring at the glass of yellow liquid. Miss Maidai recently. Take advantage of this, and then, before he had finished speaking, he saw the face of Ruan Qianzhi moving over, black enough, but haggard enough. Jing Li is a careful person, and he is also a kind person, but this kindness will only be used on the people he cares about, such as the one in front of him. …… She's fine. If you know you are bored, you can only shut up. For the first time in his life, he felt unusually bitchy, but this bitchiness actually gave him a perverted sense of pleasure. With a self-deprecating smile, he took the wine from the bartender's hand,whirlpool bathtub, toasted Ruan Qianzhi beside him, and then ate it. Wine, you have to drink it to know the taste. Jing Li means a lot.


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