DLC Packs is a choice for Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

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At present, the fun of Animal Crossing: New Horizons seems to be declining. Various ideas to make the game interesting are also appearing frequently. Among them, the way of passing DLC ​​may be the most likely and interesting idea that seems to be the most interesting.

A lack of large content updates, and gameplay goals which can be primarily based on completing collections and upgrades, has left long-term playability in New Horizons questionable. To help solve this challenge, Nintendo could introduce themed DLC expansion packs, allowing fans to personally tailor their Animal Crossing experience to their personal interests.

DLC packs became a popular solution to introduce large content expansion in several modern games. Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town DLC has even brought back characters from previous games, so fans can romance or befriend personal favorites while playing the most recent title. Animal Crossing can use DLC to get back past content still missing from New Horizons as well as implement popular mechanics using slice-of-life games.

During the Fall update of 2020, New Horizons added a pumpkin farming mechanic that's widely enjoyed by most players. New Horizons modeled the care with the pumpkin patches off its existing flower mechanics, with players planting the pumpkins all night with the option to water them. Without watering the plants, an individual pumpkin would grow every day or two, but an everyday dousing will allow up to three pumpkins to populate. Many were hopeful that farming would return in the year with new crop options, unfortunately, it seems the mechanic will undoubtedly include pumpkins for your foreseeable future.

Because with the overall success in the pumpkin mechanic, a farming DLC ​​expansion pack for Animal Crossing: New Horizons might be particularly successful. The pack could include new tools for players to craft or buy from Nook's Cranny, many crop seeds, and also the ability to breed certain crops for rare colorations or sizes. The DLC might also introduce many new DIY recipes for clothing, decorations, and food. Crops grown may very well be used to be worthwhile debts, or perhaps be used within a DLC pack-exclusive harvest festival event more than once a year.

A mechanic that's been missing from Animal Crossing: New Horizons since the game's release is the capacity to cook food. While some foodstuffs can be purchased during certain events to use as decoration, and certain things like fruit may be eaten to present players a good start for moving trees, the utilization of food and meals remains frustratingly sparse in New Horizons. By adding a cooking expansion pack, players may be given the possibility to craft delicious treats that may grant special buffs to enhance luck while fishing or mining. Cooked goods may also be sold to earn Animal Crossing Bells.

An Animal Crossing food and cooking DLC ​​could enable players to produce a full, working kitchen through the cooking appliances currently only useful as decorations. In this kitchen, they will cook various items on the stove, inside the oven, or utilize a microwave. The DLC may also include a food market, where players could purchase ingredients out of stock while foraging on the islands. To make cooking more exciting, its own DLC event may very well be introduced allowing players to engage in the cook-off using the town's villagers because judges.

Introducing special miles into DLC is also an idea. Players use Animal Crossing NMT to go to more interesting places, and even form a team to explore. Then use various tools and methods to fight against local creatures and obtain more goods and wealth. Although this is not faster than Buy ACNH Bells.