Tiger Wife Rabbit Xianggong by Zhuxi

Seeing Shan Jie's only trace of shame about meeting netizens, I tried my best to suppress the impulse to laugh,potassium sulphate fertilizer, "Then you go, but be careful, don't let others rob money and sex.

Third Sister and Mater looked at each other and said with her usual venomous sneer, "With you?!" These three words alone were like throwing a torch into a frying pan, which immediately made the crowd furious. Someone laughed at Third Sister and said, "If you're afraid, go home and hide in the quilt!"! "Even the Tartars have told us to drive them away. Why should we be afraid of human traffickers?" Third Sister was going to lead the children to the direction she wanted, but she accidentally drew the word "Tartar". With a sneer, she laughed at the children and said, "It's as if you've seen the Tartar army!" The Tartar army never came to Jianghe Town in those days. Then someone laughed at Third Sister and said, "It sounds like you've seen it before!" Third Sister's face turned cold and she said lightly, "I've seen it before.". My parents died under the sword of the Tartar Army. Right in front of my eyes. Suddenly, everyone was silent. Mater looked at Third Sister, raised his hand and patted her on the back in a rather old-fashioned way. He looked up and said to the others, "Although my Third Sister's words are not pleasant to hear,caustic calcined magnesite, when you think about it carefully, it's actually reasonable.". We're all just kids anyway, and it's perfectly normal that we can't beat the adults. Besides, I heard they all went under the knife yesterday. As far as I'm concerned, it's not good for us to touch those people by force. It's better to outsmart them. Then the child asks curiously: "How to outwit?" "There are so many people in our town," said Mater. "Even if the traffickers wanted to take revenge,Magnesium Sulphate producer, they wouldn't dare to come openly. They would dress up as irrelevant people and ask about yesterday. The best way for us to deal with them is that no matter who comes to ask about yesterday, we will give them a question. If someone asks about the abducted children, we will lead them directly to the county government office and say that all of them have been taken to the county government office. If those human traffickers have the ability, tell them to attack the county government office! Is it better for us to lead them to fall for it than to fight with them directly? "Good idea, good idea!" Some of the children who had befriended Mater chimed in one after another, while the one who had always been at odds with Third Sister picked a thorn in his side and said, "What a massacre!"! If there were such a thing, we would have heard about it long ago, but who has heard about it? Another child also way: "Be!"! Didn't you say that the child saved by the tiger didn't even remember his name? How do you remember that? Don't you two make this up on purpose to scare people! Third Sister had long expected that a child would come to find fault. She looked up and was about to say that not remembering her name did not mean that she did not remember what had happened, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, when suddenly she heard a voice behind the crowd saying, "It's true." The sudden sound made a circle, and the children who were listening attentively to Third Sister's quarrel with others were all startled. They followed the sound and looked back, only to find that they did not know when there was a young man behind them. The boy was about twelve or thirteen years old, and he was as tall and thin as a bamboo pole. Like a man, the tall and thin boy first glanced around Mater, who was sitting in the middle of the crowd. Then he looked at Third Sister, but he pursed his lips and smiled meaningfully. Then he turned to the children who were staring at him and said, "When we passed the dock in Qingshui County, we were being interrogated by the government. It was said that a nearby family had just been destroyed.". Maybe it's the family the kid was talking about. Although the boy was lying for himself, Third Sister couldn't help asking him, "How do you know?" The boy looked at her with a gentle smile and said, "I guess." He added, "Two of the children who were rescued yesterday still remember their hometown. Didn't they say that their home was near Qingshui County?"? Counting the day they were abducted, it happened to be the time when the extermination case happened. That is to say, when the extermination case happened, the gang of human traffickers were nearby. So it seems that there is a great possibility that they committed this crime. The young man spoke so well that all the children of the town looked at him with conviction. "Who are you?" Asked one of the children? How come I've never seen you before? Third Sister's eyes flashed and she said, "If I'm right, this should be the young owner of the inn at the entrance of our lane that hasn't opened yet." What is your name? She raised her chin and looked at the tall, thin boy in front of her. The boy smiled and said, "My name is Li Jian.". You should be the third sister. I heard Grandpa Yao mention you in the morning. "You look like Grandpa Yao," he added. Chapter 17. Fried Rice with Egg. Chapter 17. Fried Rice with Egg. Third Sister led Mater and Xiaojing to fan the flames and confuse people outside, while Little Tiger Lei Yinshuang was busy taking care of her new little rabbit brother at home. It can be seen that the little tiger really likes her little rabbit brother. The bamboo windmill that her father had made for her on the bedside table was now transferred to the bedside of the rabbit. Although the little rabbit said he could walk, the little tiger was determined not to let the little rabbit's feet touch the ground, and directly carried the person from her bed in the east wing to the newly laid bamboo bed in the west wing. Now the little tiger is nine years old, it is time to grow up, plus early in the morning to think about moving the nest for the little rabbit, so she did not have a good breakfast. Now it was cleaning and tossing, and the little tiger was hungry before lunch. Of the three families in Yajiao Alley, the Wangs have two housewives, so it's not a problem to have three meals a day. Third Sister Yao is a capable person, cleaning and cooking,Magnesium Oxide price, and she has all the housework skills; Only the Lei family lived in the middle. It was said that after the death of the tiger mother, Lei Yinshuang should also take on the responsibility of housewife like the third sister. But her mother once commented on her little tiger like this: "We are both in our family. We don't know how to split our five fingers yet." Therefore, Lei Yinshuang's level of doing housework is the ultimate level of washing clothes into a mop and cooking a meal with an iron pot as a colander. stargrace-magnesite.com