Guidelines to Develop Research question, aim, and objectives for a Research Proposal - 2022

Don’t worry, here are some things that you need to keep in mind while developing the research aims and objectives and the research questions as well. These guidelines from SharkPapers will help you become a better essay writer.


Are you writing assignments, or a research paper and you are confused about how to develop the research questions and other parts? Or are you still unable to grasp the difference between research aims and objectives? Maybe these are the few things that are occupying your mind and hindering your way to writing an effective proposal for your research.


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Don’t worry, here are some things that you need to keep in mind while developing the research aims and objectives and the research questions as well. These guidelines from SharkPapers will help you become a better essay writer. 

Know the difference

The difference among the research questions and aims is very familiar and understood by multiple students. But you guys mostly make mistakes in the aims and objectives which are the core part of any research proposal. So here is the simple yet comprehensive definition of the aims and objectives from a best essay writing service online. 

  1.     Research Questions

The research questions are mostly about the research problem that you are going to discuss in your paper.

  1.     Research objectives

It is basically about the steps that you will adopt to accomplish your research aims. It can be about answering the questions like how, what, why, and when.

  1.     Research aims

It tells the readers about what you are hoping to achieve through your research. It should be very specific and to the point.

Before moving towards the guidelines, the one thing that you all must consider is that you should know what topic you are going to write about.

Know Your Topic

You’ll only be able to develop questions, aims, and objectives when you will be clear about what you are going to do in your research. Most of you ask the same question, how to start an essay and the simple solution is just know about your topic and start. More understanding of the topic is the key to move towards developing the other parts of the proposal effectively.

So, you should first understand the topic in-depth, clear your mind and then go for writing further. Before asking experts to write my essay for me, I have done the same thing. First, understand the topic of your proposal and then move towards the next step. Without your topic, it is useless to follow any guidelines.

Guidelines for Research Question

  •         Know who your audience is, if your audience is the college level student or some recognized researcher, then consider what are the questions they can ask about your topic.
  •         Ask questions from yourself. The best thing is to question your own understanding of the topic. Ask open-ended questions about a general topic and then narrow it down.
  •         Once you are done with a self-evaluating task, now shape your points in the form of questions.
  •         Do not go for more than three research questions because it is enough if you answer a few questions effectively without gaps.
  •         Once you are done with custom writing question, evaluate them. See if your questions are able to cover all the research problems of your topic.
  •         Bring complexity to your questions and their answer should not be limited to only yes or no. But they should describe the phenomena.
  •         Your research questions should be more focused and to the point. Once you are done with the questions, start your research and keep them in mind.

Guidelines for Aim and Objectives

Once you are done with the topic and research questions, your research is more focused and now you can move towards writing aims and objectives. Use the SMART technique when you are trying to write the research aims and objectives.

  •         S stands for specific as your objective and aims should be specific and not general. You need to be clear about what you want to achieve and how you want it.
  •         M stands for measurable which means that you should know how much time it will take to achieve your research aims.
  •         A is for achievable which means you should be very realistic in your aims so that you can achieve them easily.
  •         R stands for realistic which means you have to be realistic about the funding, time constraints that are important for any research.
  •         T stands for time limit which means you need to be considerate about the time limit and complete your work on time.

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These are the few guidelines and tips that you can consider to develop a well-structured and concise research question, aims, and objectives. So just be careful, take your time and follow the guidelines. You can also get online ‘write my essays for me’ help if unable to write your research proposal.