A Noise From The Other Room

Andy asked if he's been with us the whole time and that's why the meter isn't changing.
We moved out of the bathroom and into the corridor and the orange light started pulsing.

When Jason met us at the front door, he sadly informed us that the rumour about Roger Jones dying in the apartment was false.He had lived there, but he didn’t die there.So while we still had all the stories about the place we had no information about whether it related to anyone in particular.The mystery deepened.After doing a reconnaissance run during daylight hours to familiarise myself with the layout of the offices and apartment and to take photos, we started the official investigation at 9pm.We started in the offices and studio downstairs, standing in the pitch black except for a torch and just soaking up the feeling.It was quiet, really quiet.As investigation leader, I took charge and made the first move to get some activity happening.I spoke out aloud to whatever may have been haunting the building and said that we meant it no harm.I asked the question we all knew was coming but really didn’t want to ask.‘Is there anyone here with us in this building tonight?It was the longest one second I my life.Then it dropped back again.We started a line of questioning and from the movement on the meter, discerned that it was a male we were talking to.To completely eliminate the idea that it was Roger Jones, I asked the question and got no response so I took that as a no and a good sign.Strangely it responded in the negative when asked if he had died in the building.I continued the questions, asking if someone was still here with us, and as we walked into the room, I felt a cold chill run through me.I asked Andy to step back outside of the room and it dropped down to one green light.He then moved back in and it lit up again.The room was full of musical instruments, electric guitars and amps as a local band used it for practice on occasion.I proposed the idea that the equipment was setting the meter off.‘But it’s all switched off and unplugged, Josh,’ Jason whispered.The meter started flickering, then stabilised.Are you still with us?’ I bravely asked, knowing it’s scaring the crap out of the other two.The meter flickered again and I heard sighs come from behind me.I was getting braver now and said, ‘Outta my way, guys.I’m going into the room.’ So I strode straight in and Andy and Jason reluctantly followed.I tested my theory with the amp and asked Andy to run the meter past it and the meter lit up again.I debunked the room!Then Jason said again, ‘But none of those are plugged in!’We moved back towards the door and the meter lit up again.The meter sits on two green and an orange light.I then got Andy to walk back through the doorway and the orange light went out.I was still unsure whether it was the electrical equipment, the room or an actual ghost.Next I wanted to test out the bathroom where Simon’s son had heard the voice tell him to get out and, knowing the story, both Andy and Jason reluctantly agreed to go in.So there the three of us were, standing next to a urinal, complete with dripping tap, in the dark except for a torch, thinking that this was getting stranger by the minute.As soon as we turned the meter on, it jumped straight to three bars.I asked if they could let us know they’re here again, by making a noise, tapping something, making the lights go out, and to make it interesting maybe they could whisper something in someone’s ear.Andy said, ‘No, that’s alright’, and we all laughed nervously.We wait as the meter stayed on three lights, but there were no other noises except for a dripping tap.