Airspeed Star Mark _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

The plane will take off at 8:30,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and it will arrive in Tongcheng at 10:30 if it is not late. Arrived at the airport, but did not expect to see Pei Qiyang and Ouyang Ximo appeared at the airport at the same time, the two of them were talking to their aunt.

Zihuan's pretty face showed a faint blush. She was very beautiful at this time, like a blooming rose. She could not help but be slightly stunned. "It was the Great Elder of Light who asked me to come. Director Peter had sent me to the Holy Alliance for a period of practice. After I woke up from you that day, I left the Holy Alliance and came here to do some preparatory work first." After saying this, she realized that there was some ambiguity in her words, glanced at the Lily beside her, and did not go on. Tian Hen turned his eyes to Lily, whose pretty face was somewhat excited, and said, "What about you?"? Why are you here? Have you achieved your goal? Lily could hear that there was a trace of anger in the plain question. She shook her head and said, "No, it's not so fast. It's just that I've been on Lipton's side recently. With the help of Big Brother Star Sword, three of the six administrative stars in Lipton's galaxy have cancelled the slums, and the poor have been treated equally with ordinary people." After entering the formal college to learn all kinds of knowledge and life skills, I think that in another year at most, the whole slum of Lipton Galaxy will disappear. When it comes to helping people in the slums, Lily's face unconsciously reveals a bit of sanctity, which sets off her not very beautiful face. Appears to be extremely sacred. Tian Hen smiled indifferently and said, "Well, congratulations first. I don't know who the Star Sword Brother you mentioned is."? I'd like to know each other. With such a good heart and strong ability, I should have a high position in the Litton family. Lily said with a smile, "Yes, Brother Xingjian is the eldest grandson of the patriarch of Hitliton. He is very nice.." Speaking of this, Lily could not help but stop, because she found that the face of the sky mark had changed somewhat. Gentle voice sounded behind the sky mark: "Hello, I am Star Sword Lipton. You must be the sky mark that Lily often mentions. Hello, you can become the elder of the holy alliance at such a young age. If you have a chance, you should consult brother Tianhen more." Tianhen looked back and saw that the tall man who appeared at the same time as Hitachi was looking at him with a gentle smile on his face, but for some reason, he did not like him, perhaps because of Lily. After all, this is the Lipton family,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and the necessary courtesy is still understood. He stretched out his hand to the other side and said with an indifferent smile, "Hello, I'm Tianhen. I don't deserve to be consulted. Let's have a chance to learn from each other." Hands clasped, Star Sword Lipton looked at the sky mark, eyes suddenly revealed a strange ray of light. Sky mark clearly captured the existence of this ray of light, for such a look, he is familiar with, over the years, as long as he is followed by blue, will often see such a look, it is clearly a combination of jealousy and envy, it seems that his judgment is not wrong, no one will help in vain, it is clear that the star sword is interesting to Lily. Hum, dare to rob a woman with me? He must suffer if he has a chance. Although Star Sword is the eldest grandson of the Lipton family, Tianhen hasn't seen him yet. In addition to Blue Blue, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,304 stainless steel wire, Lily and Lily are unlikely to win him in the younger generation. Star Sword has always known this person, since the first Lily came to the Lipton Galaxy, in an inadvertent encounter, Star Sword was immediately attracted by Lily, whose appearance is not very beautiful, but whose temperament is unparalleled, especially her kindness, which touched the heart of the heir of the Lipton family. He was a wise man and did not directly pursue Lily. After inquiring, he learned what Lily was doing when she came to the Lipton Galaxy. He beat around the Bush and helped her realize her dream in all aspects. He gradually came to Baicheng and became good friends with her. In contact, Star Sword Lipton found that Lily mentioned the most two words is the sky mark, every time mentioned when her holy will be replaced by a touch of shyness, this situation is very clear, obviously she already has a sweetheart. Lipton and Naraku, Bill are two completely different people, Lipton family education is very strict, from his father's strict control to develop his habit of escape, although the heart likes Lily, but because there is already a sweetheart, Lipton can only bury this feeling in his heart, has never shown his heart, only with Lily as a friend. He tried his best to help Lily deal with the slum, and gradually got Lily's recognition. A few days ago, Lily suddenly told him that the sky mark was coming. Knowing the news, Star Sword Lipton's heart was cold. He knew that his hope was getting dimmer and dimmer, but he was still a little unwilling. Today, as soon as the sky mark and Moore arrived, he immediately followed his father. He wanted to see what kind of person the man who occupied an important position in Lily's heart was. Suddenly see the sky mark, star sword Lipton immediately secretly cheer, in appearance, the sky mark is not inferior to himself, and his cold and sad temperament is full of attractive charm, see Lily, not as excited as he imagined, just very plain and Lily family talk, it can be seen that Lily seems to care about his feelings. Tianhen, come here and I'll introduce you. Moore's call broke the brief silence between Sky Mark and Star Sword Lipton. Releasing his hand, Tianhen nodded to Star Sword Lipton and turned to Moore's side. Glitton's eyes fell on the sky mark, looking up and down at him, a powerful momentum flashed by, quietly impacting the body of the sky mark. The sky mark stood in place without moving, even without any change in expression. Lipton was secretly surprised and thought that this young man was not simple. Looking at his eyes, it seems that he has experienced a lot. "Brother-in-law, let me introduce you to my only grandson, Tian Hen," Moore said proudly. Tian Hen, I haven't seen the patriarch of Hitachi. In terms of seniority, you should call him uncle. Tian Hen had a bad impression of Lipton. "Hello, Chief Lipton," he said. "I'm Tian Hen." "Hum, smelly fart what,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, is not a congenital power person?"? What's the big deal? The girl, who had been standing behind Lipton with a cold expression, said with some disdain.


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