Jian Xiu's Way to Hit the Face [Quick Pass]

The plane will take off at 8:30,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and it will arrive in Tongcheng at 10:30 if it is not late. Arrived at the airport, but did not expect to see Pei Qiyang and Ouyang Ximo appeared at the airport at the same time, the two of them were talking to their aunt.

Although Kunlun Mountain is the Taoist temple and cave mansion of the Queen Mother of the West, it does not mean that only the Queen Mother of the West lives in Kunlun, and the female immortals who follow her also live in that continuous palace. As the emperor of the Western Heaven and the golden mother of the Jade Pool, if she could not even protect the female immortals under her command and let them be hurt by outsiders in her cave house, wouldn't it be a joke. When something happened to the Taoist temple and the cave mansion of the Queen Mother of the West, Yu Li could fully understand her worries, so he did not intend to retain her. But when he thought that she had used the magic that could open the memory of the fairy to the flower fairy before, but was crushed by a sharp and fierce attack, his heart sank and he had a sense of foreboding. After a moment's silence, Yu Li still couldn't ignore his worries. He couldn't help taking the initiative to open his mouth and said, "I'll go with you. You and I will go to the Kunlun Mountains together. Even if the people who break through your immortal array in Dongfu are very powerful, we won't get hurt together." Yu Li's words were very pessimistic, as if she thought that the Queen Mother of the West alone could not deal with the existence of the immortal art that invaded Kunlun and broke through Kunlun Mountain. Even if the Queen Mother of the West rashly made a move, she would be hurt in his hands. This made her feel strange. She always knew that Yu Li was not afraid of heaven and earth. She seldom had such vigilance and caution. She could not help asking, "What do you know?" Yu Li, the Emperor of Heaven, first shook his head and then nodded. He said in a deep voice, "I have a guess in my heart. Although I can't do it accurately,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, it's always difficult to rest assured. So let me go to the Kunlun Mountains with you. In this way, I can put my heart at ease, but I'm more worried." At that moment, he told the Queen Mother of the West that he had used magic on the Hundred Flowers Fairy but was pouted back, and said, "There is a strong man in the underworld that we have never known, and it is so coincidental that the Kunlun Mountains have been broken into by outsiders. I suspect they are the same person." The Queen Mother of the West affirmed Yu Li's conjecture and thought it was reasonable,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, so they finally went to the Kunlun Mountains together. Heaven is located on the thirty-third, and it is much closer to go to the Kunlun Mountains from here than to go to the Kunlun Mountains from the underworld of Jiuyou Hades, so in a short time, the two of them had already arrived at the Kun Mountains and this blessed land of heaven. He's right in front of my cave. The Queen Mother of the West, who controlled the whole Kunlun Mountains, said so. She frowned slightly and showed some anger between her eyebrows. She felt that the strong man who suddenly appeared in the three realms was deliberately provocative. Otherwise, why did she stand in front of her cave house waiting for her to come back? Conscious that he was very polite, he could have forcibly broken open the gate of the palace and entered the cave of the Queen Mother of the West, but he did not do so. Instead, he waited at the gate of the palace for Xuanyuan, who was waiting for the Queen Mother of the West to come back. I'm being polite, not provocative. If it is really provocative, Xuanyuan will directly smash the palace of the Queen Mother of the West with a sword. But the Queen Mother of the West? In Xiaxuanyuan, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, this time I came here to inquire about one thing. Standing in front of the cave mansion, Xuanyuan saw a beautiful woman dressed in dark green palace clothes and a young man Teng Yun dressed in imperial clothes coming from a distance. He could not help raising his voice slightly and asked in a loud voice. Chapter 814 Ancient Mythology Xianxia 22. The clear and smiling, clear and indifferent voice resounded between heaven and earth. Although the voice was not loud, it inexplicably gave people a feeling that it was close at hand and in the ear. This made the Queen Mother of the West and Yu Li, the Emperor of Heaven, a little surprised, because they knew that it was not easy to do this, and even people with less strength could never do it. Above the cloud, the Queen Mother of the West and Yu Li looked at each other and saw the solemn color in each other's eyes. One of them was the Lord of Heaven, who owned the whole three realms, and the other was the Lord of the Jade Pool, who was the head of the female immortals in Heaven. It was reasonable to say that more than 90% of the strong people in the three realms should be known to them, and there could be no missing people. After all, the strong are not willing to be lonely, in the three realms must have a reputation, it is impossible not to be known by them. However, before that, they had never heard of the existence of a strong man named "Xuanyuan" in the world, who was like jumping out of a crack in a stone, and there was no trace or clue before that. In the three realms, all immortals and gods have to be granted by the Emperor of Heaven. Without the grant of Heaven, the position of immortals and gods would not be effective at all. Now even the Emperor of Heaven does not know him, which shows that this person is not an immortal. But not a fairy. Is there any way to become so powerful between heaven and earth without becoming an immortal? In the view of the Queen Mother of the West and Yu Li, since the strong man who claimed to be Xuanyuan could easily break through the immortal array on the Kunlun Mountains, his strength was absolutely not low. Even in Yu Li's view, his strength was not inferior to that of him. Such a strong man was not an immortal God, and even before that, he had no reputation at all. Thinking that this person might be related to the underworld, Yu Li was immediately worried. He suspected that the strong man named Xuanyuan was the strong man hidden in the underworld, the back hand and the cards hidden in the deepest place, and that the reason why such a powerful immortal God was hidden by the underworld must be because the underworld was brewing some conspiracy and calculation, which could not help but make Yu Li, the Emperor of Heaven, think about it carefully. It had to be said that too much brain filling was fatal. Whether it was the Queen Mother of the West or the Emperor of Heaven Yu Li, both of them thought about a lot of things in a short moment. Although they were surprised at the sudden appearance of the strong man, they were not afraid, so after nodding slightly to each other, they went down to the palace of the Queen Mother of the West on the top of Kunlun Mountain. Xuanyuan stood in front of the palace of Kunlun Mountain with his hands on his back. His robe with silver patterns on the black bottom was flying and swaying on the top of the mist-shrouded Kunlun Mountain. His clothes were flying as if there were countless swords raging vertically and horizontally. His breath was as sharp as a sword, which could pierce heaven and earth. It was as if a heavy sword stood silently between heaven and earth. There will never be a broken day. His eyes glanced over Yu and Li, especially after a moment's pause on Yu and Li, the Emperor of Heaven. Xuanyuan chuckled and said with a leisurely smile,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, "You two are the Emperor of Heaven and the Queen Mother of the West. I'm here, Xuanyuan. You're polite." He nodded slightly to the two of them, even if he had seen the ceremony. sxthsteel.com


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