Your Highness is happy to be a father

Seeing Shan Jie's only trace of shame about meeting netizens, I tried my best to suppress the impulse to laugh,potassium sulphate fertilizer, "Then you go, but be careful, don't let others rob money and sex.

Jingxun said, Moon, he is not a ten-year-old child, but a sixteen-year-old boy. He was so shocked that he couldn't speak at all. "It's impossible. He's ten years old. How can he be sixteen?" "His master is the famous vicious Yama in Jianghu. He was vicious. Once, because a man surnamed Jiang offended him, he poisoned more than a dozen families who were also surnamed Jiang, causing a great uproar. He has been obsessed with the study of poison. Moon is his most proud disciple. He is sixteen years old, but he is still ten years old. I'm afraid it's because he studied poison with his master when he was young." And he was no less vicious than his master. Although he was only sixteen years old, the number of people who died at his hands was no less than that of his master. Moreover, when he became vicious, even his master was not spared. His master has now been killed by him, and now the vicious Yama is the moon. Recalling the moon's usual innocent and lovely smiling face, she could not connect such a lovely child loved by everyone with the ruthless so-called vicious Yama, she murmured: "No.." It won't. "This is the case, including Su Shen's illness some time ago, also because of the moon poisoning, but he later saw Lu Yang send medicine, afraid of Lu Yang's superb medical skills found, so he stopped." The moon did have a prejudice against Su Shen, which she knew. She ignored the moon because of Su Shen, so the moon was very angry with Su Shen. She even asked her if he was a substitute for Su Shen. However, was it really the moon that caused the disease that almost killed Su Shen? Even his fingertips began to tremble. "No, I don't believe it." Jing Xun took her trembling hand and comforted her by saying, "I don't want to believe it either,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, but it's true. Moon and his master have made numerous enemies in Jianghu because they are too vicious. I heard that someone has been chasing him to avenge the people who died in vain under his master and disciples all these years. He cheated your trust and hid in Yiwangfu, presumably to avoid revenge. But this time he disappeared." Or maybe his whereabouts were discovered and he had to go. "But.." How come? He is clearly the moon, ah, so lovely and obedient moon, no one in the house does not like the moon, how can he be a vicious Yama? Jingxun sighed, "Moon has been doing evil everywhere with his master since he was a child. There are not a few people who died at his hands, and there are not a few people who know him. If you don't believe me,dap diammonium phosphate, we can find these people and testify against him." "No, I want to be quiet now." He looked blankly and shook his head. Fine Kyung-hoon let go of his hand and whispered, "Remember, if you see the moon, you must be careful. Don't trust him." "Good.." She promised casually, but her heart was still in a mess. Chapter 41 Bright Moon. Since Lu Yang promised the moon, he was thinking about how to take the moon to see him, but he also found that Jing Xun's surveillance of him was very tight, he could not avoid Jing Xun's line of sight, which also made him doubt whether what the moon said was really true, if Jing Xun had not done anything, why did he want to monitor him like this? What is he so afraid of? And the two princes since and Sang Xiuyun after marriage, a change in the normal, also no longer demanding officials, with the way to rectify the administration of officials to earn their own capital, but courtesy a lot of corporal, so his reputation is also a lot better, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, coupled with the support of the emperor, the throne is a sure thing, Jing Xun looked at, also not urgent, but those who follow him anxious half dead, In particular, the rebels who escaped from Prince Chu were even more anxious and repeatedly urged Jing Xun to think of a way, otherwise things would be much more difficult when the second prince became the crown prince. Just king is still not in a hurry, looks like not in a hurry, this day general mulberry birthday, he brought back to the mulberry mansion for general mulberry birthday, general mulberry to see their husband and wife, usually unsmiling face also more than a few smiles, people say that the general of mulberry in the battlefield to kill people, but look at him to the daughter, is really on a few thoughts, otherwise the same is married with the ball, There is a world of difference between his treatment and Sang Xiuyun's. But unexpectedly, the birthday banquet on the spot, Sang Xiuyun and the two princes also came. General Sang wanted to get angry, but the second prince was beside him, his face was white and white, and his hand holding the glass was almost crushed. The two princes hurriedly sent a birthday gift, Sang Xiuyun personally handed it to General Sang to celebrate his birthday, but General Sang snorted coldly and did not pick it up. Sang Xiuyun was a little embarrassed. The Third Lady took it and whispered to General Sang, "I asked Xiuyun and his wife to come. It's been so long. Why are they so ugly?" Full of guests, general mulberry face-saving, he just hold back silent, presumably the third lady is also aimed at general mulberry most face-saving this shortcoming, just let the two princes and Sang Xiuyun so big to come at this time, let general mulberry want to have no way to catch up. The second prince and his wife took their seats. The second prince raised his eyebrows and said to Jingxun, "Is the third brother here, too?" Kyung-hoon smiled and said nothing. The second prince was proud of himself. He was already dissatisfied with Jing Xun's recognized ability, but he was just the son of a cheap maidservant. He dared to argue with him. After he and General Sang eased the relationship between Weng and his son-in-law and took advantage of the situation to win over General Sang, what happened to the throne and the son of a sinful woman? When the time comes, who dares to say that Jingxun's ability to govern the country is better than his? The second prince was satisfied and was about to satirize Jingxun a few more words when Sang Xiuyun kicked him under the table. He immediately swallowed the words and shut up. See in the eyes, her heart can not help the two princes of the small stomach chicken intestines began to eat, the two princes of the crown prince's position are nailed on the board, but also so against Jingxun, if he really ascended the throne of God, that Jingxun. She began to think about it, and just as she was thinking about it, Sang Qinqin, the seventh sister, came over timidly: "Third sister.." "Well, seven younger sisters, what's the matter?" Sang Qinqin hesitated to speak and said, "Third Sister, I have something to say to you. Can I have a word with you?" Kui nodded, stood up and she came to the inner hall, Jing Xun looked at the back of Kui, eyebrows not slightly wrinkled. She followed Sang Qinqin all the way to the inner hall. "What do you want to say to me,calcium nitrate sol, Sister Qi?" She asked doubtfully. Sang Qinqin said with a sad face, "Third Sister, I was forced. You must forgive me!" 。


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