Citation Style Commonly Used in Biblical Studies

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A variety of academic fields have particular standards for the organization of the material as well as suggest the usage of specific citation styles for referencing to original authors. These guidelines are available in the form of published manuals for each style. While every citation method is distinctive, the intended logic is the equivalent for all to enable the facilitation of written work among representatives in the community of scholars. But most students also opt for a custom writing service to write their essays for them.

Biblical studies could be referred to as studying the Bible as well as teachings related to the Bible. Biblical studies also include analysis of the traditions and societies where the human theological authors used to live and study numerous records and books which finally contributed to a wider literal and literary comprehension of today’s Bible in English.

The purpose of citation or documentation to the source is to ensure that you gave credit to the person whose idea has been used by you. Not giving credit would lead to the assumption that it is your idea. If someone uses your work, you surely want to get credit for your intellectual literary production. In order to avoid plagiarism, you must be fulfilling the need for citation. Usage of information from other people's work without crediting them would lead to plagiarized work.

There are various citation styles used for biblical and religious studies, depending on your professor. The most common citation style used in biblical studies or even while writing academic papers is the Society of Biblical Literature Style. Lesser used is MLA referencing style for citing biblical records. As the Bible is a collection of multiple books, narrating a single unified story from start to end. Books being written in different literary styles have specific formatting and citation which could be adopted as it is or altered.

SBL that implies the Society of Biblical Literature Style has been known to be one of the most used reference styles in biblical studies. This style uses an amalgamation of Chicago and Turabian citation styles while the abbreviation used is mostly unique.

SBL is most used, MLA and APA formats are also used in some biblical writings, however, whichever citation style you choose for citing the Bible, you must take care of a few things. Whenever you conduct biblical studies and cite the Bible, you need to abbreviate the name of the book, next you must enlist chapter number, chapter name, and verse number. The final component must be abbreviated along with the Bible version. It should be included in the parenthetical citation.

The reason for requiring the provision of a biblical source or citing it would lend more authority and legitimacy to your biblical work and your teachers as well as readers, in case of publishing your work, would know that you did your research and adopting ideas from the Bible that would make your argument valid. To have your work valid and reliable, you must be following set protocols for citation for each subject or discipline.

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An intro to the AMS formatting and citation style

With the advancements in the world, new things have been introduced. Just like the introduction and use of an online learning system by replacing traditional learning systems. Not only this in old times simple essays were written in English or literature courses. Now with the passing time, new types of essays have been introduced and used by students and writers to write essays. These different types of essays are used for specific purposes. These specific purposes make them unique and different from one another. 

With the introduction of different types of essays, new styles have also been introduced to format the essay according to the style of your own choice. These different formats or styles are APA, MLA, AMA, Chicago, Harvard, and AMS style, etc. These styles are not just for formatting but are also used for citing sources in a document. With formatting styles, they are also known as Citation styles. AMS is abbreviated as American Meteorological Society. It is one of the commonly used styles. Writers or students however can choose any style for formatting their essays. 

AMS formatting and citation style

Different formatting styles have different rules. These rules are implemented while formatting your essay. Students often feel difficulty in remembering the differences between different formatting styles. That is the reason I have seen students using services to format their essays. Some also cost money so you have to pay for essays to the best essay writing service in order to get their essay formatted by them. However, for the ease of students and new writers fully prepared formats of each style are available online. They just need to pick the required format style and follow the procedure presented in that guide. Mentioned below is the procedure of formatting and citing sources of your essay in AMS style:

  1. The title page in AMS style involves 3 basic elements that describe the paper. These three elements are the topic of the essay or research paper, the first and last name of the author or writer of the essay, and a well written abstract. The abstract is usually written in 150 to 300 characters. These three elements are included in the same order the way they are mentioned above. 
  2. A running head must be included in the header while formatting the essay or paper in AMS style. In AMS style the shortened name of the title is written on the right side of the header. The title is shortened if it is too long. It is necessary to remember that the title in the header should not be more than 40 characters. Then on the left side of the header name of the author or author is written. Author names are also shortened if they are long enough. You don't need to have academic excellence to write this just follow the guidelines mentioned here.
  3. In AMS style at the end of the paper or essay, some sections are included. These sections are the acknowledgement section in which the author acknowledges someone of his/her choice, a section that involves details about the author, references, and an affiliation section.
  4. All the text in AMS style is double spaced and is written in times new roman style while keeping it fixed throughout at 12 font size. 
  5. To include in-text citations and bibliography usually built-in Microsoft word features or software like Zotero etc are used. These software helps to add citations and sources in seconds. However, they can also be added manually but it will take a lot of time which is why software and built-in features are preferred.

Mentioned above was the procedure of formatting and citing your essay or paper in AMS style. Students who hesitate to format their essays in their initial learning stages can take help from their friends or instructor or can even use services like a cheap essay writing service. But they should observe how they do it to learn it for future use. 


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