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Several different types of styles have been introduced nowadays to format essays, research papers, or other such types of materials.

Several different types of styles have been introduced nowadays to format essays, research papers, or other such types of materials. A professional essay writer can choose the style of his/her own choice from the various available formatting styles. The most commonly used formatting styles are APA, AMA, MLA, IEEE, Chicago, and Harvard. These different types of formatting styles are made on some specific rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines are different for different formatting and due to which each type of format is unique and different from the other. Writers mostly prefer their readers when it comes to deciding what to choose for your ease. That can be the title of your essay or even the formatting style. Taking care of the audience’s or reader’s choice helps writers maintain a good bond with them.

MLA format is one of the most commonly used formatting styles. It is used by students and writers to format their essays, papers, analysis reports, etc. Formatting a document in these styles often covers formatting the title page according to the format, including headers, footers, and page numbers, formatting primary, secondary and tertiary headings of the essay or format, citing resources into the document, and a formatting reference list according to the formatting style, etc.

New writers and students often hesitate to format their documents if they are asked to format their essays in a new formatting style. In such cases, they are found spending money on services like the "FreeEssayWriter" service to help them format their essay. But believe me, it is very easy to format essays no matter what formatting style you are using. Mentioned below is a simple and easy procedure that can help you format your essays in MLA style:

  1. In MLA format generally, a separate title page is not used. Therefore the writer should include a separate title page if he/she is asked for. In general cases on the top left corner of the very first page of the document details like name of the author, name of the instructor, course number, and date. 
  2. On the left side of the header, the last name of the author with the page number is included.
  3. All the text in MLA style is in timeless new roman style and the font size is 12.
  4. At the end of the paper, the works cited page is included. However, sources in MLA style can be cited manually also word built-in features or software like Zotero can be used. 

Before searching online "essay writer for me" try to do it yourself by following the guidelines mentioned above.

These were some simple steps to format your essay in MLA style. Professional writers have helped students and fresh writers by providing detailed and informative tutorials and guides for each type of format. Some of the great tutorials of MLA format are by Lauren Yannotta, Dennis Paoli, Anthony Gonzalez, and Trudy Smoke. Moreover, hundreds or thousands of guides on MLA formatting and MLA citations can be found online. Some of the best online guides for formatting essays or papers in MLA style are available on the official websites of famous libraries such as LSC-CyFair Library and CCC Online Library. Further, online students can very easily find fully prepared formats of different types of formatting styles. Students can open any sample of the format and can copy or follow the formatting steps in that sample. 

Instructors should also teach students in detail about how to use these formats to format their essays and papers. Practicing them will help students identify the different rules of different formats. However, students can take help from available online services like a professional writer service to help them format their documents. 

What makes MLA Formatting tricky? 10 things to be aware of


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MLA format incorporates standard rules for organizing documents, texts, and citing original research work. It has been established by one of the international organizations named the Modern Language Association (MLA). This format has been developed to format papers and assignments using a standardized uniform way for writers, students, and research scholars in the literature and lingual fields. MLA is currently used not only in the literary and language fields but also by many others.

It must be kept in mind that the formatting of essays plays a crucial role in determining one's grades. The first step to use MLA format is choosing MLA referencing style. The next step is setting up the font style as 'Times New Roman' and its size as 12, with double spacing for the content of the essay. For these settings, one goes to the home tab' and selects font and font size.

  1. Advancing further, one goes to the layout tab' to assure the margins being selected as one inch around the document, referring to the amount of space present between edges of the page where the essay has been written. You must take care of this specific format as these are crucial and one must not forget it while formatting text.
  2. You must remember not to directly blunder by typing the page number next to your last name over the right top corner. Doing so will result in the appearance of the same page number that you type with name throughout the document. You must insert the page number separately in the header section.
  3. While putting punctuation on the title, you must be careful about what sort of title is being punctuated. Some need to be italicized while others must be treated as merely a section of longer part which needs not to be italicized.
  4. The guidelines for capitalization of the first letter in the title of your text are distinct in MLA format. To avoid the error of employing settings of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS as it would make your formatting faulty.
  5. MLA requires you to have four elements in the upper left of your page. First is your name, next line you must enter the name of the instructor correctly. If you would misspell the names, it would be annoying. Next is the course name, code, and class number whereas the last element is the date. The date must be the due date of the assignment, not the date you have completed your assignment.
  6. Now while writing the date, you must be careful as the date in MLA format has a specified sequence where the day comes first, then month and year in last.
  7. Left alignment of your cursor must be ensured as it would lead to faulty formatting of the document, leading to a deduction of your marks.
  8. The next step is writing a title below the four elements. You must carefully format here as you need not skip any line above or below the title. The title must not be having any special format as having different font-size or bold or italicized. You must be carefully writing the title as it must be plain, centered, with the capitalized first letter of each word.
  9. You must take care of using double-spacing, 12 size fonts of times new roman with one-inch margin on both sides of the page, otherwise, it would lead to error. Spacing, indentation, and margins must be carefully formatted as these require special attention.
  10. Heading must be formatted where no first-level heading must be bold and flush left. The second level must be italicized and flush left, not bold.

Such minute details of formatting in MLA format make it harder to format documents. You must do formatting with full attention otherwise this tricky format would result in erratic formatting. And If you think writing is not meant for you then you can hire a personal essay writer.


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