Why does the head of state use sex dolls

Ms. Ruth Handler, was inspired by the sex doll and designed the world's most popular toy for girls.

Führer's 'comfort' sex doll

Let's take the time to the World War II, where the artillery was full of fire. In order to maintain the purity of the "Aryan blood" and to prevent the spread of venereal diseases in the Nazi military camp, Hitler personally ordered the SS commander Himmler to secretly develop a "Sex dolls" for soldiers to solve physical problems. At the time, this was considered a top military secret by Hitler, who demanded:

artificial sex doll

"Sex dolls must be blond, blue-eyed, pale skin, 1.76 meters tall and have full breasts."

This is undoubtedly the secret weapon that can make the Nazi soldiers look like wolves at night and lively during the day.

Silicone sex doll begin to be used in the military

At that time, this arduous scientific research project, which entrusted all the sexual well-being of Nazi soldiers, was handed over to the Danish doctor Aohua and the German psychiatrist Ludo. Unfortunately, on the night of February 13, 1945, the Allies bombed Driston to rubble, along with the sex doll factory that contained Germany's "top secret".

Since then, Hitler's "silicone sex doll" plan was stillborn, and the only thing fortunate is that, no matter what happens in the future, it has finally won him the title of "the originator of sex dolls".

wm tpe sex doll

Ten years later, the Vietnam War broke out. In order to solve the physiological problems of soldiers in the war, American scientists decided to implement Hitler's ZELEX doll plan into the Vietnam War. Today, of course, is different, and it wasn't long before a steady stream of sex dolls were delivered to the GIs. That night, the soldiers in the entire US military camp felt the deep "love" from the motherland.

Subsequently, the Germans also realized the actual value of this top military secret that year, and began to make and sell similar toys, and mini sex doll were officially put into commercial use. There is no doubt that the founder of Barbie,