What does a civilian gas mask protect against?

The gas mask is first mentioned during the First World War.

Germany used chemical weapons against which there was no defense. The development of a protective agent began urgently. Learn more at https://czkr.com.ua/ru

Civilian gas masks

To date, there are two main types of gas masks:

  • Filtering . In this apparatus, the air passing through the filter box enters the human body. Filters need timely replacement, depending on the type of environmental contamination;
  • Insulating . A device that contains a cylinder of compressed air, or with a long hose that takes air from another source. These gas masks are often used by firefighters.

All gas masks for the civilian population  are filtering . Their main purpose is to protect people who have fallen into an area with contaminated air.

Due to the simple design, it is not difficult to use filter gas masks. The case and box with the filter for the new models are cast from plastic, it is easy to put on, unlike the rubber predecessor, it does not cause any inconvenience when wearing. Has a small weight .

The gas mask consists of two parts: a mask and a box with a filter. It is important to select a gas mask exactly in size, otherwise dangerous substances can penetrate under the mask.


In peacetime, a gas mask can be used during work requiring respiratory or eye protection, such as construction work.

The main purpose is  to protect the population from chemicals harmful to health and life  in case of an emergency.
Purpose of using gas masks:

  • technogenic accidents, catastrophes;
  • chemical attack;
  • the use of bacteriological weapons;
  • radiation.

Each enterprise is required to have gas masks in order to ensure safety in case of emergencies. The equipment must be checked in a timely manner . Employees are given safety training sessions.

In the 21st century, industrial accidents, terrorist attacks, unfortunately, are becoming more frequent. The distribution zone in the event of a disaster can be extensive.

The cost of the device is low , when stored at home, it does not take up much space, with proper storage, the shelf life is about 10 years. By purchasing a home remedy, we gain a chance for life and health in a critical situation.